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Tweak of the Week

Tweak of the Week: Royal-Approved Lashes With Camilla Kirk-Reynolds

Tweak of the Week is Citizen Femme’s dedicated beauty review series, focusing on the latest treatments and tweakments in the industry. These are the tried-and-tested services that the CF team deem worth the investment.

This week, content & partnerships director Lucy Halfhead talks through her experience six weeks on from trying Lynk-Gel lashes with eyelash artist Camilla Kirk-Reynolds. The founder of Camilla Lashes, works at a private Notting Hill location.

Read on for the full review. 

What are Lynk-Gel lashes?

Lynk-Gel lashes are talked about as the safest, fastest and longest-lasting eyelash extensions available on the market today. The flexible bond of the Lynk-Gel has been proven to be stronger and longer than conventional eyelash adhesive, while its superior lash attachment tolerates water, oils, powerful makeup removers and eye creams. This allows you to continue with your usual daily skincare routine without compromising your lashes. With lash longevity increased by 33%, clients are now able to increase booking time for infills to every seven weeks or so.



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What does the treatment actually involve?

The treatment involves an innovative gel curing application technique that eliminates conventional adhesive and instead bonds eyelash extensions instantly using safe, low-level LED light technology (much like the light delivered by an at-home LED face mask). This reduces the curing time from 24 hours to a matter of seconds, freezing lashes as they are placed (damage-free) allowing symmetrical design with consistent lash direction – in other words, perfect placement. In addition, the instant cure allows a lash to be applied immediately after working on its neighbour without worry of ‘stickies’, and drastically reduces the fumes emitted during application, meaning no tears or red eyes.

Why should you be excited by Camilla Lashes?

Multi award-winning eyelash extension expert Camilla Kirk-Reynolds has a client list that includes A-list celebrities and international royalty, as well as busy mums and executives, who come to her wanting to look and feel good without makeup. She began her career doing lashes for film stars on set (think Scarlett Johansson, Jessica Chastain, Renee Zellweger) and was one of the UK’s first-ever specialists to offer the new, ground-breaking Lynk-Gel technique. In fact, she is one of only a handful of people in the world who are trained in the patented technique. With eyelash health and impeccable hygiene at the core of Camilla’s approach, the Lynk-Gel system allows her to work quickly and safely. Aiming for the utmost discretion, Camilla delivers her treatments from private Notting Hill and Chelsea locations that aren’t revealed until after booking, and regularly travels to treat clients in the comfort of their own homes.

Tried and tested: what is having the treatment like?

Before Camilla goes anywhere near your lashes, she warmly welcomes you into the space and conducts an in-depth consultation to really understand what you want to achieve from the appointment and how you want to look when you walk out of the room. While the instant dry time means virtually no vapours or discomfort during the application process and speeds up service, you should still expect to be lying on your back with your eyes closed for at least two and a half hours.

The good news is that Camilla makes the environment as comfortable and relaxing as possible, with a heated bed and other additions such as a lymphatic drainage massage suit that you wear on the lower half of your body to boost circulation and LED masks for your hands and chest. Some people just fall asleep during the treatment but Camilla is a delight to talk to and the time flies by, from the initial lash deep cleanse to the final lash application.

What results can you expect?

Forget any preconceptions you may have about fake-looking lash extensions – Camilla is known for her natural-looking aesthetic which means that the results can easily pass for your own lashes, just much better! Rather than change the way you look or make people think you’ve had any treatment, her application method just enhances your features and helps you look put together from the moment you wake up. They are great for a pre-holiday treat too, as you can go swimming and enjoy other activities without wearing makeup but still looking your best.

Thanks to the Lynk-Gel, the lashes cure with a soft and flexible bond that makes them super comfortable to wear, unlike traditional adhesive which can feel heavy. Plus, the actual extensions that Camilla chooses to work with are particularly lightweight and therefore virtually undetectable to the wearer. Longevity is second to none too; after four weeks my lashes were still looking very similar to when I left the salon and I can see how they will stay in great condition for weeks to come, despite lots of holiday activities, going to the gym and living a busy and hectic life.



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What is the aftercare advice?

You’ll see another big difference in the aftercare advice with Lynk-Gel lashes – the lack of curing time means you can jump straight into the shower or a pool without having to wait 24 hours. You can also continue to use your regular cleansers and makeup, although oil-based products should be avoided if you want the very maximum time out of the lashes; micellar water on a lint-free cotton pad is the ideal approach. A lash brush is provided to take home to keep them tidy but Camilla’s advice is to not do much to them at all and generally they stay nicely in place, even overnight.

Who are Lynk-Gel lashes suitable for?

The great thing about Lynk-Gel lashes are that they are suitable even for people with more sensitive eyes thanks to all their unique qualities – making the eyelash extension experience available to even more people.

Why are Lynk-Gel lashes ‘Tweak of the Week’ worthy?

Camilla is a true industry innovator and her expertise and care combined with the latest technology in the form of Lynk-Gel guarantees excellent results that will have you rethinking your regular beauty routine. No wonder so many celebrities – and rumoured royals – consistently book in.

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