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Citizen Enfant's Family Experience Of The Month: Mermaids of Arabia, Dubai

Dubai has become the go-to destination for families looking for a five-star holiday, the sunshine, and plenty of activities for children of all ages.

Citizen Enfant’s experience of the month takes you on a magical trip beneath the waves to one of the destination’s latest star attractions Mermaids of Arabia, Dubai. 

What is the Mermaids of Arabia experience?

Situated within the Dubai Mall Aquarium, this mermaid makeover moment had me as excited as my four year old. You are welcomed to what feels like an underwater Mermaid’s lair complete with floor to ceiling windows looking into the aquarium tanks surrounding you by marine life for the entirety of the experience. A bedazzled and bejewelled feast for the eyes greets you, where everything is pink. Take a seat in a mini “shell” chair on wheels, where your makeover will take place in front of a suitably gem-encrusted vanity table. After you have chosen your mermaid costume,  the transformation begins. A team of wonderful make-up artists apply tiaras, face gems and more to turn your little one into a Mermaid after which you are whisked off for a photo shoot within an enormous oyster shell with the aquarium as a backdrop. Silly? Perhaps. A little outrageous? Definitely. But this is such a burst of energy and excitement where you are given props of gigantic pearls and fake flowers for your little one to hold as they pose for a mermaid model experience. Take away your framed photos for your mantelpiece. And this is all before the real life mermaid show begins!

Who is the experience for?

For girls aged three and above, with enough of an attention span to last the whole experience lasting about an hour. Boys can be turned into pirates but the decor and live mermaid show makes this a decidedly girly experience. Given its proximity right next to the Dubai Aquarium, it’s a good idea to book tickets immediately after to visit this. Abundant with weird and wonderful sea creatures from starfish to penguins, this is an ideal perfect next move for our underwater adventure day. There are also plenty of family-friendly dining options.

The Highlights

Located next to the Dubai Aquarium and the underwater zoo, Mermaids of Arabia have partnered with world-class free diving champions to provide never before seen performances in the main tank. This includes the Mermaid show where you can enjoy the mermaids interacting with the children, swimming against a backdrop of sting rays and enormous fish, engaging in their own language teaching the children the world of the mermaids.

What To Pack

You don’t need a huge amount as the entertainment really provides everything. Your Dubai wardrobe will suffice, ready for sun, sand and sea, but the mall can feel cold, so keep a shawl or light jumper for the kids. There are no drinks or food within the experience so its best to keep snacks with you.

Where is it? 

Dubai Mall next to the Dubai Aquarium, UAE.

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