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Citizen Enfants

The Citizen Enfants' May Hotlist

Maternal Mental Health has been a big topic for us recently, and one we plan to unwrap much further. With this, comes ways to not only take care of ourselves, mums-to-be or those with children in tow, but ways to treat ourselves, in every possible form.

From Frida’s new platform giving mothers the real low-down, to mindfulness cards for new mums and kids, spa days to this favourite organic skincare range, our Citizen Enfants’ May hotlist covers all bases, you, your mum friends, your kids and your mental wellbeing.


There’s a censorship problem around women’s wellness products. On most mainstream platforms and social media, images are blurred, ads are banned, and as a result, educational content is non-existent. So, when it comes to pivotal life experiences like conception, postpartum and breastfeeding, women are left wholly unprepared and uninformed. Enter Frida. Frida has always taken a hard stand on this type of censorship, committing to transparently and honestly preparing women for the journey to and through motherhood. Now, it’s taken matters into their own hands. Led by Frida Founder and CEO Chelsea Hirschhorn, Frida Uncensored is a website dedicated to educating and preparing women for the transformative physical experiences they’ll have on their journey to motherhood. With six detailed, uncensored how-to demo videos (and more constantly being updated) for products like the At-Home Insemination Kit, the Perineal Massage Wand, the Upside Down Peri Bottle, and the brand’s most recent innovation: the first-of-its-kind, FDA-cleared Conception Aid Cup, these videos are up-close-and-personal, real life examples, giving women better education, preparing them for whatever journey they’re on.

BUY THESE Little Butterfly London Organic Skin and Hair Range 

Little Butterfly London, the organic skincare brand for mothers and babies, launches its new kids range, which is specially formulated for children aged 3+ years old. “Kids’ skincare products need to be as natural as the world they inherit and without harsh or harmful chemicals,” says Gudrun Wurm, Founder of Little Butterfly London. Ecocert COSMOS certified-organic, vegan-friendly and eco-consciously produced and packaged, the range includes: All Day Fun Protection Face Cream, Glow and Grow Body Lotion, Hair to Dream Conditioning Shampoo and Free to Foam Bath Bubbles. Featuring a delicious summer scent of crushed berries, juicy peaches, blooming roses and warm vanilla, the range is fortified with ECOSKIN®, a plant-based pre and probiotic, which strengthens the developing skin barrier, and a perfectly balanced blend of omega 3, 6 and 9 oils from rosehip, marula fruit oil and flaxseed, which calms and protect children’s skin. With all that rough and tumble, running around and spring and summer travels, the last thing you need to worry about is their skin. Little Butterly London has you covered.

BOOK THIS Paddington Bear Experience

Immersive experiences are all the rage, and they are an absolute treat with kids involved. The polite young bear from deepest, darkest Peru, Paddington Bear, gets his own major immersive experience now. The beloved children’s character and the beloved Brown family, will take over more than 26,000 square feet of London County Hall on the Southbank inviting vsitors into Paddington’s world to embark on an exciting adventure through some of the most memorable locations from the Paddington stories – from the hustle and bustle of Paddington Station to the Browns’ charming house at No. 32 Windsor Gardens. Once inside the famous tree adorned hallway, the Brown family will whisk guests into a whirlwind of multi-sensory activities as they help Paddington and his family prepare for The Marmalade Day Festival! With numerous themed rooms to explore, interactive games, character interactions, and lots of surprises along the way, the adventure will culminate in a very special Windsor Garden Street party in a 70 minute journey. While the experience opens at the end of May, Mr Gruber’s Antique shop is already open and worth a visit.

TREAT YOURSELF TO THIS Mum-To-Be Retreats at The Spa by YOO   


The Lakes by YOO, the luxury rural estate set amongst 850 acres of lakes, meadows and woodlands in the Cotswolds, welcomes a spa series for expecting mums. Start your indulgent half-day spa ‘Mum-To-Be Retreat with a Wildsmith Skin New Life Pregnancy Massage – an indulgent treatment designed for those 12 weeks pregnant and over, deeply restorative and an ideal treat for expectant mums-to-be. Enjoy access to The Spa by YOO to experience the full range of zen facilities, including an indoor swimming pool and steam room, followed by brunch at The Lakes Bar & Kitchen with a nutritious brunch overlooking stunning lake views. An ideal nature-led wellness experience that will benefit mum-to-be and the bump. Stay overnight A collection of waterside cabins and apartments are available for overnight escapes, offering a haven for guests to rest, relax and recharge in an idyllic setting.


Whilst we are in the middle of Maternal Health Week, we look to small steps to help mums on their journey. LSW Mind Cards are not only a thoughtful gift for someone else, but for yourself, at a daunting and sometimes overwhelming time. Helping new mums build daily rituals, it also provides affirmations to help change negative thoughts and create a more positive mindset, as well as self care ideas to nourish your mental and physical health. And as social media takes over and access to far more information than is often necessary, LSW Mind Cards are a lovely way to introduce the practice of gratitude & a sense of wellbeing to little ones. The Kid’s Edition is a set of 30 cards to help your child to keep calm, understand their feelings and focus on the present. Each day select a card at random and take the action stated on the card across 5 different action points (mindfulness, gratitude, kindness, repeat after me, today I am). My favourite? Today I Am, encouraging your child to talk about what they are feeling and let them choose the appropriate emotion card to attach to that feeling.

READ THIS The Art Book For Children  


Phaidon’s The Art Book has long been a go-to source for introductions to some of the most influential artists with more than 600 works showcased. Almost 20 years ago, the iconic title created a volume, geared towards younger art lovers with The Art Book for Children. This kids’ edition is being re-released, updated and revised, as a bite-sized, accessible version of The Art Book. The new volume features 30 artists from its predecessor along with 30 new additions, bringing together the most significant names from art history like Katsushika Hokusai, Jackson Pollock, and Frida Kahlo. Each spread includes one or more works by each artist and a fun, informative text, inviting children to look closely and discover a variety of paintings, sculptures, photographs, and more.

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