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Suitcase Series

Suitcase Series: The Co-Founders of Veronica Beard

Founded by sister-in-laws, Veronica Miele Beard and Veronica Swanson Beard in 2010, this New York based label is all about designing classic yet cool pieces for the lives of multifaceted women.

The item that started their modern uniform was the Dickey jacket, an icon of the brand today. The impeccably tailored jacket, with a collection of interchangeable dickeys, was described as the “Wonder Woman cape” by Veronica Miele Beard, aimed at helping busy mums simplify the art of dressing.

Celebrating almost 15 years as a ready-to-wear brand, and today selling everything from jackets, dresses, shoes and handbags, their Spring 2024 collection, Hollywood Hustle, embodies the diversity of the brand with stand-out wardrobe staples you’ll treasure forever.

Here, the Veronica’s talk to Citizen Femme about their most memorable trips, how they spend a day off in their home cities, and where’s next on their travel bucket list.

What is the first trip you remember taking?

Veronica Swanson Beard: London. I spent my summers there growing up and even attended a London school for a few years. It really started my love affair with England.

Veronica Miele Beard: I studied abroad in high school (Spain) and then in college (Italy). Let’s just say they were the best years of my life, spent backpacking around Europe and with endless escapades!

What’s been your most memorable trip and why?

VSB: Kenya. I went to Lewa Preserve with my entire family and in-laws; it was the trip of a lifetime.

VMB: The greatest memories are created when your senses are ignited. I have a few majestic and memorable moments from trips to South America: the roar of the ice breaking away from the glaciers of Patagonia; the blinding glare of the salt flats of Salta, Argentina; the vision of multiple rainbows at Iguazu Falls; and hiking up Machu Picchu in Peru with my baby son on my back.



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Where or what is your escape?

VSB: Spending time on Nantucket in the summer. It’s our family’s happy place.

VMB: Taking all five of my kids off the grid somewhere far, far away.

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve taken from your travels?

VSB: I am a terrible over packer! Outfit planning is key. Also always pack toiletries inside of sealable plastic bags before you pack them in your cosmetic cases. This way you avoid products leaking in your case and onto your clothes.

VMB: Plan out your outfits ahead of time and pack for versatility. The best travel hack is a VB Dickey Jacket –switch up the look by zipping in a different dickey depending on the weather and where you are going.

If you could go anywhere tomorrow you’d go to:

VSB: Paris with my husband to roam around, eat at all my favorite restaurants, and browse the flea market.

VMB: I like a bucket-list type of destination, like India. The feeling I got after finally reaching the Taj Mahal, after a long drive, brought tears to my eyes.



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How would you spend an ideal afternoon in your home city?

VSB: In Nantucket out on our boat, followed by a big dinner at home with our friends and family – with lots of kids running around.

VMB: New York City is my home. There’s nothing like a court-side seat for the Knicks in Madison Square Garden; fashion and sports colliding.

If you could sit next to anyone – dead or alive – on a flight who would it be?

VSB: Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy or Yves Saint Laurent.

VMB: Priscilla Presley or Steve Jobs.

What’s your idea of a luxury holiday?

VSB: First Class, baby.

VMB: To be able to spend time with my husband and five kids, even if we are all at home. My happiness resides in the fact that my kids want to be with us on holiday.

Where do you get your holiday inspiration?

VSB: Friends, most of whom use Indagare.



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How do you recover from jet lag?

VSB: By exploring outside to get some exercise, and melatonin to sleep.

VMB: You have to stay awake during the day of your current (new) time zone. That means no napping if it’s light outside when you get there. I know it’s hard, but you can do it!

What’s your in-flight beauty routine?

VSB: Water and sleep.

VMB: Active Argan oil for mid-flight. Gum for the landing.

Your flight’s delayed an hour and your phone’s out of battery. How do you pass the time?

VSB: Catching up on my magazines.

VMB: I love shopping in the airport.

Favourite hotel?

VSB: Claridge’s in London or The Dunmore in Harbour Island.

VMB: Grand-Hotel du cap Ferrat, France.



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Favourite airline? 

VSB: On long-haul flights, anything with a lie-flat seat.

VMB: Emirates. The planes are new, and they spare no details on a luxurious experience.

What’s on your travel playlist?

VSB: Reggae.

VMB: The Rolling Stones, George Benson, Bruce Springsteen, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Barry Manilow.

Where to next?

VSB: A surf trip in the Maldives in June.

VMB: I just came back from the United Arab Emirates and Oman, but am already planning our next big trip. I’m dreaming about Lake Como, Italy for our anniversary, and Australia for an adventure with kids.



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Hand-luggage essential?

VSB: Eye mask and phone charger.

VMB: My makeup.

Packing: roll or fold?

VSB: Fold.

VMB: Fold.

Inflight book or inflight film?

VSB: Book or magazine and a film – all at the same time.

VMB: Film.

Music or podcasts?

VSB: Both.

VMB: Music.

Time killer on a long-haul flight?

VSB: Instagram and Pintrest rabbit holes.

VMB: My kids keep me busy…

Holiday tipple of choice?

VSB: Casamigos tequila with soda, mint and lemon.

VMB: 2010 Masseto.

Bucket list top destination?

VSB: Morocco. I’m planning to go there this year. I can’t wait to go to Majorelle and visit all the souks.

VMB: India. When I was younger, I travelled with my mum to Rajasthan – that trip was life-changing. My kids need to experience it.

Beach or City?

VSB: Beach and village.

VMB: City.

Best shopping gem found abroad?

VSB: A photograph by Malick Sidibé, Nuit de Noël. My husband and I bought it on one of our trips to Paris.

Ultimate holiday treat?

VSB: Shopping.

VMB: The inspiration you get from the places you go, and the people you meet…

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