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A Family Trip To Fiji With Rebecca Vallance

A picturesque paradise and as much an oasis for relaxation as a haven for experience seekers, Rebecca Vallance takes us on her treasured family trip to Fiji with her husband and young boys, Matthias, nine, and Rafael, seven.

Mother of two and founder of an eponymous fashion label, Rebecca Vallance and her family visited the tropical island of Kokomo, in Fiji this spring.

Staying at Kokomo Island – a Fijian destination that prides itself on the regeneration and sustainability of the island’s natural beauty – Rebecca tells us why family travel is important to her, as well as why she chose Fiji, what kept the family entertained while there, and what she packed to visit.

Why did you choose Fiji as your family travel destination? 

We’ve been to Kokomo Island five or six times – it’s our favourite holiday. We’re based in Australia and wanted to travel somewhere that wasn’t too far. Kokomo Island has lots of fun activities to keep the kids busy while also being the ideal spot to relax and unwind in nature. It’s ‘barefoot luxury’ at its finest and is the most enjoyable place for a family holiday.

Why is family travel important to you?

Our day-to-day life is always very busy. Family travel gives us time to slow down and spend quality time together.

What are your top tips for travelling with kids?

Plan lots of fun activities! We did everything from paddle boarding and fishing to family picnics on the island. But also, a lot of our time was spent fully relaxing; swimming and creating happy memories.

What makes a perfect family holiday in your opinion?

It needs to have a bit of everything… incredible food, great cocktails and lots of activities.

What’s in your carry-on, for you and your kids?

iPads, books and games for the kids, and my laptop and sketchbook.

What activities did you do with the kids on the island?

Snorkelling with manta rays and fishing with the family for a complete dock-to-dish experience. We had a private-island picnic with family and friends where a private chef served up fresh lobster – the culinary offering was truly incredible. We also tried tubing, went stand-up paddle boarding around the island, took a banana-boat ride while dolphins swam next to us, and went sailing on a Hobie Cat.

What is your favourite memory of the whole trip?

Snorkelling with the manta rays was incredible; it was amazing to see the boys’ reactions – but there were so many beautiful memories created on this trip.

 What did you pack for yourself?

When you’re going on a trip that only needs to account for one season, it’s not too tricky. An amazing pair of sunglasses is always a must; I picked up some new Saint Laurent sunglasses on a recent trip to New York, so they had to come with me. A range of different swimwear is always needed; I packed my favourite pieces from Rebecca Vallance, along with the Rebecca Vallance new high summer collection (it’s about to drop online). Last but not least, my wide-brimmed Gucci hat.

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