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The Caribbean Hotel (And Island) You Need To Know

A trip to Silversands Grenada offers best-in-class luxury, alongside a relaxed, welcoming and friendly vibe. 

There are two Teslas on the Caribbean island of Grenada. Both belong to Silversands.

It would be easy to say that this tells you everything you need to know about this beachside hotel – but the Teslas, flashy as they are, tell a far from complete story. Here, they’re a means to an elevated guest experience: a swift airport pick up, a comfortable way of seeing the island or – for us – a short transfer from hotel lobby to nearby marina. 

Fast-forward ten minutes and – with a quick hop from one impressive vehicle to the next – we’re darting across the shimmering surface of the Caribbean Sea on a high-speed, high-powered boat. A thrilling ride; even more so with freshly-popped rosé in hand, a series of hidden coves and beaches whizzing by, views of lush, pine-green mountains rising behind them, their peaks punctuating the clear, sun-drenched skies. 

On this excursion, the landscapes were far from the only stand out feature: the boat we were seeing them from was equally enthralling. Blade, a luxury RIB with cabin, is another lavish hotel investment, one that proves as dramatic as the scenery – particularly when revved up to 42 knots. A real hold-onto-your-hat moment (one in which some of us actually lost our hats). 

Silversands Grenada opened in 2019 and has set out to impress ever since with many best-in-class amenities. From high-end design and a serious statement pool to lavish spa treatments, the finest of fine-dining, and warm, welcoming staff to match, this is a hotel that is ready and willing to show off. But one that does so with a true sense of community and hospitality at its core.

The Vibe

For a hotel that likes to impress and astonish, Silversands Grenada has a simultaneously relaxed feel; one that fits seamlessly into the Caribbean island vibes. If barefoot-luxury had a persona, Silversands would be it. 

The hotel’s striking architecture and interiors could slot right into the pages of high-end design magazines. The use of natural materials – marbles and woods – alongside muted colourways of creams, pearls and pines – feels chic, dramatic and trendy, yet casual and easygoing at the same time. Whether you’re wearing Louboutins, Havaianas, or no shoes at all, you’ll fit right in and feel effortlessly at home.  

The star of the hotel show, acting as both a ‘wow’ moment as you enter the lobby doors and as a central point to everything else, is the 100-metre statement infinity swimming pool, the longest in the Caribbean. Rooms, villas, restaurants and the spa are set around it and one of the island’s best beaches – Grand Anse – awaits you at the end of it. A few lengths in this pool might be a good workout but you’ll be hard pushed to find anywhere more picturesque to inspire you to do so.

The Rooms and Villas

True to the stylish yet simultaneously relaxed atmosphere of the hotel, its 43 rooms are spacious and comfortable with natural furnishings complementing contemporary beach-villa vibes. Floor-to-ceiling windows (which are also sliding balcony doors) flawlessly frame the island’s natural beauty. Scattered room chairs are positioned to make the most of the views – or open up the doors to breathe in the island air as you lounge on the large, squidgy outdoor sofa. Large double beds offer the same view, as does the spacious bath – best enjoyed as the sun sinks into the sea, scattering magical Grenadian sunset colours across the bubbles. 

Everything from the air conditioning, lighting and window blinds can be controlled at the touch of an easy-to-operate button. You’ll find it within arms reach of both sides of the bed or from the hotel’s app, easing the tiring game of hide-and-seek many hotels like to play with switches. 

For a sea-view, opt for a room on the first or second floor (ground floor rooms have garden views) or go all out with a four-bedroom beachside villa or three-bedroom hillside villa, all of which come kitted out with a kitchen, dining areas, private pools and plunge pools, and plenty of space.

The Food + Drink

It would almost be fair to say that what you can’t eat and drink here isn’t worth eating or drinking at all. Starting with the buffet breakfast where eggs-to-order meet fresh fruit and yoghurts, chia pudding, charcuterie and good old bacon and sausages. The pastry shelves are hard to miss, but it’s the Grenadian specialities you really need to try: coconut bakes, a Caribbean thick bread made with coconut and spices; Saltfish Souse, a dried saltfish dish with onions, peppers tomatoes and seasoning; freshly-fried plantain; and a nutmeg jam so good we packed a few jars to bring home. 

Lazy, long lunches at beachside Grenadian Grill are par for the course here and fresh seafood is a big draw. Caribbean Lobster Fritter, Seared Tuna, Shrimp Tacos and Lobster Rolls are popular, but you’ll also find various pastas, salads and burgers (including vegan options), plus fresh vegetables or french fry sides, the latter served three ways: regular, sweet potato or in an irresistible yucca version.

Come evening, the vibe shift at Grenadian Grill is palpable. Fresh seafood remains, but the carefree, beachside mood is replaced with an elegant atmosphere. Champagne flows and the crowd enjoys up-tempo Caribbean beats or 90s classics courtesy of a DJ or live singers at the next door GG Lounge. 

For modern Thai dishes, cross the pool (we told you it was central to everything) to Asiatique. Table favourites include the appetisers Goong Tord Krob (crispy shrimp with mango salad and caramelised chilli sauce) and Tord Man Bai Cha-Poo (crispy fish with callaloo leaf, kaffir, lime leaf and sauce), and mains including Gaeng Phet Phed Yang (roasted duck with pineapple and lychee), Tonkatsu Talay (stir fried shrimp, fish and calamari with a tonkatsu sauce) and Thai Green Chicken Curry, served with breadfruit. 

For something entirely unique, ask about the personalised omakase dinner courtesy of fourth-generation Japanese sushi chef, Yukio Kimijima. Chef Kimijima-San orders the finest fish from Japan and serves a menu tailored to your tastes. He’ll watch as you dine on the dishes just inches from his preparation table and serve the dishes he believes you’ll enjoy the most. Standouts include a truffle rice and the Red Meat Tuna Nigiri, each washed down with a selection of high-end sake.

The Spa

In an initial consultation, Spa Director, Yanni, dabs a few drops of self-mixed essential oils onto her client’s hands, asking which they like the most. The answer reveals the direction your spa experience will take. Options include: Recovery, Tranquility, Harmony, Energy or Detoxify. If you can’t decide, a mixture of two can be used. Then it’s time to choose which of the long list of treatments – massage, facials, reflexology, Ayurvedic Shirodhara, infusions, eye lifts and more – speaks to you. 

The Silversands Spa is another beneficiary of the property’s top-of-the-line products; it uses 111Skin products for many of its treatments. Combine a 111Skin Rose Quartz Facial with an indulgent massage on the spa’s USD 45,000 bed; it’s made of crushed rose quartz crystals, each misted with 24 carat gold and heated from within. It’s so comfy you could spend the night here, but that’s not its purpose; the heat is designed to open your pores and help them absorb the crystal’s energy.

The wellness centre also offers pre and post natal massage, pain management, post-cancer restorative treatments and physiotherapy, all under the capable direction and hands of Yanni. She’s lived and worked in 38 cities across 28 countries including at Nobu, Shangri-La and Mandarin Oriental properties, and her team all have ten plus years experience. 

Make use of the 24-hour gym, sauna, steam room, ice cave and rainforest shower at any time throughout your stay. Post-massage staff bring you herbal teas and healthy biscuits to enjoy beside the dedicated spa pool – also well worth a dip in (you’ll probably want a few photos of its sleek design, too).

The Little Extras

The little extras here are generally not so little – or considered extra. Instead they make up a central part of the hotel’s offering: the Teslas, a snazzy boat, the omakase tasting experience and a USD 45,000 spa bed included. 

Elsewhere, art is a big theme and each room proudly displays an original piece. You’ll also find full-sized painted surfboards and other sculptures dotted around the property and villas, including the rope-bound figures of two people on a bike by Egyptian artist, Wael Karem. A nod to the Egyptian owner’s heritage.

Rum tasting and chocolate making are two further experiences the hotel can arrange, and you wouldn’t be doing the Caribbean justice without exploring them. Rum tasting is held at Puro, a lobby-side lounge dedicated to the drink: at 120 bottles they have the largest rum collection in Grenada and their bar is filled with exclusive brands. The most expensive costs USD 700 a shot, or USD 6000 a bottle. Chocolate making is held courtesy of Tri Island who will come to the hotel armed with delicious chocolate and all the flavours you might want to add: nutmeg, ginger, nibs, salt, marshmallows and more. 

There’s also an upscale on-site boutique store selling swimwear, coverups, hats, sunscreen and a selection of perfumes and candles.

The To-Do List

With a whole island to explore it’s hard to know where to begin. Let Kuoni do the hard work for you: tell them your preferences and they’ll arrange island activities tailored to you and your party.

Start with a tour of Fort Frederick, to get the lay of the land. Built in the late 1700s, a guide will talk you through its history, but it’s the views that stand out. Atop of Richmond Hill it offers 360° views of the island including the capital, St. George’s, the harbour, the mountains as well as the rainforest and the lush, rich vegetation. 

The cocoa tree has long been a part of the Grenadian vegetation and a visit to a chocolate factory is a must. Belmont Estate in the north east of the island remains a working chocolate producer 300 years after its beginnings. Set in 400 acres of hilly countryside, visit not only to pick up some of the tastiest chocolate around but also to take a tour and learn how hand-made chocolate is produced, from bean to bar. 

A ten-minute drive from here is another of the island’s great producers – River Antoine Rum Distillery, dating back to 1785. They too still use traditional production methods and will show you their hand-crafted fermentation process, complete with an 18th century water mill. The final rum is even hand-poured into bottles for distribution; originally produced at 75% proof but now also at an export-friendly 69% proof. Purchase the latter to take home, the first is not allowed on planes due to its combustibility. 

Stop at Grand Etang on your way back south. This crater-lake survives within an extinct volcano amidst the lush rainforest. Nearby hiking trails are popular, as well as trips to one of the many waterfalls dotting the landscape, or tubing and rafting trips along the waters flowing from them. Your Kuoni hosts will advise on suitable trails according to the physical ability of your group. Keep your eyes – and some bananas – peeled for the Mona monkeys who call this area home. 

There’s perhaps no better way to understand a culture than through its food. At Home Hospitality Grenada, Chef Kennedy Roberts will take you on a tour of his large garden, more akin to a small farm, showcasing the plants he grows including ylang ylang, basil, bay leaves, cinnamon bark and pineapples, before selecting some to take back to the kitchen as ingredients. Enlisting you as sous chef, he’ll cook up a Grenadian storm sharing local recipes with you. Ask for Grenada’s national dish, Oil Down, consisting of chicken, pigtail, dumplings, breadfruit, vegetables, coconut milk and spices. A vegetarian version can also be made – both go nicely with a homemade rum punch. Continue your foodie-exploration with dinner at Dexter’s, a few minutes walk from Silversands, for a five-course dinner cooked and served in the home of another Grenadian chef, Dexter. 

Back at the hotel, take a trip out to sea to snorkel six feet above Jason deCaires Taylor’s underwater artworks at the Grenada Underwater Sculpture Park. Figures include a man working at his desk, a mermaid and a striking circle of hand-holding children facing out to sea: a message of community, unity, strength and resilience. Book the hotel’s snazzy boat, Blade, and you’ll also be treated to a day of beach-hopping, tasty treats and flowing wines, courtesy of the captain and deck hand.

Sculpture park

Ultimately, no matter where you visit or how many incredible boats, spas and restaurants you indulge in, it’s the people that make your trip. This is where the Grenadian people – and by extension the teams at Kuoni and Silversands Grenada – shine. It’s felt in the love that goes into the food served, the insider jokes shared with you, and the care taken to remember your name, preferences, home town, daily activities and more. 

At Silversands and across wider Grenada, there’s an integrity and a sense of community and culture. As visitors, we’re just lucky to be invited into it for a while.

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