CF Consults

Mission Statement

At a time when women are influencing 85 percent of all purchasing – CF Consults helps your brand (be that an existing brand or one at conception phase) tap into the increasingly lucrative female mindset.

Who We Are

CF Consults is the kind of creative and strategic brand consultancy which opens up new market opportunities and appeals to the ever-evolving female mindset, in a way that will directly and positively impact your bottom line.  You can’t give us a title, but with an extensive, combined background in the world of travel and luxury (both in-house and out), the CF Consults team is perfectly positioned to help solidify your brand positioning. We answer the needs of your consumers and attract new consumers with an understanding of their habits. Relevance, clever thinking, experiences and contacts are all combined to achieve your goals.

How we work

Following an initial consultation, CF Consults is able to provide recommendations best suited to your brand. Each proposal is tailored to the stage at which the brand has reached,  and services will include a mixture of the following:

Our team has worked on some leading hospitality products in the world, from branding to securing lucrative brand partnerships, growing marketing strategies with revenue generation to training some of the top hospitality communications professionals in the business.

With a close eye on the rapidly changing landscape, the CF Consults team can rapidly evolve to tailor the approach to suit the changing demands of engagement.

 Please get in touch to discuss your requirements and to see how can we can help!

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