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Spa of the Month: Six Senses, Rome

Six Senses has unveiled its first urban hotel in Italy, right in the heart of the Eternal City. Citizen Femme checked in for June’s Spa of the Month.

Six Senses Rome is a place where old and new intertwine. Nowhere is that more apparent than in its breathtaking spa; step inside and it’s both an oasis of historic charm (complete with authentic Roman Baths), and a place to experience the very latest in forward-thinking biohacking science.


As the taxi pulls up outside Six Senses Rome it feels as if you’re about to explore a historic landmark in the Eternal City. And that’s because you are. Opening in 2023, Salviati Cesi Mellini  – the 18th-century noble palazzo that now houses Six Senses Rome – sits proudly next to its VIP neighbour, the 5th-century San Marcello al Corso Church – which has been brought back to its former glory, thanks to a façade renovation and restoration by the hotel.

As city spas go, this is the stuff of movie-set magic when it comes to location. On Via del Corso, in the heart of the UNESCO-protected historic centre, you’re just blocks away from the famous Fontana di Trevi and Pantheon landmarks. But, despite its bustling location, there’s an instant air of calm and serenity (alongside the enticing waft of Italian coffee and carbs) as you walk through the 600-year-old columns of the hotel’s main entrance. Six Senses has created an urban oasis and given it the la dolce vita treatment.


Six Senses is revered for its luxe take on wellness, so it’s no surprise that this urban spa is like a mini Roman landmark in itself – all two gargantuan floors of it. On the first floor, the space is super-contemporary, streaming with natural light and leafy green plants in earthy, terracotta planters. As well as tranquil relaxation zones and treatment rooms, you’ll find a biohacking room and a yoga-meets-meditation studio that’s equipped for aerial yoga hangouts. But the real hangout highlight for spa aficionados is the Roman Baths on the floor below.

Bringing a futuristic spin on the ancient Roman tradition, this breathtaking space sings to its Eternal City location. There’s a direct link to architectural traditions with sleek Travertino Romano Classico marble on walls, and intricate laurel-leaf carvings to gaze at as you’re bathing. You can easily lose an hour immersing yourself in the restorative Roman-inspired circuit, switching between tepidarium, caldarium, laconicum, and marble ice fountain – all perfectly tempered to relax, invigorate, or wake up the senses. Tellingly, there’s no clock on the wall to monitor your bravery in the Frigidarium cold plunge finale, which is set to an icy 10°C. Other highlights for your spa itinerary include a healing herbal Hammam and the Alchemy Bar.

Post-Roman bathing, and just when I think I can’t get any more zen, I check in for a massage (from €195). Testing four Ayurveda-inspired Subtle Energies massage blends on my skin with the therapist, I decide on the ‘Refresh’ tonic ahead of a sight-seeing marathon in Rome. Continuing the hotel’s love story with plants, I note that a small ZZ plant (one of my favourites) is strategically placed under the face rest. The treatment room is scented with a smell so noteworthy, I have to scribble down the brand: Keriladi (thank me later). If the Roman bathing rituals leave you peckish, don’t miss the post-treatment nibbles in the tea lounge with spa snacks such as dried coconut, nuts and fruits curated in glass jars.


From biohacking to sleep tracking, soundhealing to breathwork, the spa menu delivers on every wellness angle. Integral to the magic of Six Senses Rome, the spa has merged ancient practices like the Roman Baths with some serious high-tech wellness. Leaning into the ancient world, there are sensory immersions at the spa’s Alchemy Bar – which has shelves decked with Roman artifacts and ingredients like clays, rose petals, activated charcoal, and herbs, all picked from the rooftop garden so you can mix up your own natural potions.

On the smart tech side, explore futuristic wellness hacks like HigherDose infrared mats, Hyperice air compression devices, Cellgym oxygen treatments, and even state-of-the-art EMS electrode suits to boost PT sessions. Measuring up your key biomarkers, the Wellness Screening (€130 for 60 minutes) is an introduction to just some of the impressive smart tech at your disposal. From there you can hone in on spa signature programmes dedicated to sleep, detox, yoga or fitness.

On the specialist staff roster, you’ll find an osteopath, a personal trainer, a sleep hacker, a wellness practitioner, a yoga teacher and a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner. Launching this summer, the wellness-expert calendar will include sessions with a psychosexologist.


Filled with natural light from tall 18th-century windows, the 96 rooms and suites are surprisingly zen and tranquil when you consider the hotel’s bustling Via del Corso location. Though modern and minimalist in neutrals and warm wood accents, there are subtle nods to Roman traditions throughout via tactile materials like Travertine local stone and cocciopesto on the walls. The business of sleep is taken pretty seriously at Six Senses Rome. I put my usual night-owl regime up for scrutiny wearing a high-tech tracking ring to monitor my sleep: my analysis reveals that I’m out for the count, likely thanks to the menu of pillows, cloud-like organic mattress, and sleep-enhancing sprays. If you’re a bathroom nerd like me, you’ll appreciate the giant walk-in reeded glass shower and sustainably-focused amenities. Hello, toothpaste tablets.


With cute deli corners and an al fresco courtyard, BIVIUM Restaurant-Café-Bar is a space so vast, it feels like you’re walking into a different dining experience for every meal. By day, it’s flooded with sunlight that creates dramatic shadows under steel beams. At night, it transforms into a backdrop that Italians would romantically call ‘crepuscolo’ (twilight), with the aromas of fresh pasta and focaccia spilling out from the double-sided open kitchen.

If you need to fuel the step count for landmark hopping, the breakfast feasting delivers. I kick-started my mornings with freshly-made, ACV-charged ‘Rocket Juice’ shots, followed by an energising ‘Colosseo’ house breakfast juice. The omelette al tartufo enters the books as one of my top breakfasts of all time, aided by exquisite Italian cappuccinos and a tiramisu croissant, all before 10am. When in Rome…


The central location of Six Senses Rome means it’s walking distance to a host of famous attractions (if you can drag yourself out of the Roman Baths that is). That includes the famous Trevi Fountain and the Pantheon, both of which are just a five-minute stroll. Our advice: beat the crowds by going early in the morning. For a full guide to what to do in the Italian capital, discover footwear designer Carlotta De Luca’s guide to a weekend in Rome, including the best pizza restaurant as well as where to shop.

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