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Dopamine Dressing: The CF Team's Mood Boosting Picks

June is wellness month here at Citizen Femme, so we asked the team to share an item of clothing from their wardrobe that instantly lifts their mood.

Including holiday-ready dresses, power suits and bold accessories, these are the pieces giving us a dopamine release.

Sheena Bhattessa, Founder


I can finally get into my pre-baby wardrobe so anything that fits is really mood boosting. But in all honesty, I wear mostly jeans. I do have one particular dress that I’m very happy to get back into and it feels great to wear – a Sandro linen dress in a burgundy red that nips in at the waste with a beautiful cut. I take it with me on sunny travels with sandals and a straw boater hat, and it works equally well for dinners.

Gemma Louise Deeks, Fashion Editor


This Gia animal dress from Réalisation Par always gets so many compliments and is such an easy dress to wear when on holiday – I always pack it on my travels! I don’t often wear print in my day-to-day dressing, so this bold zebra print gives me an alter ego and makes me feel confident.

Becki Murray, Beauty Editor


I’m known for wearing quite a lot of colourful dresses day-to-day, but when I really want a mood boost, for example, if I’m presenting on a panel or attending an important event, I love to wear a bold suit instead. From sunny yellows to this baby blue tailored two-piece from Zara, they always help me face an audience with more confidence.

Katie Silcox, Managing Editor


There are so many reasons I love this jacket. First and foremost, the bright colours are a sure-fire way to give me a quick mood boost whenever I slip it on. It’s hand-crafted by a very talented lady called Manzura, who lives in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, and it’s so beautifully detailed – I love the amount of passion and work that she’s put into it. I’m unlikely to see anyone else wearing the same, and I also love the reminder of all the varied countries and cultures that I’ve not (yet!) experienced that it gives me every time I wear it. You can find Manzura’s designs on Instagram and purchase something similar from her Etsy store – she ships globally.

Morag Turner, Citizen Enfants Editor


I love a bright, fun holiday wardrobe and the one piece I will never leave home without is my favourite Pippa Holt kaftan. Beautifully made, I wear it with simple gold sandals and jewellery when I’m going out for dinner in sunny climates. I adore the colour and it instantly makes me feel summery and chic.

Bibiana Obahor, Head of Graphic Design


There’s something undeniably cool about slipping on a pair of shades. I think a great pair can always take an outfit from a seven to a perfect 10. My favourite style? Oversized, like these Anodize Cat-Eye frames from Moncler. They’re perfect on holiday and give me that extra boost of confidence.

Jasmin Aujla, Partnership Director


I recently wore this New Arrivals dress to my birthday dinner and it felt like the perfect mix of special and slightly over-the-top – but still comfortable and easy to throw on. I love the mermaid-inspired sequins, figure-hugging silhouette and midi length.

Ella Mansell, Editorial Assistant


My favourite item of clothing I own is my Mary Quant scarf I inherited from my grandmother who was a fashion designer. To help maintain more of a capsule wardrobe I often shop for neutral pieces and afford a vibrancy with my accessories, so those who know me know I am rarely without a vintage silk scarf tied around my hair, neck, or bag. This one – with bold colours and a personal touch – always makes my mind feel lighter, and my attitude more confident.

Alexandra Carello, PR Director


I love wearing enormous platforms for a confidence boost. Super high with a chunky heel for maximum impact. I always feel so bold and very empowered stomping around in them. This pair, in silver reflex leather from Jennifer Chamandi are a winner for the summer.

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Lead image: Boteh

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