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Why Are Celebrities Suddenly Obsessed With Lymphatic Drainage?

Whether it’s Jennifer Aniston posting on Instagram in spacesuit-esque trousers or Hailey Bieber waxing lyrically about the treatment’s benefits, celebrities seem to be suddenly obsessed with lymphatic drainage.

But, what exactly is the trending face and body treatment, and how does it work? Read on to discover everything you need to know about lymphatic drainage, and where to book in for a treatment yourself.

Why is lymphatic drainage massage trending?

Many of us would be lying if we said that we didn’t look at celebrities and wonder which of the latest treatments they were trying in order to get their faces and bodies red-carpet ready. Recently A-listers have started to actually share what they’ve been getting done, especially on Instagram. And when they do, the treatments quickly go viral.

That’s exactly what happened when Jennifer Aniston recently shared a glimpse into her post-workout routine, which included a pair of unusual-looking compression trousers. Triggering a wave of Google searches and TikTok videos, they were revealed to be part of a leading lymphatic drainage massage treatment, which also happens to be recommended for use post-flight. That’s music to the CF team’s ears.



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What is lymphatic drainage massage?

“Lymphatic drainage techniques provide regular stimulation of the lymph vessels under the skin, encouraging them to work harder and to find new pathways to drain away the lymph,” explains the leading osteopath at Portugal’s Longevity Health & Wellness Retreat, Ricardo Rosa. “The lymphatic system is referred to as our waste system, so by ridding the body of this waste, you can expect your body to function much better, including less bloating, improved digestion, boosted immunity, balanced hormones, and increased metabolism.”

“Usually, the practice is executed via manual massaging with certain movements adapted for each individual person. However, compression suits, like the one Jennifer Aniston has been pictured wearing, help to soften the tissues of a limb by inflating and deflating at regular intervals. Targeting specific areas, they can mimic manual drainage without the need for a therapist to be present.” They can also boost your results, by aiding your therapist in the technique.

How do the compression suits work?

If the tech-focused approach is of interest, two leading examples are Body Ballancer (the one loved by Jennifer Aniston) and SLIMYONIK® AIR Bodystyler (which also focuses on helping with body tone). These compression systems can be incorporated into facial treatments – as tried and tested by the CF team for Tweak of the Week – and are available for both in-clinic treatments and at-home use.

“Think of the Body Balancer like a high-tech sleeping bag created to help improve circulation, shift stubborn fat and water retention, and firm and smooth the skin,” says the leading facialist Joanne Evans.



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What are the benefits of lymphatic drainage massage?

To put it plainly: there are lots of them. From combatting bloating and water retention to increasing energy levels, lymphatic drainage has long been celebrated for its body-boosting benefits. By encouraging the natural flow of lymph around the body, the technique helps improve overall wellbeing, including supporting the immune system, removing toxins from the body and providing an overall sensation of relaxation. Many celebrities, like Jennifer Aniston, love it post-exercise, to maximise their results, and in good news for frequent flyers, it can decrease puffiness and rejuvenate heavy legs by encouraging circulation, so you feel a lot less sluggish or sore.

Where to book

1. For the full body: Immersive 360° by Katie England

This incredibly comprehensive face and body treatment, conceived by top facialist Katie England, is a complete head-to-toe reset that uses scent, sound, pressure therapy massage and boosted oxygen intake for ultimate relaxation and to reactive your lymph. In fact, you benefit from lymphatic massage for both the face and body, delivered through a combination of targeted manual massage and the use of a compression suit. Interested? Read our full Tweak of the Week review.


2. For the frequent traveller: ESPA Life Vital Body Ritual

If you struggle with heavy legs and a general feeling of fatigue, especially after you step off the plane, book in at the Corinthia London for its leading lymphatic drainage treatment. The two hour ritual combines the smooth pulsation of a Body Ballancer device to address fluid retention, with a fast-paced Swedish massage, complete with ESPA’s Detox aromatherapy oil. There’s also the option to add LED light therapy or facial cryotherapy to your treatment. That means, while the compression suit works its magic, you can also refresh and re-energise your complexion.


3. For ultimate relaxation: Skin Matters Lymphatic Body Massage

At Joanne Evans’ Skin and Wellness clinic in London’s Holland Park you can choose from both manual and compression suit-based lymphatic drainage treatments, which can be added onto the facialist’s signature ‘skin health check’ too. Our recommendation: the manual massage is one of the most soothing (but still effective) that you will experience. With a focus on gently stretching out your limbs, the relaxing upgrade on your conventional massage can improve the quality of your skin, so pockets of fat and cellulite are less obvious.


4. For a health reset: Longevity Health & Wellness Retreat

In the Portuguese Algarve, the Longevity Health & Wellness Hotel offers a wide range of exciting trending treatments, including lymphatic drainage, as part of its myriad of health-boosting programmes. In particular, whether you are focusing on detoxing, smart ageing or stress management, you should try Medical Pressotherapy – the hands-free type of lymphatic drainage massage that is especially effective at promoting the body’s natural toxin-eliminating functions, by supporting blood flow, reducing water retention, and soothing heavy legs.

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