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Great Expectations: The Best Day Spas For Pre-Natal Pampering

Alongside ‘the glow’ that everyone refers to during pregnancy comes back aches, swelling, and emotional highs and lows. So, if there’s ever a time to indulge in a bit of pampering and self-care, it’s when you’re pregnant.

For a pregnancy-safe massage – be it for yourself or to treat an expectant friend – that doesn’t involve a lot of chemicals, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite places to visit, and asterisked the best treatments to book.

Here are the five treatments and retreats to help you relax and unwind before baby arrives.

The Lanesborough Club & Spa

With its enviable location, straddling prestigious Knightsbridge, Belgravia, and Mayfair, The Lanesborough Club & Spa has long been considered one of the world’s most luxurious hotels. But it’s The Lanesborough’s spa that has us all a flutter. Book in for their Rosy Pregnancy Massage – this body massage, specifically designed for expecting mothers, nourishes and nurtures, and will leave you feeling perfectly rosy. While you lie on one side, the therapist will use heated poultices and gently roll them over pressure points in your body for a warming and stimulating massage. Specific movements will be used to drain fluid. This is followed by a salt scrub and application of nourishing oils to give the appearance of fresher-looking limbs. We say opt for 90 minutes, it’s just the right amount of time to let you relax… completely!

Neal's Yard Remedies

During pregnancy your body goes through significant physical changes which affect the emotional, hormonal, and physiological balance of your body. It is believed that reflexology helps balance the hormonal and emotional rollercoaster that pregnancy creates, easing anxiety symptoms. Alongside the emotional benefits, it can also help with many of the physical effects of pregnancy, such as morning sickness, digestive problems, heartburn, anaemia, and general aches and pains. Reflexology is a must-try if you’re expecting.

The brilliant therapists at Neal’s Yard expertly apply pressure to a range of points – hands, face, and feet – which correspond with specific organs, glands, tissues, and muscles in your body, and encourage energy to flow freely throughout your body. It’s a brilliant way to bring back a sense of balance and wellbeing, while also being incredibly relaxing, too.

The Dorchester Aromatherapy Associates 

It’s important to be careful with essential oil during pregnancy – so Aromatherapy Associates is our go-to. Venture to The Dorchester Spa for an Ultimate Rose Pregnancy Massage, which uses essential oils to target physical aches and skin stretching, as well as bodily stress and tension. Choose from a selection of oils, each safely formulated to be used during pregnancy to nourish and care for your expanding skin, which are then applied using traditional aromatherapy pressure-point massage for the upper back, paying particular attention to tight shoulders. Legs are then massaged to ease the heavy feeling that comes with pregnancy. Completing this top-to-toe treatment: a full scalp and facial massage, with treatment oil chosen specifically for your skin type. Post-treatment, give yourself a moment to appreciate the joy of pregnancy and leave the stresses of life behind you.

The Ned

For city slickers, this iconic, East-London hotel provides the perfect antidote to the hustle and bustle of city life, particularly as mums-to-be start winding down in the lead up to their due date. For those on the go – opt for the speedy 30 minute Maternity Back Massage, which includes a foot soak and seated massage, placing focus on your back, neck, and shoulders. Not in a rush? Go all in with the Full Body Massage, which begins with a foot soak and scrub. Before lying down, your therapist will work on your back gently, applying a number of pregnancy lotions – some of which are NHS recommended – for a deep tissue massage. The next stage of your treatment moves to their high-tech massage bed – adjustable to support weary pregnant bodies – for a massage with Cowshed’s wonder product, Mother Stretchmark Balm. This is followed by a thorough dry body brush across the legs, tummy, and chest to rejuvenate skin – you will be (carefully) buffed for better circulation and glow. Leave feeling renewed.

NB: Ned’s Club Spa treatments are bookable by hotel guests, Ned’s Club members and Ned Friends only.

The Berkeley Bamford Wellness Spa

Building a reputation as one of London’s trendiest spas – it also boasts one of the metropolis’ only rooftop pools – The Berkeley’s Bamford Wellness Spa is a serene space spanning the top floor of the prestigious hotel. But before dipping in said pool, book yourself in for the Bamford Pregnancy Massage. Bamford’s Pregnancy Massage is the perfect treat for a mother-to-be, blending luxurious surrounds with premium organic ingredients. Using only the most gentle, unscented oils, the therapy treatment is adapted to  suit you, positioning your body for optimal comfort. Fun fact: the treatment was designed by a pregnancy yoga instructor to ensure you’re in the optimum position for relaxation. Easing aches and pains, while lifting the spirits, it’s best suited to expectant mothers in their second and third trimester.

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