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The Children's Wellness Brands You Should Know In 2024

Wellness is not exclusively for adults, and the importance of starting children on a path to wellbeing is being increasingly recognised. These brands hit the mark with their excellent offering for kids.

As more of us begin to understand the benefits of introducing children to wellness at a young age, these are the brands and products to support their journey.

Including vitamins to support growth and development; shampoos, body creams and more for sensitive skin; and (actually) healthy ready meals for when time is tight, these are Citizen Enfants’ picks of the best children’s wellness brands to know in 2024.

As with anything you plan to give or use on your children, check in with a medical professional or nutritionist if you are unsure or have any questions.

The Immunity Boosters


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No-one likes a summer cold putting a damper on school holiday plans, so it’s as important to support children’s immune systems in June as it is in November. These three products will help you do so: 

Leapfrog’s IMMUNE contains an ingredient called Lactoferrin – a natural anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory iron-binding protein to support the immune system and gut microflora. Suitable for kids aged four and over, this citrus-flavoured, chewable tablet also contains zinc and vitamin C to give them a real hit of immune strengthening vitamins. Take them regularly or add to their supplements at the first sign of a cold or virus to fend off bugs.

A strong immune system often starts with a healthy gut. Symprove is a water-based solution probiotic full of billions of friendly bacteria developed to keep the gut balanced. It’s a natural food supplement that’s perfectly suitable for children; the company recommends you give children 1ml per every 1kg of their weight (so 20ml a day for a 20kg child). Most kids prefer the Strawberry and Raspberry flavour as it’s the sweetest. 

The berries and flowers of elderberry are packed with antioxidants and vitamins and have long been used in natural medicine to boost the immune system. BioCare’s Children’s Elderberry Complex is an easy to swallow fruity liquid that can be taken on its own or mixed into a drink. It’s suitable from three years of age and provides a highly-concentrated elderberry extract. It’s rich in powerful anthocyanins which can strengthen the immune system, as well as in high-potency nutrients for the body to absorb and use, including vitamin C as magnesium ascorbate which is gentle on the stomach.

The Skincare


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Look after sensitive young skin with products that are made for it. Dr. Barbara Sturm developed the Mini Molecular Collection after the birth of her own daughter, as she couldn’t find the right products to use on her delicate skin. This lovely, non-irritating and fragrance-free range includes bathing milk, shampoo, body cream, bum cream and face cream.

For an excellent kid’s skin and hair-care range (that also happens to come in chic bottles), check out Dandydill Way. From bubble bath and cleanser to shampoo and conditioner, this luxury brand avoids all allergy causing compounds and instead uses only pure, mild and naturally-derived ingredients and the safest preservatives in the lowest concentrations, making it ideal to use from birth.

As your kids get a bit older switch to Spots and Stripes, a brand that tailors its products to suit tween and teen skin. Breakouts are carefully dealt with using their Gentle Cleansing Lotion which includes vitamin-soaked oils, virgin coconut and kukui to lift away impurities and leave skin feeling balanced. Or try the new Anti Blemish Body Wash, which zaps body acne with Salicylic Acid and AHAs to unclog pores, downsize blemishes and leave acne-prone backs and bumpy body-skin smoother and clearer. 

The Vitamins


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While nothing replaces a good and balanced diet, giving your children a great multivitamin is a super way to support their growth and mental and physical development. Whether they prefer a liquid supplement added to a smoothie, a chewable gummy or a powder sprinkled on their breakfast, there are tons of ways to top up your child’s daily intake of essential vitamins and minerals. Always look for those that are free of fillers, artificial flavours, food dyes, and preservatives.

A well-respected brand often recommended by nutritionists is Natures Plus, who provide all manner of multi and single vitamins in forms that are easy for children to swallow and digest. Try their yummy multi vitamins, or focus on specifics, such as iron, vitamin D or calcium, if needed. 

Wild Nutrition offers a range of Daily Multi Nutrients for children and also one for teens, designed to meet their specific needs. All are ‘food-grown’ which means they are naturally-sourced; our bodies therefore recognise them as food, absorbing the nutrients easily. For a potent but palatable omega-3, look to Bare Biology’s Pure Omega-3 Fish Oil Liquid: a tiny 1ml drop has the same omega-3 as a whole tin of sardines. With no additives, it’s a great way to support your child’s brain development and is suitable for kids as young as six months. 

The Sunscreen


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It’s great to get little ones out playing in the sunshine, but it’s essential to protect their skin at the same time. Studies show that up to 80 per cent of sun damage that can lead to skin cancer later in life happens by the age of 18. So, whether they are in the garden, the playground or at the beach, keep them covered in a great sunscreen.

Aussie brand Sun Bum have a super range with a high SPF that is also mega water resistant, while Sunly have a great SPF30 Kids Sunscreen Face Stick that’s perfect for quickly applying on wriggly toddlers. Heliocare 360° Pediatrics Atopic Lotion Spray SPF50 is wonderful for babies and children aged six months and up, and is designed to protect and hydrate.

For youngsters who want to spend hours in the water, opt for a Sun Zapper zinc oxide sun stick SPF 50+ that acts as a total block and offers four hours of protection. Simply slick it on top of other suncream in the most sensitive spots, like under the eyes, the bridge of the nose and the back of the ears. It’s also easy for kids to apply themselves so works well popped in school bags, too. 

The Healthy Ready Meals


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While we all know that there’s nothing better than a home-cooked meal, there are always days when busy parents don’t have the time (or the energy) to rustle something up. That’s where healthy delivery services step in to help. Created by mums (one of whom is a chef), Lune and Wild deliver delicious, nutritious, hand-made frozen meals for babies and children right to your doorstep. With recipes devised alongside the expert eye of nutritionists; order purée cubes for babies, or meals such as fish pie and moussaka for older kids – there’s something tailored to meet each stage and age, and it’s all made with 100 per cent organic ingredients.

RumbleTums offer nutritionist-designed frozen meals in different sizes, to suit varying ages. You’ll find no nasties or preservatives here, and each meal can be on the table within minutes of coming out of the freezer. Their mac and cheese and shepherd’s pie are firm favourites with tiny customers.

For healthy snacks kids will actually enjoy, opt for A Little Big Kid snack box – which will be posted through your letterbox. This award winning company lets you choose the box size you want, how often you’d like to receive it, and which snacks you want to fill it with. There are sweet and savoury selections, as well as gluten and dairy free options, and all are free from harmful additives.

The Fitness Gadgets


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Kids love a gadget, so why not invest in one that will help them keep fit.

The Garmin Vívofit Jr. 2 can be worn like a watch but tracks their step count, offers exercise and fitness challenges, and even monitors sleep patterns. It’s not connected to social media or the web, so this fun piece of tech is ideal for youngsters – and can even be used by parents to set chores and list homework that can be ticked off. Encouraging kids to keep moving and stay fit, it’s a great way to introduce little ones to the joy of daily, focused exercise.

For kids aged six and over a Fitbit Ace 3 is a good option. With eight days of battery life, sleep tracking, motion monitoring and an easy to use touch screen, this nifty piece of kit can also be used under water and has a stopwatch and timer, making it perfect for recording progress when swimming.

For a different type of wellness tech try the Apollo Neuro. Best for older children and teens and similar to a watch, it provides gentle vibrations to the skin, including ‘energy and wake up’ and ‘clear and focus’ – the idea being that the movements send signals to the brain. The intensity and frequency of the vibrations vary depending on the mode chosen by the user. It’s suggested that the Apollo is worn for intervals of 15 minutes to two hours depending on the setting. In a paediatric trial on children aged seven to fifteen with conditions such as ADHD, the device was shown to help with mood and behaviour. On a more general level, it can potentially help with sleep, anxiety and exam stress.

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