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Your June 2023 Travel Horoscope

Welcome to your June 2023 travel horoscope. The cosmos is getting plenty of action this month with the Sun in Gemini, a social season that invites us all to be more inquisitive and in need of connection.

We recommend using your rising sign for a more accurate reading. All you need is your birth date, time, and location to work out your rising sign. If you don’t know your birth time, you can refer to your sun sign.

While our travel habits were all about slowing down and getting grounded when the Sun was in Taurus last month, there will be a flurry of activity in June to kickstart the summer months.

A full moon in adventurous Sagittarius swoops in on 3 June just before Venus enters Leo two days later, bringing a dose of fire energy into the mix. Mercury joins the Sun in Gemini on 11 June, an excellent time to mingle with strangers next to you on the plane or at a subterranean bar – you just never know who you’ll meet under this chatty transit. Whether you’re venturing on a whirlwind city break or a multi-destination getaway, social interaction will be at the core of your travel experiences this month and your itineraries will be full.

Capricorn Rising

Gemini season for you is all about embracing a playful approach to your health regimens. With a full moon in Sagittarius on 3 June, there’s an urge to rest and recalibrate. Cosmically speaking, you won’t necessarily feel an insatiable pull to travel around this period, instead, you could use this mind-expanding lunation to try something out of the ordinary. This luminary event is, after all, about seeking the unknown. If you are on the move for the next few weeks, an active self-improvement holiday could appeal – especially around the new moon in Gemini on 17 June when there’s a tendency to overanalyse. Refreshing routines and rituals would also work wonders under this lunation.

Aquarius Rising

June is off to a playful start with the Sun hanging out in upbeat Gemini, making you feel light and carefree. Now that Mars, the planet of action, is in your opposite sign of Leo, it’s the perfect astrological moment to plan a romantic outing with your SO – especially now that Mercury retrograde is finally over. Under Gemini’s influence, there will be plenty of local action as you hop between museums and stumble upon subterranean salsa bars. Community comes into focus during the full moon in adventurous Sagittarius on 3 June, a potent lunation that could bring a stroke of attention your way at work. When Mercury enters curious, quick-witted Gemini on 11 June, you’ll be keen to broaden your perspective. Cancer season arrives at the end of the month to slow things down as you reconnect with your roots.

Pisces Rising

The Sun will be shining its rays in Gemini and your domestic fourth house this month. Your home life is the focus during this transit, so it’s a great time to get creative with an interior design project while doubling down on a new skill. You’ll be glad to play host around 11 June when Mercury, the planet of communication, enters chatterbox Gemini, inviting witty conversations and much laughter to the dinner table. You could be bursting with ideas during the new moon in Gemini on 17 June, an excellent transit for breezing through last-minute spring-cleaning projects. It won’t be until the end of the month, when the Sun enters Cancer, that you’ll feel more of a pull to leave the local area.

Aries Rising

You’ll be feeling extra communicative and expressive this month with the Sun in Gemini, so prepare for a much busier schedule than usual. Whether you’re taking to the beach or discovering a bustling arts hub, there will be plenty of local action as you flutter from one social engagement to the next. You’ll be eager to swap the back-to-back bar crawls for a spiritual sojourn around the full moon in Sagittarius on 3 June – or at least be getting more selective about where you’d like to travel next. You’re bursting with ideas and exploring local nooks when Mercury joins the Sun in Gemini on 11 June. The cadence shifts toward the end of the month when the Sun enters Cancer for a period of rest and recuperation.

Taurus Rising

Jupiter’s officially hanging out in your sign, bringing plenty of travel your way for the summer and beyond. Until then, this month’s focus is on finances with the Sun in Gemini and your second house of spending habits. Under this solar influence, you may feel compelled to splurge impulsively on a spontaneous getaway. It would be wise to hold off and supercharge your savings over the next few weeks in time for Cancer season, a great time for reconnecting with old friends and taking short trips away. There’s an intellectually stimulating new moon in Gemini on 17 June that’s here to shift your mindset. Where do you see yourself a year from now? You can use this lunation to get specific about your income goals and the possibility to pursue multiple income streams.

Gemini Rising

Happy solar return! You’re leaving a trail of glitter wherever you go with the Sun shining bright in your first house of self. Travelling this month? Then you’ll need a varied itinerary with back-to-back activities: a spot of history, a culture fix, an exhibition or two followed by a late-night boogie on a rooftop before an after-party with your newfound friends. It’s the Gemini way. Travel for you is all about expanding your perspective, learning new skills and making new connections. You need to feel mentally and visually stimulated, especially when Mercury, your ruling planet, joins the Sun in your sign on 11 June. This is such a talkative transit, piquing your curiosity and making you the star of the show. Enjoy the spotlight before you retreat at the end of the month for a much-needed breather.

Cancer Rising

It’s time to retreat and get in touch with your spiritual side this Gemini season. If you’re travelling in June, a trip to the mountains or anywhere with meditative views feels astrologically appropriate. You’ll appreciate the calm and quiet as you turn inward to reflect during the full moon in Sagittarius on 3 June. If you’ve been feeling laser-focused lately or bogged down by routine, Mercury’s move into Gemini shifts your focus and expands your worldview – if you allow yourself to open up and speak to new people, that is. Your birthday season arrives at the end of the month, welcoming change and more room to be vulnerable.

Leo Rising

You’re out and about town, this month, sauntering from one social circle to the next. If you have friends overseas, now would be the time to show up and show them some love. You could see an influx of social activity around 3 June during the full moon in Sagittarius and again during the new moon in Gemini on 17 June. If you’re on a multi-destination trip, spontaneous detours won’t phase you; if anything, they add to the experience and make for a great story down the line. A slew of planetary shifts in Cancer shakes up the energy by the end of the month, shifting your focus as you turn inward. If that sounds like a bore, you’ll be surprised to find that it might just come as a relief.

Virgo Rising

The Sun will be shining its rays in Gemini and your ambitious tenth house this month, making your work life a focus. Now that we’ve finally moved out of Mercury retrograde (and its post-shadow period), there’s really no stopping you from spreading your wings if you remain open-minded to new opportunities. You could be rubbing shoulders with new people on a professional level when Mercury, your ruling planet, enters Gemini on 11 June. They’ll be impressed by your knack for words and witty repartee. Save any group trips away for Cancer season at the end of the month, when the Sun moves into your house of community and collaboration.

Libra Rising

You’re developing new perspectives this month with the Sun in Gemini and your globetrotting ninth house. Gemini’s mercurial influence pushes you to think differently and seek out-of-the-box travel experiences in the company of others. You’re a social butterfly at the best of times, but Mercury’s move into the sign of the twins on 11 June adds a double dose of confidence to the way you communicate. This covers various modes of communication – from podcasts to getting your writing published. The caveat? So much planetary action in Gemini, a fellow air sign, could leave you feeling a little airy fairy or scatterbrained. Let the new moon on 17 June be a guide to tune into the present. Lists are a Gemini favourite.

Scorpio Rising

Time to prioritise rest and relaxation. You’ll be deep in your feels for the next four weeks with the Sun in Gemini and your house of intimacy. Let the cosmos work its magic by inviting a spot of self-care into your daily rituals and routine. Incremental changes can go a long way. If you’ve had your eye on a countryside retreat, it wouldn’t hurt to go solo if you’re to reap the benefits of some much-needed solitude. Inevitably, interesting conversations with strangers will likely crop up when Mercury moves into Gemini on 11 June. You’re happy to chit-chat with strangers at the lobby bar as long as you can wander off to your suite to ruminate in peace.

Sagittarius Rising

June kickstarts with a full moon in Sagittarius on 3 June, supercharging your need for freedom and autonomy. You could be feeling more social and in the mood for collaboration with the Sun’s rays beaming brightly in Gemini. If you’re on the move this month, it’s likely you’ll end up at an after-party or two wherever you are in the world. As an adventurous fire sign, the prospect of meeting new connections suits you down to the ground. Open communication is your forte when Mercury soars into chatterbox Gemini on 11 June. The mood becomes more emotional toward the end of the month when the Sun leaves the sign of the twins for Cancer season.

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