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Your April 2023 Travel Horoscope

April 2023 horoscope: Change is in the air for much of the month, especially around 20 April with a solar eclipse in Aries. Translation: radical, life-altering changes are en route, unfolding over a mighty three-year transit. Sit tight.

We recommend using your rising sign for a more accurate reading. All you need is your birth date, time, and location to work out your rising sign. If you don’t know your birth time, you can refer to your sun sign.

April is full of plot twists and travel-related cosmic shifts. Let’s start with the usual planetary suspects: Mercury slips into Taurus on 3 April; there’s a full moon in Libra three days later and Venus, ruler of love, embarks on a sojourn in playful Gemini on 11 April, collectively inspiring a group trip. To add to the excitement, Aries season is here – a period synonymous with warm-weather travel, hardcore mountain hikes and straying from the itinerary.

Capricorn Rising

Aries season will bring out your inner homebody for the first three weeks of April. You’re more than happy to potter at home during the harmonising full moon in Libra on 6 April, a time for gentle baths and achieving balance. Letting off steam on a solo hike could also appeal under these restless moonbeams. On 20 April, a solar eclipse in Aries will be bringing a major shake-up to your long-term career goals. If needed, take advantage of a long weekend away later in the month to ride out the start of eclipse season.

Aquarius Rising

After a period of staying put, you’re more than ready to hit the road this month with the Sun soaring in Aries. Hopping between exhibitions, making new connections and dancing into the early hours keeps you stimulated internally and externally. The full moon in Libra on 6 April is a lovely time to plan an adventure à deux, or any time around 11 April when Venus enters Gemini. For you, this transit is just as much about community and intentional collaboration, taking you overseas for work and play, if that’s what you’re manifesting.

Pisces Rising

April begins with a harmonising full moon in Libra on 6 April, making relationships a focus as you seek deeper connections with fellow free spirits. Try to shake off any luminary jitters with plenty of physical activity, especially with the Sun in restless Aries for much of the month. As a water sign, the freedom of kayaking or water rafting gets you out of your comfort zone. Money is another major theme this month with your ruling planet, Jupiter, spotlighting your second house of finances. Feeling a tad uninspired at work? The solar eclipse in Aries marks a restless but necessary period of growth, ushering in bold new beginnings moving forward.

Aries Rising

Happy solar return! Aries season marks the start of a new astrological year which means change is in the air. The weather is warmer, for one, and you could be feeling lighter on your feet with Venus entering Gemini on 11 April. What’s more, Jupiter’s still gallivanting in your sign for the foreseeable, bolstering your high energy and innate need to seek out exhilarating experiences in distant locales. Lazing on the beach won’t appeal, you’ll want to be out and about as much as possible with a varied itinerary: skydiving one minute, coffee tasting and surfing the next.

Taurus Rising

This is a month to turn inward while hatching travel plans beyond 16 May, when globetrotting Jupiter enters your sign. On 6 April, the diplomatic full moon in Libra could inspire you to approach your fitness routine with increased self-compassion and mindfulness. Incremental changes met with consistency could be a game-changer. By the end of the month, you’ll be in your element, cosmically speaking, when the Sun sweeps into Taurus on 20 April. The caveat: Mercury stations retrograde in Taurus a day later, potentially rejigging travel plans between 21 April – 14 May. Be open to different modes of transport.

Gemini Rising

Your social life gets a celestial boost this month with the Sun beaming bright in passionate Aries. Around the full moon in Libra on 6 April, you’ll be particularly busy flitting between a slew of soirées and last-minute trips away to fuel your creativity. It’s all fun and games when Venus, ruler of love and pleasure, slinks into your sign on 11 April, a playful transit made for flirty dinner dates. The solar eclipse on 20 April delivers some new lessons in love and setting boundaries. If you’re travelling in alignment with the cosmos, much of April is an excellent time to embark on a city break before Mercury, your ruling planet, stations retrograde on 21 April. By then you’ll be ready to rest and recuperate.

Cancer Rising

Feeling inspired? You can thank the Sun in Aries for a supercharged boost of energy in your house of career this month. You’ll be making moves in the next few weeks, getting crystal-clear about your professional goals and where you see yourself next. Jetting off isn’t necessarily out of the equation with Jupiter still gallivanting in passionate Aries, it’s simply a matter of finding the time with so many opportunities on the horizon. An active day trip should do the trick, refreshing your perspective and keeping any restless energy at bay.

Leo Rising

New astrological year, new you. With the Sun and Jupiter blazing in high-energy Aries and your house of travel, you could be drawn to physical adventures in sunny locales this month. Venus energises your social life on 11 April, the perfect celestial moment to expand your network and rally your most loyal supporters. There’s a shift toward the end of the month when the Sun enters Taurus, bringing attention to your career and professional world. Around the solar eclipse on 20 April, fresh starts, new avenues and interesting twists begin to surface.

Virgo Rising

Aries season is here, and it’s ushering in a period of rebirth and renewal. Travelling for work could appeal this month as Venus moves through Gemini and your tenth house of career. Talkative Mercury, your ruling planet, is out and about making moves in the cosmos. First, it glides into Taurus on 3 April, encouraging you to listen before you speak: how can you be more intentional with your words? This question is magnified when Mercury stations retrograde on 21 April, a three-week window for slowing down altogether. You can avoid any travel mishaps by planning ahead, triple checking infinitesimal details and putting that forensic eye to good use.

Libra Rising

The astrological new year begins with a flurry of activity in your partnership zone. For the next few weeks, you’ll be riding the waves of Aries season, inviting adventure into your closest connections. Plan a cross-country road trip around 11 April, when your ruling planet Venus dashes into wide-eyed Gemini. With the eclipse season in sight, you’re about to enter a new major chapter in your life. You might want to hibernate around this period and find time for quiet contemplation on a countryside retreat.

Scorpio Rising

Aries season is here with a full moon on 6 April, shining a light on your daily routines and house of healing. If you’ve been thinking about ways to reconnect with your spiritual side, now’s the time to experiment on a wellness adventure or a guided pilgrimage, especially with Mars in Cancer and your ninth house of international travel. Eclipse season brings bold revelations your way from 20 April, rejigging your rituals and encouraging you to embrace change as best you can. When the Sun slinks into Taurus on the same day, you’ll be more than ready to venture overseas for a well-deserved long vacation.

Sagittarius Rising

Time to play! Aries season brings out your mischievous side and innate desire to travel far and wide with your amour du jour. Feeling restless? Getting out and about in the great outdoors serves you this month, ideally in the company of a fellow fire sign who can keep up with your boundless energy. The cadence shifts towards the end of the month when loquacious Mercury stations retrograde, a planetary shift that reminds you to slow down and take things easy.

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