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Secluded Destinations Best Explored By Yacht This Summer

Days spent at sea are hard to beat, whether you have a hankering for intimate Mediterranean beach coves, or hard-to-reach Alaskan fjords. These are eight secluded destinations best explored by yacht this summer. 

Designed for enjoying life on the water, Sanlorenzo’s bespoke, purpose-built yachts are crafted with you – and your destination – in mind, taking you from Europe to the Caribbean, the Middle East and beyond, in style. Available for charter or purchase, expect elegant interiors, cutting-edge innovation, and views like no other as you sail through some of the world’s most impressive landscapes. 

In partnership with Sanlorenzo Yachts UK.

Including islands only accessible by boat in Greece and Croatia, the Omani peninsula where bottlenose dolphins will trail your wake, underwater sculptures in the Caribbean, and much more, these are some of the world’s most secluded destinations, best explored by yacht. 

Cala Beltràn And Cala Màrmols, Mallorca, Spain

On the Balearic Island of Mallorca, you’ll find plenty of places to drop anchor for an afternoon of sunbathing and swimming. Some of the best – and most private – are along its south coast. Start slightly west of the island’s capital, Palma, and seek out the small, rocky cove, Cala Cap Falcó (not to be confused with the more popular beach, Cala Falco, on the island’s east coast). From here, trail the island’s southerly coastline stopping first at Cala Beltràn before continuing towards Cala Màrmols. Both of these bays are only accessible via boat or a land hike, so have remained fairly isolated. Expect a lush, verdant surrounding at Beltràn and more rocky terrain at Màrmols, though neither outdoes the other in terms of natural beauty.

– The best yacht to discover Mallorca on is Sanlorenzo SX100

Moliniere Point, Grenada

On the west coast of Grenada, towards the south of the Caribbean’s sprinkling of islands, set sail towards Moliniere Point – and have your snorkel kit ready. From deck, this may look like any other Caribbean sea, but just below the surface is a series of underwater sculptures, created and crafted by Jason deCaires Taylor. Spend an hour or two exploring them (look out for The Lost Correspondent, a man typing at a tabletop typewriter, and Vicissitudes, a circle of children holding hands) before hopping back on board and setting sail for one of the many private coves nearby. You’ll find plenty, but Black Sand Beach Bay is a good choice – you’ll likely be the only yacht there.

– The best yacht to discover Grenada on is Sanlorenzo SD118

Polyaigos Island, Greece

Not only is the small island of Polyaigos in Greece best explored by boat – it’s only accessible by boat. Set sail from any of the nearby islands – Sifnos, Milos and Folegandros are all good places to spend a few days – and cut through the calm summer seas towards this somewhat secret island. Uninhabited bar a few goats (poly means many in Greek, and aigos means goats) and observe the colours of the Greek water as you approach Polyaigos’ deserted shores; the cobalt tones of the deep transform to a vibrant cyan as you enter the shallows. Find a cove – arrive early and you’ll likely have it to yourself – and drop anchor for a few hours of water sports, or step foot on land to brave the island’s wilderness; there’s a lighthouse on its east and a deserted church in the north west.

– The best yacht to discover Greece on is Sanlorenzo SL96A

Li Galli Islands, Amalfi Coast, Italy

Nothing says summer quite like a trip to the Amalfi Coast, and the best way to see the region in all its true, spectacular glory, is from the sparkling waters of the Salerno Gulf that lap its coastline. Not only will you skip the traffic inland – steering a route along all the Amalfi hotspots in faster time – but you’ll really get to appreciate the natural beauty of this iconic coastline, stopping at hidden beach coves and spotting small villages carved into the rock face as you sail. The most famous of them all, Positano, is more dramatic and impressive than ever when witnessed from the water, and don’t miss Li Galli Islands, also known as Sirenusas; a series of three small islands off the coast of nearby San Pietro. 

– The best yacht to discover the Amalfi Coast on is Sanlorenzo SD132

Musandam, Oman

Skip Dubai’s crowded beaches and navigate towards Musandam, an Omani peninsula separated from the rest of the country by the UAE. From Dubai Marina, it will take you three to four hours to arrive, but the scenery couldn’t be more different; expect to sail across fjords (known as khors), peer up at dramatic, craggy mountains, watch as friendly bottlenose dolphins trail your path, and stop off at traditional villages that are only accessible by boat. And this is only scratching the surface of both Musandam and Oman. You’ll be adding further exploration to your next trip’s wish list before you’ve even left. 

– The best yacht to discover Musandam on is Sanlorenzo SL120A

The Alaskan Fjords

The Sanlorenzo Explorer yacht, 500Exp, blends the best of two worlds: adventure and comfort. Without forgoing any of the amenities expected from the brand, it also has the space and ability to house a tender boat, land a small helicopter, or even bring a submarine along for the ride. All of this makes it ideal for pushing boundaries – literally and figuratively – and this is the ideal yacht for bold voyages to the far ends of the earth, such as the Alaskan fjords. Even better, the boat uses sustainable propulsion to do so, protecting the delicate ecosystems you’ll become a part of throughout your journey.

– The best yacht to discover the Alaskan fjords on is 500Exp.

Alum Bay, The Isle of Wight

Closer to home, the Isle of Wight is undoubtedly one of the best spots in the UK to visit by boat. Arrive during lively Cowes Week – one of the oldest and most esteemed regattas in the world – to meet and greet fellow yachties, or swerve west to Alum Bay, or east to Bembridge. Alum Bay is home to the island’s most famous landmark, The Needles, but you’ll find plenty of smaller, less-crowded beaches nearby too. A couple of nautical miles north, The Hut at Colwell Bay is worth a stop for lunch and elsewhere, Osbourne House (once Queen Victoria’s holiday home) is worth exploring, as are The Garlic Farm in Newchurch, Adgestone Vineyard in Sandown and the Botanic Garden in Ventnor. 

– The best yacht to discover the Isle of Wight on is Sanlorenzo SX88

The Kornati Islands, Croatia

While Croatia has seen a rise in the number of tourists visiting, it hasn’t reached the fame of other European countries such as Greece, Italy and Spain. Yet it has beauty to match them all. Both Dubrovnik and Split are ideal for exploring by yacht but make the time for a day’s sailing around Kornati, just north of Split and home to 140 islands and islets as well as a designated National Park. Dating back to prehistoric times and uninhabited, the archipelago is abound with tended-to orchards, olive groves and vineyards; parts can be hiked, but a day here is best spent at sea, ideally above the coral reefs with snorkel, goggles and fins at the ready. 

– The best yacht to discover Croatia on is Sanlorenzo SD90

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