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What Emma Rose Thatcher Wore In Vietnam

Emma Rose Thatcher is one of London’s most stylish tastemakers, serving up daily style inspiration on social media with her impeccably-curated looks.

After spending nearly three weeks travelling Cambodia and Vietnam with her daughter, we caught up with Emma about her suitcase etiquette. Here she tells us all about the pieces she packed, including the co-ord she can’t live without.

Tell us about your most recent holiday? 

I travelled to Cambodia and Vietnam to see my daughter, Libby. We were away for three weeks and visited seven places, including stop-overs in Singapore. We had to work it around Libby’s travels, so we stayed in Cambodia for six nights; three nights in Phnom Penh and three nights at Viroth’s Hotel in Siem Reap – it’s in a perfect location and has the friendliest staff. After this, we flew to Vietnam for three nights in Hanoi and three in Hoi An, before driving to Phu Yen, where we had a few nights at the incredible Zannier Hotel (which made it into my top three hotels ever!). After a few days on the beautiful beach here, we flew to Ho Chi Minh where we finished our trip.

What was on your itinerary?

We’d been told to visit Angkor Wat at sunrise, which was incredible; our trip fell on the Equinox, making it even more special. A Vespa foodie tour in Siem Reap is also a must-do: you hop on the back of a Vespa to visit local food spots including a night market, a cocktail bar, and a traditional Cambodian restaurant. In Vietnam, just walking around Hanoi was incredible – there was so much to take in. vibe. Ngõ 224 Lê Duẩn (the famous Train Street) was a fun spot for drinks, Chà Cá Thǎng Long for incredible Vietnamese food, and Xofa Café for brunch. I loved the vibe in Hoi An too: we cycled around the streets and I had a suit made by BA RI tailors – the tailors in Hoi An are incredible. The coconut boats were fun too.

How did you decide what to pack for your trip?

I knew it would be very humid, and that we’d be doing a lot of sightseeing, so I packed neutral colour tones and lots of co-ords. I included long trousers and long-sleeved shirts to respect dress codes where needed. As we were going from place to place, I needed to keep my packing to a minimum, so I tried to pack pieces I could mix-and-match with different jewellery and accessories to keep my looks interesting.

Where did you find inspiration for your outfits?

I created a mood board of looks, colours, and textures that I was drawn to. I pulled pieces from my wardrobe that I knew would work, and then looked at any gaps where I needed to add extras. This is my moodboard for the trip.

What did you pack?

Lots of Free People; their linen sets and flowy dresses were perfect for the heat. Hunza G swimwear and some Aligne pieces. Oversized shirts came in super handy, too. And I often wore my Reformation satin pants in the evening with tank tops and shirts.

What is your favourite piece or outfit that you wore while there?

I was pretty casual the whole time (I never pack heels for holidays), but I did wear this Ghost dress for dinner one night with slicked-back hair and gold earrings, and it felt special after a few weeks of linen sets. I also bought a white linen pyjama set from H&M to wear as a beach cover-up over a swimsuit. It felt very cool and effortless, perfect for slipping on for sundowners at the beach. This red knitted top from Aligne was great for a pop of colour.

What’s the dress code like in Vietnam?

It’s so hot you end up going for comfort, and everywhere we went was super casual. I packed Ancient Greek Sandals to elevate my outfits, but they were still super comfy to walk around in. I also had my Alter Ego beads from my collaboration with Aurum + Grey, which add interest to an outfit.

Did you rewear or restyle outfits, or did you pack a different outfit for each day? 

We were living out of a suitcase most of the time so I did a lot of rewearing; it made me play around with different looks depending on what I could find! I lived in Deiji Studios sets as they worked for sightseeing as well as over swimwear for pool or beach days; they look better the more they’re lived in – which was a bonus as I forgot to pack a steamer! Linen shorts and trousers plus tank tops were perfect for flying, and I also packed a super-soft Rails shirt and a large Little Liffner bag for travelling, which I used often. Lots of co-ords made my life easy. I usually unpack the minute I get to a hotel, but it wasn’t worth it on this trip as we were only in any one place for a few nights – it made me feel unorganised at first, but I got into it by the end.

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