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Tried And Tested: The Best After-Suns for Sunburn

Sunburn isn’t pleasant. Not only can it cause pain, peeling and redness, it also increases your risk of developing skin cancer. These are the products to turn to when needed.

While we should always try to avoid sunburn by using a broad-spectrum SPF, wearing suitable clothing, and staying out of the sun during the heat of the day – it can still happen, especially if you have very light, freckly skin.

If it does, these are our favourite tried-and-tested after-suns and nourishing tan extenders that can help. Whether you need to cool your skin down, lock-in moisture or protect the radiance of your tan, these are the after-suns you need.


Sisley's nourishing after-sun is the sort of product you'll want to use all year long – not just when you suffer from sunburn. The silky formula contains glow-boosting tanning ingredients – including a small amount of DHA, which is the active ingredient in most fake tans – alongside non-greasy moisturisers to lock-in moisture. Burn or no burn, it's like a hug for your body. 




Sunburn, and sun exposure in general, can really dry out your skin, leading to your body looking and feeling dull, dehydrated and flaky, while also compromising the longevity of your tan. That's why Dior's after-sun balm is designed to lock-in moisture for a longer-lasting hydrating and refreshing effect, with a texture that effortlessly melts into the skin. 



Just thinking about rubbing sticky after-suns into a bad burn can make you wince, especially if it takes a while to absorb. But, with the clever foam-based technology of EVY, the process is more pain-free. The foam texture ensures a fast-absorbing product that acts like a protective, cooling barrier on your skin for instant relief.



One of our favourite SPF brands for children also packs a punch when it comes to after-suns. What we love most about this spray version is that it is quick and easy to apply on family members of all ages even as they try to wiggle away. It works especially well along your parting too, an area that can often go a little red and sore in the sun.



Our content and partnerships director swears by this after-sun as the formula is one of the most hydrating that she has ever tried, without leaving a sticky feel on her skin. She also loves that it actually boosts her tan, with a special plant-based tan-enhancing ingredient that develops and prolongs her colour without having to spend extra time in the sun. 



Sunburn is hardly a luxurious affair, but treating it with after-suns can be, with Dr. Barbara Sturm's organic aloe vera-infused formula that's equally good for treating heat rashes, shaving burns and general irritation on your body. Purslane and pantheons are also on hand to take you one step closer to smoother, sleeker-looking limbs.



The packaging may be a little retro but there's a reason this classic aloe vera gel is slipped into the suitcases of many influencers and celebrities when they travel. The simple formula gets to work quickly to reduce redness and peeling in a flash, so you don't spend the rest of your travels feeling uncomfortable. 



If you're the sort of person to try and eke out every minute in the sun, hoping your tan won't become a burn, let us introduce a more sun safe approach. Spend a little less time in the sun then slather on Lancaster's Tan Maximiser – it contains a complex to boost melanin production alongside hydrating oils for a glossier, healthy-looking glow. 



If you tend to burn along the straps of your swimsuit or bikini (one of the most commonly missed spots when using sunscreen), make sure to have Dr Organic's aloe vera gel with you on your next trip. It is as cooling as it is hydrating, with a lightweight feel on the skin that means it helps diffuse the discomfort and rubbing of bra straps in the days following too much sun.

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Lead photo credit: Pexels

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