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The Best Self-Pleasure Tools To Help You Reach Orgasm

Whether you are new to self-pleasure tools, or a frequent user of them (with or without a partner) finding the right device to suit your needs can be the path to better sexual and mental wellbeing.

Sex aids have come a long way over the past few years, and are much less likely to be shrouded in shame and hidden in a drawer – especially by women. Searches on the two most popular adult pleasure websites (Ann Summers and LoveHoney) reached almost 1.4 million in 2023, and last year, 82 per cent of American women were happy to share that they own at least one sex toy.

To help you find the right self-pleasure tool for you, including devices and lubricants to support you reaching orgasm, these are the top-rated self-pleasure tools for all your needs. Many of them are female-founded too! You can thank us later…


This 100 per cent silicone massager has a tapered flutter head with three speed modes, to allow for tailored and targeted stimulation. We particularly like how discreet it is – from the muted colour to the quiet sound – so you can enjoy the benefits of self-play without feeling self-conscious.


From condoms and toys to an online method of getting a contraception pill, HANX is a brand on a mission to make your sex life more enjoyable. This clitoral suction stimulator is the latest offering (after much customer demand) and it benefits from being designed by a gynecology doctor. With 10 vibrating modes and the ability to be used in the bath or shower, this is your ticket to an orgasm without penetration.


As the brand name suggests, Smile Makers is a company that not only wants to improve your sex life but aims to help reduce stress and boost your self-confidence – both in and out of the bedroom. A highlight is that this cleverly-designed tool allows you to stimulate your clitoris alongside penetration, meaning you can use it to explore your body and discover exactly what you like most. 


The two female founders of JOMO – television personality Liv Bentley and celebrity makeup artist Bella Campbell – see sexual pleasure as a true act of selfcare. Their award-winning collection of orgasm-aiding lubricants, made with women in mind, can enhance arousal for both individual and partner-based play. Plus, due to the inclusion of CBD oil, they are even said to help women who have limited sexual sensation due to anti-depressants or perimenopause. 


Luxury pleasure brand Lelo is a treasure trove of toys for whatever type of stimulation you might be interested in but, if you are looking for the next step up from your first vibrator, this one is a best-seller for a reason. The dual-action massager focuses on both your G-spot and clitoris, with gentle pulsations and eight settings to get you to an even more satisfying orgasm. 


This rose-shaped clitorial stimulator is perhaps best known for going viral on TikTok, giving those who tried it a more intense, super fast orgasm. It lives up to the hype. With settings that start teasingly slowly, but that can be built up to something very intense, it's suprisingly quiet due to the use of 10 air suction modes that mimic the sensations you'd get from a partner.


Perfect for first-timers, this classic Ann Summers massage wand (which can be used across multiple arousal zones on your body) is straightforward to use with three buildable intensities that allow you to slowly get to know what you love most. If you haven't yet taken the leap towards a self-pleasure tool, this is the one we'd recommend. 


If you struggle to orgasm from penetrative sex alone, this clever vibrator allows you to maximise your self-pleasure when with your partner. Providing hands-free clitoral stimulation (the wings keep it in place), there are three intensities to help personalise your experience. And, of course, there's also no reason not to use it while on your own.


Just as important as the tools you use for self-pleasure is how you keep them safe and clean to use again and again. Always read the 'how to wash' instructions with the specific toy you choose, but a water-based anti-bacterial spray like this one is a really good solution to keep in your underwear drawer.

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