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We’re looking for passionate, creative women who know what’s what in their city and beyond and are excited about exploring and finding out the most interesting and relevant finds. We’re looking for women who seek unique experiences with fresh, new eyes and believe in travelling the world without looking back. Women who live life to the fullest in their city and on their travels and want to share their insider’s know-how with other women around the world in an interesting, witty way.

Does this sound like you? Then read on about becoming one of Citizen Femme’s superstar contributors now…

Citizen Femme is a woman-to-woman travel guide aimed at readers who are fun, exciting and particular – women for whom only the best will do. Our readers like to travel in style and value the first-hand expertise of writers who know their city like the palm of their hand. Our travel guide contributors are from cities all over the world. They write about their own city in an entertaining way and with real insider tips, telling our readers the must-go and must-avoid places and venues, and sharing the highlights and the pitfalls of their experiences, with tips, tricks and off-the-beaten track suggestions of what to see and do along the way. The Citizen Femme readers want to be impressed in your city, and we want you to show us how.

So far, we have contributors from nearly 40 locations across the world growing constantly, and we’re always looking for more articles and cities to add to the list. So, if you’re interested in joining our amazing writing community, simply email us now on [email protected] for more information and to submit your first test articles. And for any other questions, just check out our FAQs below…

I’d like to become a contributor for Citizen Femme. How do I begin the process?

That’s great news! We can’t wait to hear from you. Email us at [email protected] for more information. We ask for articles from 400-700 words in length and ask that certain criteria are met so we can stay in line with the philosophy of Citizen Femme.

What happens after this?

Once we get an idea of the stories you are keen to share and the style of writing, you can start writing articles as a regular contributor to Citizen Femme. Initially, we ask for two articles so that we can go through your choice of topics. But after this intro phase, you’re free to upload articles directly to the website yourself, as long as they remain consistent and frequent.

What sort of articles should I post?

Have a look at the articles already on the site and at the tone of voice, topics and perspective of these to get an idea of the sort of things that we’ll be looking for from you. Articles written about your city should always be designed with the Citizen Femme reader in mind and with the goal to help her to get the most out of her visit there. Make your articles exciting, inspiring and make sure to always use your local expertise to give the best under the radar places to see and things to do in your location. Get to know Citizen Femme’s habits and preferences from our website and try to keep your tips as useful as possible. For instance, hotel reviews should answer questions, such as if there’s good lighting in a hotel room, if there’s a hairdryer and other amenities, if there’s a good spa if at all, if there’s a personal shopper or assistant available on-call and what’s the safest cab company that readers can call at night time in the area. Articles can vary from vintage shops in each city to the best looking streets to visit – anything that makes for a unique, interesting read is fine with us, and don’t forget to ask you readers to share their experiences and your articles on social media as well. We will provide you with the list of questions to see if a venue gets the Citizen Femme stamp of approval.

What will be expected of me as a Citizen Femme writer?

As a contributor, we ask you to mention us in your social media on your travels regular basis and to push articles with hashtags such as #citizenfemme and #citizenfemmediaries

We’re mostly looking for reviews and travel round-ups in our city guide at the moment, so this is the perfect place for you to start.

What sort of things can’t I post?

We won’t accept posts that are completely at odds with the Citizen Femme philosophy or tone of voice. We’re trusting you to keep your articles consistent once we accept you as a contributor. Make sure never to plagiarise or post inappropriate content, we want to maintain a high standard on our site.

I have another website with similar articles on there already. Can I just share content from my site and will I get credit for it?

Yes, of course. We’re happy for you to share content from your other sites to make life easier for yourself. Simply let us know beforehand and we can make sure that you retain your byline and links to make sure that you get full credit.

Who owns my articles once I post them?

Don’t worry, even once you’ve posted an article on our website, you still retain the right to post it elsewhere (just give credit to Citizen Femme as well wherever possible) and it will remain your own work. We feature your brilliant articles and do not claim them from you like some other sites. We do have the right to edit content to make it fit in with our specifications if necessary, but this will not affect your original rights. You are not considered an employee of Citizen Femme by contributing to the site, so you’re a completely free agent (although we obviously will welcome you into our community with open arms from day one!)

So, what are you waiting for?

Contact us now for more information or fill in the form on this page and start sending your incredible articles through!