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Citizen Enfants

The Citizen Enfant's March Hotlist

We’ve got you, top to toe, in this month’s Citizen Enfant’s Hotlist.

From kid-friendly face paints to mum-friendly (well, women-friendly) wellbeing, bump-friendly creams to baby-friendly sleep tricks, your curated hotlist will make you book, sign up, and order. And if you’re planning ahead for your Easter family getaway, here are some great ways to indulge in some spring-time family fun.

TRY THIS 'Mini Artists' by Zara 

‘Mini Artists’ by Zara Beauty is a new line of kid-friendly face paints and water-soluble nail polishes designed with make-up artist Diane Kendal. Ideal for imaginative dress-up sessions and creative play, this is a vibrant, fun and safe range for kids to use. The capsule beauty line includes both products and accessories designed to allow children to “push creative self-expression and imagination” through the “exploration of tones, textures and patterns”. It includes a range of 12 nail polishes (six matte, six glitter) that can be removed with water, as well as powder palettes that come in neon, pastel and primary colours, with stencils that can be used together to create cute shapes or spell out words on skin. There are also cream pots in glittery and non-glittery shades that are perfect for face painting and, our favourite, easy to use face colour pencils with bright colours and a creamy texture that makes them simple for kids to experiment with creating their wildest creations before effortlessly removing them.

USE THIS Weleda Stretch Mark Body Butter

Being pregnant can be hugely exciting but the realities of what that does to your skin and body can be overwhelming. Stretch marks are not only a normal skin issue, but a very common one. But it’s easy to give your growing bump the care it needs, even if you only have a bit of time for a massage. Weleda Stretch Mark Body Butter is ideal for shorter massage sessions, for example in the morning, when you need to get dressed quickly. It contains a mix of shea butter, sunflower oil, sweet almond oil, and pansy extract, which gives this body butter a smooth texture that very easily melts into the skin for full absorption.

STAY FIT HERE Bodyism, Notting Hill 

‘Be Kind To Yourself’: The simple ethos followed by fitness and lifestyle brand BODYISM. This applies to new mums, mums-to-be, and quite frankly, every woman. Take a moment to listen to what your mind and body need, allowing yourself to make positive changes across the four pillars of health: mindset, nutrition, movement, sleep. As far as a healthy lifestyle goes, founder James Duigan’s holistic approach to health is simple: eat a nutrition-packed diet (no calorie counting!) and lead an active lifestyle incorporating simple, core exercises. Not particularly groundbreaking, but there’s a reason you’ll likely rub shoulders with models, celebrities and the occasional royal at their Notting Hill venue. Select from a series of classes, personal training sessions or treatments, and finish with an incredible smoothie in their healthy cafe, or grab one of their powders to add to your daily juice.

SLEEP WITH THIS Sleepy Friends, tonies 

tonies, the largest interactive audio platform for kids in the world, are helping to build confident readers through the magic of audiobooks. the toniebox is a magical, musical storybox built for children from nursery to school age, and beyond, brought to life with the tonie range of hand painted characters, which are preloaded with story, music and educational content, and simply popped on top of the toniebox for the audio adventure to begin. Celebrated authors include Julia Donaldson, Roald Dahl, Enid Blyton, Michael Rosen and Beatrix Potter, and there’s lots of timeless early years classics, including Spot the Dog, Giraffes Can’t Dance and Thomas & Friends.  Now they have launched Sleepy Friends, a range of tonies designed to inspire beloved bedtime routines featuring three blissfully sleeping and loveable characters – Sleepy Bear, Sleepy Rabbit and Sleepy Sheep. The new collection offers parents a holistic solution to bedtimes routines, creating the perfect sleep-inducing environment of calm, peace and relaxation for children.

BOOK THIS The Hair Consult 

From post-partum hair loss to busy mums-on-the-go, easy and effective hair solutions for healthy locks are now at your fingertips. THE HAIR CONSULT was created as a one-stop destination to address the growing complexity that confronts consumers when it comes to haircare. Faced with an overwhelming array of hair products and styling technologies, a curated team of hair experts offer consumers personalised advice through a virtual consultation, as well as tutorials and access to the best and most innovative hair products and tools on the market. Gone are bad hair days forever.


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