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Your February 2023 Travel Horoscope

Greetings from the cosmos, and welcome to your February 2023 horoscope. This month, with the Sun in Aquarius, we’re plotting multi-stop, flight-free forays and offbeat adventures.

We recommend using your rising sign for a more accurate reading. All you need is your birth date, time, and location to work out your rising sign. If you don’t know your birth time, you can refer to your sun sign.

The prevailing, mentally active Aquarius energy this month brings out our inner eco-warriors, which means we’re travelling with a stronger sense of purpose. Whether it’s a rail trip in the Swiss mountains or a sustainable stay, this month’s astrological weather says: be intentional, soak up the scenery and go slow. Being in transit is part of the adventure, the destination can wait.  

Capricorn Rising

This isn’t the time to splurge on an indulgent spa holiday. Instead, you’re keeping a tight rein on your finances for the foreseeable while the Sun continues its month-long stopover in Aquarius. Keep a separate pot for your travel saves and take advantage of a countryside minibreak as soon as the Sun swims into Pisces on 18 February. You can use the Pisces new moon on 19 February to dream up some next-level travel plans in time for Virgo season this summer. 

Aquarius Rising

New connections abound under this month’s Leo full moon on 5 February; how joyous it is to strike up conversations with strangers who share your creative wavelength. You’re craving faraway vistas with the Sun in your sign, but the prospect of travel only appeals if there’s an underlying purpose. You could be in the midst of planning a sustainability-minded safari camp, or embarking on a mini rail trip in the mountains with your SO; either way, it has to be eco.  

Pisces Rising

Aquarius season calls for a spritz of culture. Whether or not you can get away in the first three weeks of February, this is a great transit for exhibition hopping or exploring a new arts district. A birthday season sojourn awaits with the Sun swimming into your sign on 18 February. Ever considered a mid-week workcation? This transit sits back-to-back with an introspective new moon in your sign, a potent cosmic event that shines a light on your personal and professional goals.  

Aries Rising

A short city break in the company of your nearest and dearest could be just the ticket to a healthy and happy start to the month. And there’s no time like the present – the 5 February to be precise, during a bountiful Leo full moon. The cadence of the month shifts toward the end of the month when the Sun swims into compassionate Pisces. Consider staying close to home during the ethereal Pisces new moon on 19 February, a time for turning inward and refocusing your energy. 

Taurus Rising

A full moon in Leo on 5 February supports you in your creative endeavours this month, you might even have a lightbulb moment under these potent moonbeams surrounding a home renovation project. The ethereal Pisces new moon on 19 February is a great time for concocting future travel arrangements. Consider Venus’ move into Aries on 19 February the perfect opportunity to prioritise pleasure – whether you’re embarking on an indulgent culinary adventure or cooking up something special for your SO at home. 

Gemini Rising

February begins with the Sun in Aquarius, a stimulating astrological transit that pushes you beyond your comfort zones. Whether you’re skipping through forests with complete strangers or switching up your work routine, you could be feeling more curious than usual – which says a lot. The same applies when Mercury, your ruling planet, enters Aquarius on 11 February – the perfect astrological moment to attend lectures and workshops that allow you to delve into your current topic of interest.  

Cancer Rising

It’s a smooth segue into February with a full moon in Leo on 5 February. This fiery lunation activates your finances, bringing a supercharged dose of motivation your way. You can use this boost to get ahead with summer travel arrangements, whether you’re securing dates or locking in accommodation. Acting as a clean slate, the Pisces new moon on 19 February urges you to explore somewhere new. Notice any shifts around this time and set an intention for that much-needed, long-haul holiday. 

Leo Rising

February begins with a cosmic high during the Leo full moon, luring out your most magnetic quirks. In many ways, the full moon offers a preview of what’s to come this summer. For now, a beachy break would work wonders while the coast is cosmically clear. As a summer baby and hardcore sunseeker, you’re likely to be feeling the winter blues more than most. Keep an eye on any weather apps you have downloaded and plan your travels accordingly. 

Virgo Rising

The Sun’s four-week jaunt in Aquarius activates your inner activist. There’s no time like the present to get stuck into a charity project – whether you’re on a fundraising runcation in Yosemite or starting a campaign close to your heart. Partnerships become a top priority when the Sun glides into Pisces on 18 February. You might feel inclined to spend some time in solitude during the Pisces new moon. Once the wanderlust returns, consider embarking on a walking holiday with a Capricorn friend, who’ll share your love of a meticulously planned itinerary.  

Libra Rising

Good riddance, winter blues. February serves a host of planetary shifts to brighten your mood, beginning with the Sun’s month-long sojourn in Aquarius. It’s time to own your niche. The Leo full moon on 5 February is worth jotting down, a powerful lunation that puts you in the mood for group travel. Feeling chatty? It’s likely the case when Mercury moves into Aquarius on 11 February. Whether you’re striking up conversations with strangers at the bar or taking to the apps, there’s something extra magnetic about your aura this month.  

Scorpio Rising

Scorpio rising signs will be focused on work projects and side hustles during this month’s Leo full moon. You could be travelling for business or simply staying put ahead of Pisces season. If it’s the latter, consider taking advantage of the weekends with a solo spa day to avoid work overload. By the time the Sun glides into Pisces on 18 February, you’ll feel restored and ready to explore new frontiers with a bounce in your step. 

Sagittarius Rising

The beginning of February begins with a fruitful full moon in Leo on 5 February, a cosmic event that’s here to widen your horizons. And with the Sun in Aquarius, it’s a fun time to follow your whims – even if it means booking a one-way ticket to Paris for the sake of being on the move. Nothing’s too outlandish. You could be connecting with far-away family members when the Sun enters Pisces on 18 February, a four-week transit that shines a light on your place of family, roots and home.  

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