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Diamonds & Diapers

“Please excuse the mess. I’m making memories with my kids.”

Nairobi’s toddler-friendly eateries

My Sundays used to consist of me lazing around in bed in front of the TV, usually nursing a hangover with a pizza box and lots of Vitamin C! All that changed after Kai was born and now our Sundays are filled with family outings.

I’ve rounded up my go-to guide to help you plan your weekends around the little ones.

Mambo Italia


I had always heard great things about this place and finally managed to take Kai to play! Getting to the top floor with a toddler or pram is a little tricky, but worth the little trek! The outdoor terrace is great for kids and they have their very own poly play accompanied by a child minder. Their menu consists of predominantly pizzas, with a few pasta and turf options. The highlight for me was their chocolate peanut butter milkshake, which is delicious. The restaurant is located at The Lavington Curve Mall, a great location if you need to combine any weekend shopping.


This popular spot in the heart of Karen is great for a family feast. Not only is the food exceptional, their play area is very cute with swings, slides and a sandpit. They also have an animal farm that my son loved, especially the little pigs. Their chicken wings and Taliban hot sauce is delicious and highly recommended for spicy food lovers.

River Cafe


Located at one of my favourite venues in Nairobi, the River Cafe recently moved to Karura Forest – the perfect outing for the whole family. Start off with a forest walk or bike ride with the kids, followed by breakfast or lunch at the cafe. Their kid’s menu is great with enough high chairs and a vintage play area. Bookings are a must on Sundays, as the place is small and can get quite crowded with larger groups.


An old favourite – I remember indulging in ‘Kuku in a basket’ and now my son is doing the same thing!  Carnivore for me is very nostalgic and still delivers old school favourites. Their play area is huge, with lots of options for kids of all ages. Combine this trip with a Nature Walk at the National Park to complete a fun filled day out.

Zen Garden


Zen is one of the most spacious outdoor restaurant venues in Nairobi and perfect for kids to run around freely. They have an in-house poly play, bouncy castle and face painting every Sunday. Kai loves their chocolate mousse and fish fingers. Kids can also make their very own pizzas on weekends!

The Hub Karen

Another cool stop in Karen, The Hub has a lot to offer for toddlers. Their newly opened amusement park is entertaining filled with rides, games, popcorn and sweet treats. I personally love their large open-air piazza, which has little moving donkeys and segways for kids to play on. My son was also allowed to take in his scooter, which he rode freely all around the mall and Carrefour. The food options are endless, with so much to offer, from Art Caffe, Ocean Basket to Roast.

Urban Eatery


The great thing about Urban Eatery is their variety of food vendors, serving up a mix of Indian, Oriental, Mexican and Continental cuisines. If you have a family with different preferences, this is the place to satisfy all cravings. I personally love their YOG counter and ‘pani-puri’ shots from Haandi. They also have a bouncy castle with balloon art on Sundays, as well as a kid’s menu.



Another restaurant with a mix of cuisines, Phoenician serves up a decent Lebanese menu with a combination of Japanese favourites. Their space is conducive to kids, with a small outdoor play area. The great thing about the space is that you can wine and dine, with a good view of the children playing.


On top of these, I am looking forward to trying out some new child friendly spots including Garden City, Ole Sereni and Ranch House in Naivasha… watch this space!


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Top jet-setting travel buggies

We have found that one of the most daunting tasks to do when ‘baby’ shopping was finding the perfect stroller, really because you’re buying it for yourself – your comfort and ease is as important as your child’s comfort. Even more frustrating is selecting an umbrella stroller fit for travel. Have a trip coming up soon but can’t be bothered to drag your regular stroller? We’ve got the lightest and easy to manage strollers for you! Here’s our guide for 4 of our top travel buggies that have been tried and tested by jet-setting parents in Chicago.

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Mazagan Resort, Al Jedida – Morocco


Having lived in Gibraltar for almost 8 years now, it is a surprise, to myself too, why we never travelled to Morocco more often. A few weeks ago, we attended a wedding at the Mazagan resort in Al Jedida, Morocco. It is a 45-minute drive from Casablanca, and considering that you have direct flights into Casablanca from almost every major city, it’’s pretty easy to get to.

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Viva Mexico!

{Inside the Mayan ruins in Tulum, Mexico wearing a Mara Hoffman dress}

Tulum, Mexico has been on my bucket list for quite some time now. Known for its “magical” properties (the Mayan Indians built an ancient temple here set atop a dramatic rocky bluff) — this teensy town two-hours away from Cancun is a must see.

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Travelling with Kai!

Kai Patel – my first child was born on the 10th of June 2014. Having an addition to our family was life changing! I was lucky enough to have great support from my husband and family, but looking after him in his early days was exhausting and slightly unnerving.

I thought taking care of Kai at home was hard enough, until we decided to travel with the little munchkin! One of our first trips with him, was to Thailand. The amount of things you need to think about when booking a holiday with a baby is crazy!

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The Tettamanti’s Take Disney!

{Breakfast with Mickey at the Four Seasons Resort Orlando! Me in Bella Dahl top & shorts (on sale!), Golden Goose sneakers (on sale!)}

{Breakfast with Mickey at the Four Seasons Resort Orlando! Me in Bella Dahl top & shorts (on sale!), Golden Goose sneakers (on sale!)}

I’m an anomaly of sorts, and you know I keep it real here, so let’s start off by saying that I’ve never been a Disney World fan. The never-ending lines! The massive crowds! The not-so-yummy food! The aching feet! The meltdowns! — well, it all just overwhelms me. But that all changed after staying at the Four Seasons Resort Orlando at Walt Disney World. Talk about a Tragic Magic Kingdom game changer!

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