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Your July 2024 Travel Horoscope

Welcome to your July 2024 travel horoscope! It’s time to embrace your inner homebody: travel plans will be low-key and local this month.

Family reunions, ancestral adventures, and multi-generational trips will all be taking centre stage this season, accentuated by a new moon in Cancer on 5 July. This heart-warming new moon arrives like a cosmic breath of fresh air, rebooting the zodiac with a clean slate and a chance to check in with your goals now that we’re halfway through the year.

Momentum picks up around mid-month, when romantic Venus joins Mercury in Leo on 11 July, offering a preview of what’s to come next month. Hint: this steady build-up of Leo energy is a recipe for luxe adventures in sunnier climes. Until then, you can prioritise travel arrangements that nourish you, using the logical full moon in Capricorn on 21 July to plan ahead and finesse the logistics.

Read on for your July 2024 travel horoscope. We recommend using your rising sign for a more accurate reading. All you need is your birth date, time, and location to work out your rising sign. If you don’t know your birth time, you can refer to your sun sign.

Capricorn Rising

Your relationships will be in focus this month. The astrological forecast over the next few weeks could inspire you to organise a cosy getaway with a special someone. Plan your romantic rendezvous on or around the new moon on 5 July to max out on its potent moonbeams. Single? A slew of invites could suddenly crop up when the full moon in Capricorn illuminates the sky on 21 July, a revelatory lunation that moves through your sector of identity and personal goals, inviting you to re-centre your annual milestones. In light of Saturn’s four-month retrograde, there will be time to recuperate toward the end of the month, when Venus and the Sun enter Leo and your intimate eighth house.

Aquarius Rising

And…breathe. After a few weeks of back-to-back trips and social gatherings, the Sun will be shining its rays on your health routines this month. You can use the new moon in Cancer on 5 July to reset outdated fitness goals and establish a healthy everyday routine that energises you. Perhaps you’ll sign up to a workout challenge, consider a longevity retreat, or join a local running club. Solo travel could be extra nourishing this time of year, as Cancer season teaches you to embrace solitude and turn inward, while a Capricorn full moon on 21 July helps you to process your feelings. By the time Leo season begins on 22 July, you’ll be ready to hit the open road all over again.

Pisces Rising

Cancer season is all about embracing your inner poet. If you’re on the move this month, you could be drawn to an artist’s residence among the rolling hills of Tuscany to hone your craft and get back to nature. Plan your grand escape around the new moon in Cancer on 5 July, a heart-warming lunation that gets your creative juices flowing. Even if you’re not travelling, the new moon reminds you to prioritise activities that nurture and nourish you from the inside out. There’s a full moon in Capricorn on 21 July, a cleansing lunar event that spotlights your eleventh house of friendship and community. Acting as a mid-year check-in, this full moon is an excellent time to step back and reflect.

Aries Rising

Welcome to Cancer season. For the next few weeks, the sun will be shining its rays on your sector of domestic pursuits. As you turn inward, the astrological weather around this time could inspire you to embark on an ancestral adventure or a multi-generational vacation. There’s an emotional new moon in Cancer on 5 July, reminding you to embrace your vulnerable side. Mid-month, there’s a shift in energy as Mars, the planet of action, enters Gemini and romantic Venus enters Leo, spurring a flurry of social plans. After a few weeks of rest and relaxation, your zest for life and adventure will be back in full swing by the time the Sun enters Leo on 22 July. Until then, you’re happy to catch up on sleep and keep things low-key.

Taurus Rising

Summer is here and your inner hedonist is out to play. This is the time to treat yourself to a gourmet getaway, sipping, sampling, and tasting your way through a destination that promises vast skies and breathtaking panoramas. San Sebastian could be an option, allowing you to hop on pintxos tours and meander around markets. Your planetary ruler, Venus, enters Leo on 11 July, shifting the mood. Grand gestures of affection will work wonders during this transit, inspiring a spontaneous getaway with your SO, a luxury spa trip, or a decadent meal à deux. There’s a pragmatic full moon in Capricorn on 21 July, calling for an earthy adventure with your Virgo travel companion.

Gemini Rising

Money is on your mind this month. The Sun in Cancer will be spotlighting your second house of finances, putting travel plans on the backburner. You’re learning how to set boundaries, both at work and in your social life. If you’re craving an escape from the city, a day trip on or around the new moon on 5 July could work wonders for your ever-busy mind. Bonus points if there’s some form of cardio involved to shake off any nervous energy. Mars, the planet of action, enters Gemini on 20 July, bringing a dose of determination your way. It’s time to ask for that pay rise or level up at work, a theme that’s bolstered by a motivational full moon in Capricorn the following day.

Cancer Rising

It’s officially Cancer season, which means you’re in the spotlight. There’s no time like the present to hit the open road with the arrival of a new moon in Cancer on 5 July. This potent lunation will be activating your first house of self and identity, making you extra magnetic and confident. Spend time reconnecting with old friends and participating in activities that anchor you, whether you’re lolling by the pool or heading straight to the beach. If you’re travelling later in the summer, save your trip for Virgo season (23 August – 22 September), when the Sun illuminates your chatty third house. A holiday that involves a body of water should suffice – be it a surf holiday or a lakeside retreat. There’s a full moon in Capricorn on 21 July, perfect for planning an intricate itinerary.

Leo Rising

Big, bold adventures are off the agenda this month. Instead, you could be craving comfort and solitude over the next few weeks. This is your invitation to keep things low-key and prioritise rest. This period of nourishment occurs right before Leo season, allowing you to recharge before you enter the limelight. Mercury will be in Leo for most of the month, giving you a boost of confidence to articulate your feelings during an emotionally intense new moon on 5 July. This lunar event comes as a cosmic breath of fresh air, shifting your focus inward. Your thirst for adventure makes a dramatic comeback toward the end of the month, when the Sun enters Leo on 22 July. There’s a revelatory full moon in Capricorn on 21 July, teaching you a lesson in moderation.

Virgo Rising

After an emotionally intense few weeks, Cancer season arrives like a cosmic breath of fresh air, making you feel more light-hearted. It’s a social period for you, packed with birthday invites, work events, and restaurant outings. There’s a new moon in Cancer on 5 July that could inspire you to travel. Even if you’re staying local, you could be reconnecting with old friends, exploring a local neighbourhood, and networking more at work. By the time the second Capricorn full moon strikes on 21 July (the buck full moon), you’ll be ready to show the world your shine – even if it feels out of your comfort zone at first. Try to refrain from perfectionist tendencies during the full moon by reconnecting with nature.

Libra Rising

You’re in work mode for the first three weeks of July, powering through with little treats and admirable dedication. If you are travelling this month, it’s likely to be for business rather than pleasure. Throughout the month, you’ll be able to network and fine tune your public profile – particularly around the new moon in Cancer on 5 July. Pay attention to the opportunities that energise you the most, using this powerful new moon to speak them into existence. Venus, your planetary ruler, enters life-loving Leo on 11 July, making this period a sweet spot for date nights and romantic get-togethers. A full moon in Capricorn will keep you close to home on 21 July – a lunation that spotlights your ancestral roots. Travel plans could pick up toward the end of the month and early August, when the Sun joins Mercury in fiery Leo.

Scorpio Rising

The time has arrived to let your hair down. The Sun will be shining its rays on your sector of international travel, expansion, and long journeys over the next few weeks. All the Cancer energy in the cosmos could inspire you to prioritise activities that nourish you, and keep an open mind – an ongoing theme that’s accentuated by Jupiter’s presence in Gemini until May next year. You could be craving a getaway that provides fresh air and reviving swims around the new moon on 5 July. As Cancer rules the study of ancestry, you could also be drawn to a city where your family grew up. The second full moon in Capricorn (the buck full moon) occurs on 21 July, providing a wake-up call and mid-year check-in.

Sagittarius Rising

Cancer season is here to slow the pace right down, lighting up the part of your chart associated with intimacy and self-transformation over the next few weeks. Though you would normally opt for an immersive adventure over a sleepy spa break, the comfort of self-care could appeal while the Sun hangs out in Cancer. The only way through this emotional period is to lean into your vulnerability, using it as a superpower. Mercury’s presence in Leo should help you in articulating your emotions. The second half of the month is looking more social and active from a travel perspective, when the Sun joins Mercury in Leo on 22 July. Use the pragmatic full moon in Capricorn on 21 July to work out the logistics of a future trip.

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