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Eight Of The Best Hot Springs In The USA

Bathing in mineral-rich, potentially health-boosting thermal springs has long been a wellness secret for better skin and improved mood – and the USA is home to some of the very best.

Across the USA, you can experience natural hot springs in truly stunning surroundings, many of which need to be seen to be believed.

In resorts and National Parks, from Colorado to Alaska and beyond, these are eight of the best hot springs to visit in the USA.

Iron Mountain Hot Springs Resort, Colorado


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Mother Nature really gave Colorado a gift with its hot springs, and at Iron Mountain Hot Springs resort, you can enjoy 16 natural soaking pools, all overlooking the Colorado river and interconnected by heated walkways. There’s a further 11 adult-only watering holes on site too; these are enriched with mineral formulas similar to those found across the globe – including in Iceland, New Zealand, South Korea, The Dead Sea and Bali – with specific health benefits in each. For even more guaranteed relaxation, there’s a spa on site too.

Chena Hot Springs Resort, Alaska


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Whether you visit after a summer hike to bathe in the toasty waters (on average they hit a temperature of 41 degrees Celsius), or to brave the snowy Alaskan elements in the winter, there’s a reason Chena is such an iconic location. These geothermal waters include the hot springs lake surrounded by rocks, indoor and outdoor bubbling hot tubs and an ice bar, and, if you’re lucky, you might even see the Northern Lights during your visit. More adventurous activities such as dog mushing, snowmobiling and skiing are also on offer.

The Crater at Homestead Resort, Utah


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If you struggle to lie back and relax when at the pool, this scenic crater at Homestead, Utah is the place to be. The 10,000-year-old mineral rich waters, deep within an hourglass-shaped spring, are particularly rich in calcium and sodium bicarbonate (great for soothing tight muscles), but you can also try a whole host of water-based activities; The Crater is particularly famous for being the only warm-water scuba diving location in mainland USA, and you can try snorkelling, stand-up paddle-boarding and in-water yoga too.

Castle Hot Springs Resort, Arizona


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This award-winning, all-inclusive resort offers exclusive access to a wellness oasis that stretches over 1,100-acres, complete with Phoenix, Arizona’s signature red rocky scenery and lush plant life to marvel at while you bathe. The three hot spring pools, which vary in temperature as the water naturally cascades through them, have long been a site for wellness pilgrimages, as they’re high in minerals like lithium, which is known to help boost your mood, as well as copper and magnesium to give your whole body a refreshing wake-up call.

Burgdorf Hot Springs Resort, Idaho


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Accessible only via a breathtakingly exhilarating snowmobile ride in the winter (and, don’t worry, by car in the summer), these springs are one of Idaho’s true natural wonders. It’s quite a sight to behold to see the gushing waters fill the three log-sided pools, with a choice of a larger, balmy bathing area and two piping-hot smaller ones giving you a personalised mineral-rich bathing fix. Make the most of the experience by staying overnight in the resort’s sweet rustic cabins.

Warm Springs Pools at Omni Homestead Resort, Virginia


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Fancy taking a dip in the same place as (it’s rumoured) president Thomas Jefferson also bathed? You can at Omni Homestead’s Warm Springs Pools – a particularly luxurious bathe, which is rather romantic for couples. Here, you’ll find an original 1761 octagonal stone basin main pool and there are sessions available for co-ed, single sex and family bathing. Swimsuits are optional during the ‘adult soaking’ session from 3PM to 5PM, offered Tuesday to Sunday each week.

Hot Springs State Park, Wyoming


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The best thing about these hot springs situated in Wyoming’s Thermopolis (aka ‘hot city’ in ancient Greek)? You can climb into them for free. Situated in a state park (not far from Yellowstone National Park with famous hot springs that you’re not allowed to bathe in), your trek to these springs will be well worth the journey. There are indoor and outdoor pools available; keep an eye out for the local bison from the latter, they roam close by.

Glenwood Hot Springs Resort, Colorado


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Home to the world’s largest hot springs pool – and five new pools – Glenwood has been delighting bathers in Colorado since 1888, and continues to be a tranquil dreamland for relaxation. The source spring for the site is called ‘Yampah’ or ‘Big Medicine’ by the area’s Native American population, due to the especially restorative blend of 15 minerals found within the (filtered) natural spring water. Plenty of facilities are available here, including for families or some leisurely laps, should you wish.

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