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How The CF Team Manage Their Stress Levels

With busy workloads, the importance of socialising, and family obligations to contend with, it’s inevitable that we’ll all experience stress throughout our lives. Luckily, coping with stress doesn’t have to feel impossible.

These are the methods, mantras, and little luxuries that the CF editors trust to manage their stress levels, whatever life might throw at them.



“I can only manage stress, or the feeling of being overwhelmed, when I can completely switch off and be totally distracted. That usually involves being away from my phone with no desire to reach out for it. Music and books do this for me. I keep the Tata Harper Aromatic Stress Treatment with me – it’s a natural aromatherapy that I use on my wrists – grab a book and sit in a coffee shop for an hour, losing myself in a storyline with the bustling sound of people talking in the background. Sometimes I book myself for a lunchtime or early evening concert (no phones allowed) at the Royal Academy of Music or Wigmore Hall.”


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“I generally don’t get too stressed about things or, if I do, I’m fairly good at compartmentalising and leaving them in the moment. However, I do know that I absolutely feel better throughout any given day if I go for a long walk in the morning. Likewise if I head to a beach. There’s something about the sight and sound of the sea that seems to magically make any worries or stresses fade away.”


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“When stress threatens to overwhelm, or a pressing deadline looms, I like to lace up my trainers and go for a run. It feels good to be able to leave my worries out on the North London canal paths, and I actually do some of my best creative thinking when on the move. I tend to go out without my watch or much of a plan about distance or direction, just an up-beat playlist in my headphones. It’s not about going fast either; I use it as an opportunity to gain some much needed clarity on whatever is bothering me.”


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“As women we lead multifaceted lives, and it’s hard not to let stress over-come us. Self-care is key for me and I always try and make time in the evenings after a busy day to relax by lighting my favourite candles, putting my phone out of reach and watching a great new series I’m into that month.”


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“Needles are my secret weapon in the battle with stress – I see the amazing acupuncturist Ross Barr who specialises in women’s health and holds clinics at Shoreditch House and Claridge’s. He practises Five Element Acupuncture which I find particularly effective for quieting anxious thoughts and finding balance. He’s also one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. For an instant at-home solution, I use his Calm Patches, small and discreet patches which you apply to temples or behind the ears to deliver a selection of herbs and essential oils to soothe tension.”


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“I completely agree with the old saying ‘who needs a therapist when you have good friends’. If I’m feeling stressed out or worried about something I turn to my amazing circle of friends. A long dog walk in the fresh air chatting to a close friend is so cathartic and really helps me clear my head. I also couldn’t do without my twice weekly full body workout classes, and I take magnesium capsules every night to help me sleep well.”


“For instant stress-relief, I like to take a steam bath; lights off, candles lit. It’s my way of fully disconnecting and leaving all distractions at the door. I might listen to tranquilising meditation sounds, or sit with my thoughts in silence. I find it particularly restorative after moving my body in a Pilates class.”


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