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CF's October Sustainable Edit

Welcome to The Sustainable Edit, Citizen Femme’s monthly column showcasing the sustainable collectives on our radar.

From recycled jewellery to natural skincare products and sustainable dining, these are the names making a positive change this October.



Jewellery is a great way to switch up the energy of an outfit but – even when you’re looking to add drama to a look – sometimes less is more. Self-proclaimed essentialists, ESSĒN, debuted their jewellery collection this September with four contemporary pieces that are as chic as their shoes. The sustainability-focussed footwear brand links its approach to shoe-making to its jewellery design by prioritising neutral, timeless styles that are hand rather than machine-made. The new earrings are fashioned from locally-sourced, 100 per cent recycled 18-carat gold vermeil and 925 sterling silver, with an aim to create pieces that last – ones that can become family heirlooms – and that reduce the brand’s carbon footprint. As founder Marre Muijis eloquently states, “I like to think about acquiring new pieces like I would with a piece of art.” The brand is about beautifully editing out excess, and these earrings are an artful addition to any collection. 



We all know the feeling of gazing into your wardrobe, lacking inspiration, and believing you have nothing to wear. It’s one of the reasons why the concept of buying less but buying better is so popular – it’s about finding clothes that work harder for you, and for the environment. URA’s neutral, monochromatic autumn pieces amp up the versatility of your wardrobe and are perfect to wear and re-wear, this season and beyond. Founded by London College of Fashion graduate, Arunima, who understands the style needs of modern, city living, the FW23 collection focuses on movement while retaining its sustainability credentials. It’s true that smaller brands have the advantage of smaller teams and therefore the opportunity for clearer internal communication and transparency with their customers, and URA is leaping at this opportunity. Using eco-friendly fabrics, plastic-free packaging, and re-fashioning leftover fabrics in future collections, URA maintains a strict no-waste policy, all while becoming a go-to brand for chic staples.


Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney is bringing her green fashion credentials to the beauty industry after re-launching her vegan skincare line, STELLA, in partnership with LVMH. The designer and environmentalist’s latest release, Alter-Care, sees three new products – Reset Cleanser, Alter-Care Serum, and Restore Cream – all formulated to nourish the skin while respecting its natural pH levels. In fact, Alter-Care seeks to regenerate and protect both your skin and the planet’s ecosystems. Coining the phrase ‘skin sustainability’, the vegan range is made from 99 per cent natural-origin ingredients including organic rock samphire for retinol-like effects and wild organic birch sap for hydration. Even the product’s scent is made with clove leaf and eucalyptus – inspired by the Scotland Stella McCartney knew during her early childhood. The packaging is also made from recycled glass, is reusable (with the refill pouches available to purchase online) and uses an airless pump to ensure no product is wasted, helping to reduce the brand’s overall carbon footprint. Plus, one per cent of net sales are donated to the NGO Wetlands International, who work to preserve the planet’s ecosystems and biodiversity through conservation work. These products are truly a green addition to your beauty shelf.



London is a home for excellent, experimental and green cuisine. The city’s unique culinary creativity doesn’t just stem from dynamic flavour combinations, but extends to a more holistic approach to food too. Following the success of her (now closed) restaurant Tredwells, Chantelle Nicholson is still leading the way when it comes to sustainable cooking, this time with her 2022 restaurant Apricity. Sticking close to Chantelle Nicholson’s belief that ‘food is joy’, in Apricity’s intimate Mayfair space you’ll find colourful plates and a welcoming service. The menu is hyper-seasonal, changing regularly depending on the produce available from Nicholson’s local, small-scale suppliers. Apricity’s low-food mileage, seasonal produce, and zero-waste policies simultaneously showcase Nicholson’s confident versatility: dishes are carefully curated to ensure no element of the ingredients are wasted, artfully using fig leaves and carrot tops for extra flavour. This strict, zero-waste approach extends to the decor, too, seen in the mushroom lampshades and wooden feature wall made from excess building supplies, in turn reducing the carbon emissions of the design by 40 per cent. It’s no surprise that Apricity was commended with a Michelin Green Star this year.


Wilderness Usawa Serengeti, Tanzania

Wilderness’ latest resort, Usawa Serengeti in Tanzania, offers a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience. Mobile, tented accommodation follows the incredible annual Great Migration of animals and wildlife between Tanzania and Kenya, meaning wherever the animals migrate to, you do too. With access to over six-million acres of Tanzania and Kenya’s Masai Mara National Reserve, a trip with Usawa Serengeti guarantees a front-seat at one of nature’s most spectacular moments. The exclusive camp accommodates just 12 guests and is self-sustaining, leaving a zero-waste footprint every time it moves. Power is sourced from solar energy, and the gourmet menu from locally-sourced ingredients, in turn supporting local farming communities. While sustainability is at the forefront, comfort and experience are not compromised; each tent offers en-suite facilities – plus expert game drives, birding and stargazing activities are on offer. With the thoughtfully-curated Usawa Serengeti camp, and the fact that Tanzania has the largest animal population density in the world, this trip promises an unforgettable East African adventure.

Lead image: ESSĒN

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