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Thinking About Hair Removal? Here's How To Do It Painlessly

Whatever your preferred method (or non-method) of hair removal, we all want the path to body hair-related confidence to be as painless and stress-free as possible.

Thankfully, there’s a wealth of tried-and-tested options available for you to try, should you wish. From at-home products and devices that actually deliver on their promises, to in-clinic treatments that offer long-lasting, fuss-free results for all skin tones and types, these are the CF team’s expert-backed recommendations for more painless hair removal.

LASER: Phi Clinic on Harley Street

Think laser hair removal isn’t for you? Think again, especially if you’re interested but have been told your darker skin tone makes you unsuitable (traditional lasers can have a high risk of burning or causing pigmentation in Black skin). At leading aesthetic doctor Dr. Tapan Patel’s Phi Clinic on Harley Street, the use of the clinically-proven Alma Soprano Titanium device means you can achieve smoother, hair-free under-arms and legs, with laser hair removal that is suitable for all hair types and skin tones. Soprano is the brand name to know if you live outside of London too, it is available at other clinics across the country, is virtually painless, super quick and can be started at any time of year, so it won’t interfere with your travels.

AT-HOME IPL: Philips IPL 9900

Philips’ Lumea is one of the most highly recommended and trusted at-home IPL hair removal devices on the market – and for good reason. The versatile device (suitable for skin tones I-V) is easy-to-use with multiple attachments for your face, body and bikini line. It also comes with a glide mode that means you don’t have to spend lots of time on larger areas, as well as a gradient of pain-reducing intensities so you don’t have to suffer your way through the experience. The latest device is especially good for facial hair removal, with a smaller separate device included to remove peach fuzz and new AI-based technology, via the app, to help you track your hair journey (and avoid missing areas). Last, but certainly not least, it delivers on its promise to keep hair regrowth at an unnoticeable minimum for up to six months too.

WAXING: Gielly Green

Waxing is not often regarded as the most pain-free option for hair removal, but it doesn’t have to make your eyes water when done right. With the best therapists it can be fast, effective, and, most importantly, won’t leave you feeling sore, so you can enjoy smoother, shinier limbs for longer without dreading each appointment. The experts we recommend most as a team are at Gielly Green in Marylebone, a space which also offers a spa-like atmosphere to calm any pre-wax tension, whether it’s your first or 500th experience.


Of course your preferred hair removal method should focus a lot on hair, but did you know that you might actually get better results by taking note of your skin too? That’s exactly what the founders behind ‘the DYSON of the hair removal world’ thought when they decided to shake up the at-home hair removal market. The result is JOVS Venus Pro Skin, which offers six precise modes for removing unwanted hair on your face, arms, underarms, legs and bikini line; a 330 degree rotating head to reach trickier areas; and an ICE Cooling Head that ensures treatments are as close to pain-free as you can get, while also minimising irritation.


Banish any thoughts you might have about the messy, smelly hair removal creams of old – there’s a new generation in town that are painless, non-irritating and super easy on your purse-strings. WooWoo’s Tame It! is a particular standout having recently gone viral on TikTok for its smoother-than-smooth skin results. Able to remove hair, including around your bikini line, in as little as six minutes, the soothing, lightly-floral scented, vegan-formula is easy-to-use, even for sensitive skin, and you’ll avoid the dreaded risk of shaving rash and in-grown hairs too. Pop it in your suitcase for your next trip and you’ll feel totally at-home in your high-cut swimsuit.

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Lead photo credit: Vanessa Spossi

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