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Your June 2024 Travel Horoscope

Welcome to June! Summer is in the air, marked by a series of planetary shifts and the prospect of warmer weather.

Globetrotting Jupiter has officially entered Gemini after a thirteen-month voyage in Taurus, resetting the zodiac and signalling a new era. This is a major travel-related transit that’s about to alter your travel goals and habits over the coming months, bringing more expansion to a particular area of your chart.

With Mercury joining the Sun, Venus and Jupiter in Gemini on 3 June, you’ll require a varied itinerary on your travels this month, ticking off a slew of activities or destinations as you go. On 20 June, the summer solstice strikes in tandem with the start of Cancer season, followed by an ambitious full moon in Capricorn on 21 June.

Read on for your June 2024 travel horoscope. We recommend using your rising sign for a more accurate reading. All you need is your birth date, time, and location to work out your rising sign. If you don’t know your birth time, you can refer to your sun sign.

Capricorn Rising

This month’s astrological forecast is all about wellness and engaging in more physically active forms of adventure. There’s a stellium of planets marching through Gemini this month, which falls in your sixth house of health and routine. The new moon on 6 May would be an astrologically appropriate time to set intentions, whether you’re training for a marathon or embarking on a vigorous mountain hike. Travel plans could pick up toward the end of the month when the Sun enters Cancer, spotlighting your fun-loving fifth house. Expect the penultimate weekend of June to be particularly productive during the Capricorn full moon.

Aquarius Rising

Adventure is in the air this month, a theme that lasts well beyond the summer. For one, Jupiter’s making fresh tracks in Gemini territory, lighting up your expressive fifth house. This year-long transit, taking place in the planet of growth and expansion, brings a fresh perspective to your creative pursuits. Let the new moon on 6 June act as a springboard for setting specific goals, whether you’ve always wanted to start a podcast or write a book. By remaining open-minded to new experiences, you could end up travelling on a whim this month. There’s time to rest, reflect and catch your breath during a full moon in Capricorn on 21 June.

Pisces Rising

Your travel habits are in reset mode for the foreseeable. At the end of May, Jupiter entered Gemini, spotlighting your fourth house of home and domestic pursuits. You could be drawn to ancestral adventures and familiar places during this transit, spending more time with distant relatives or visiting a city where your grandparents were born. The more curious and adaptable you are, the more you’ll be rewarded while Jupiter hangs out in wide-eyed Gemini. When the Sun enters Cancer at the end of the month, you’ll benefit from a vacation near water – be it a lake, the sea or natural hot springs.

Aries Rising

This month, there’s a build-up of planetary action in Gemini and your third house of short-distance travel and micro-breaks. Domestic travel and weekend trips will be taking centre stage, a theme that lasts well beyond June now that Jupiter has entered Gemini. Looking for ideas? Plan a culture-packed city break on or around the new moon in Gemini on 6 June, hopping between exhibitions and discovering new eateries while mingling with strangers. The whole month will feel like a whirlwind, but there will be time to catch your breath during the full moon at the end of the month.

Taurus Rising

June is here and money’s on your mind. A cluster of planets will be moving in and out of Gemini and your second house of finances over the course of the month. You can use the new moon in Gemini on 6 June to rejig your goals, keeping a separate pot aside for future travels. If you’re planning a trip away this month, Cancer season begins on 20 June – the same day as the solstice, spotlighting your communicative third house. Then it will be time to rally the squad for a group getaway.

Gemini Rising

Happy solar return! You’re in the spotlight this month now that the Sun’s beaming in Gemini. Since 20 May, there’s been a steady build-up of planetary action in the sign of the twins, including Jupiter’s move on 25 May. This momentous planetary shift will have a huge impact on your travels moving forward, making you more magnetic wherever you end up this year. The caveat? All of this air energy in the cosmos can be somewhat overwhelming and a little scatty at times. Just be sure to have a check-in here and there to remain grounded, starting with a potent full moon in pragmatic Capricorn on 21 June.

Cancer Rising

If you’ve been feeling a tad restless this month, there’s a flurry of planetary action in Gemini that could be the cause of this. Make time for solitude over the new moon on 6 May to recalibrate. Perhaps you’ll enjoy a gallery viewing by yourself or a quiet read by a local river. A solo spa trip wouldn’t go amiss if that’s what the heart desires. By the end of the month, you’ll be more than ready to let loose and lap up some sunshine, ideally close to a big body of water when the Sun enters watery Cancer on 20 June – the same day as the Summer Solstice.

Leo Rising

If travel is on your mind, the astrology of June offers a preview of what’s in store over the next few months. In May, Jupiter left Taurus for Gemini, an expansive transit that lights up your social life more than ever before, bringing a playful and mentally adventurous energy to your travel plans. Throughout the month, you’ll be drawn to jam-packed, multi-destination trips and diverse itineraries with a good mix of art, food and culture, while connecting with kindred spirits along the way. Prepare to turn inward when the solstice strikes on 20 June, followed by an industrious Capricorn full moon the next day.

Virgo Rising

This month, there’s a flurry of planetary action taking place in Gemini and your tenth house of career. Don’t be surprised if a spontaneous business trip crops up on or around the new moon in Gemini on 6 June. Where do you see yourself a year from now? This potent lunation could have a dramatic impact on your career, especially if you stay open-minded and curious. It’s an opportune time to set intentions and get specific about your goals. You could also be networking more and making new friends in the workspace, with Mercury, your planetary ruler, entering chatty Gemini on 3 June.

Libra Rising

You’re beginning the month in a social state of mind with so much planetary action occurring in Gemini, a fellow air sign. Last month, Jupiter landed in your ninth house of exploration, making you extra magnetic, curious and playful. This is a liberating thirteen-month transit that sets the tone for your travel plans for the rest of the year, as Jupiter rules long-distance travel. Whether you’re on the move or spending time in one place, you could be squeezing multiple supper clubs, gallery openings and restaurant outings into your weekly agenda. A full moon in Capricorn arrives on 21 June, reminding you to remain grounded.

Scorpio Rising

It’s time to get up and grab life by the horns now that Jupiter, the planet of travel and expansion, has entered Gemini. Though it’s tempting to curl up and stay low-key, you’d actually benefit from being more social and curious this month. Allow yourself to mingle and amble at whim, saving your off-grid adventure for another time – perhaps around the Capricorn full moon which occurs on 21 June. Once the solstice strikes on 20 June, you could be drawn to a wholesome coastal escape, donning your best swimsuit and buckling up your boots for afternoon strolls by the sea.

Sagittarius Rising

The time has come to rewrite your bucket list now that Jupiter, your planetary ruler, has entered Gemini. This expansive transit will last for another thirteen months, giving you enough time to plan ahead. Throughout the month, you’ll be drawn to experiences that broaden your perspective. There’s an intellectually stimulating new moon in Gemini on 6 June that could inspire your next grand getaway. The cadence shifts toward the end of the month when the Sun enters Cancer for a period of rest and recuperation.

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