The CF Guide to Matcha in New York City

Christine Tran Written by Christine Tran
Location: New York | 22nd May 2017

You may already know that I’m a huge matcha fan. Honestly, I’m not even sure how this obsession started. All I know is that I love anything with matcha, aka green tea. Come to think of it, I think it started with my obsession with matcha ice cream and probably macarons.

The flavor has a slight sweetness that I enjoy and weirdly crave. Matcha has become very popular in the past year or two. So much so that many bakeries are coming up with unique matcha desserts and if you’re a matcha fan, New York has it all! Here’s a list on where to find matcha in New York City.


Cha Cha Matcha373 Broome St – So many matcha options but a few of my favorite items are:

  1. Matcha soft serve! One of the best I ever had, next to Japan. I had the strawberry lemonade swirl but could have easily done without the strawberry.
  2. Coconut matcha latte
  3. Matcha cronuts are available but get there earlier, as they sell out!

Chalait: 1216 Broadway – There are plenty of matcha drinks and the menu tends to rotate. What to order:

  1. Muesli Toast with matcha is a special item
  2. Matcha latte (iced or hot)
  3. Matcha yogurt parfait
  4. Matcha chocolate bars

Bibble & Sip253 West 51 St – Super cute coffee shop with the best cream puffs!

  1. Matcha cream puffs
  2. Matcha latte (hot)
  3. Matcha soft serve

Besfren315 5th Ave – Located in K-Town, this small shop offers delicious pastries.

  1. Matcha chiffon ice cream – a chiffon cake topped with matcha ice cream and macaron
  2. Green tea chiffon donut cake
  3. Macarons and mini roll cakes


Union Fare Bakery: 7 East 17th St – Amazing bakery which you simply cannot miss!

  1. Matcha cream filled croissant
  2. Matcha and white chocolate cookie

Note: The croissant also comes in red velvet, birthday cake, cookies and cream and creme brûlée.

Matcha Bar: Multiple locations – So many matcha items! Wish I could have tried it all.

  1. Any of the matcha mixed drinks. My favorite is the watermelon basil matcha
  2. Matcha macaron
  3. Matcha bars
  4. Matcha brownie
  5. Short bread filled matcha cream

Chikalicious Dessert Bar & Dessert ClubMultiple locations – Great dessert shop and to-go shop with excellent Asian-inspired desserts:

  1. Matcha soft service in a churro cone
  2. Matcha dough’ssant
  3. Matcha layered cake
  4. Green tea shaved ice

Lady MMultiple locations:

  1. The best green tea layered cake… ever.

Dominique Ansel Kitchen137 Seventh Ave South

  1. Matcha beignets… yes they are amazing as they look!

Dominique Ansel Bakery: 137 Seventh Avenue South

  1. Matcha golden pineapple flavor. If you’re lucky the flavor of the month will be matcha!

DoughMultiple locations:

  1. Amazing sugar green tea donuts.


Other places to find Matcha:

Cup n Cup: 15 E 31st St – Cute matcha latte art

Cafee BeneMultiple locations – Matcha waffle and latte

Grace St: 17 W 32nd St – Matcha shaved snow and matcha latte

Matcha Café Wabi: 233 E 4th St – Matcha rice krispy treats and matcha latte

Takahachi Bakery: 25 Murray St – Matcha crepe

Cha-An230 E 9th St – Multiple matcha desserts includes shaved snow, parfait, etc..

The Dessert Kitchen: 192 Bleecker St – Multiple Japanese inspired matcha desserts


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