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The Beauty Edit

January Beauty Drop

Beauty products drop at a dizzying rate, but there’s no need to feel overwhelmed. At CF we have done the hard work for you: curating an edit of the products dropping in January to really get excited about.

From the affordable mascara that’s cheaper than your Pret lunch, to new sustainable product drops from Chanel beauty, these are the launches that have piqued our Beauty Editor’s interest this month.


No-one does high-street mascaras quite like Maybelline – note: their latest launch may have you casting aside your faithful lash curler with reckless abandon. The 2-in-1 mascara curls and enrobes lashes in a slick coat cf pigment without clumping or smudging. Even better, the curved wand helps to lift and separate lashes for a wide-awake look. An instant beauty bag stalwart.


French beauty house, Guerlain has dipped into its illustrious archives to reimagine their OG red lipstick, dating back to 1828, in three majestic and modern shades. Launched under the creative direction of the impossibly chic Violette, The Rouge G Legendary Reds collection comes in both a satin and velvet matte finish, depending on your preference. Our favourite? Rouge Impérial which has slightly moody blue undertones to make teeth magically appear whiter.


Following an alcohol-infused December, plus the lethal combination of freezing temperatures and cranked-up heating, your skin may be feeling a little parched right now. If so, you need this ridiculously over-achieving serum from LA-cool brand Youth To The People. Packed with an impressive four weights of hyaluronic acid to drench skin with moisture, peptides to keep things bouncy, and cactus extracts for long-lasting hydration, expect a super supple complexion you can't help but admire.


If you are suffering from a bout of January Blues a sprightly citrus scent can cajole you out of a funk, reminding you that sunnier days are coming. I've been religiously spritzing D.S. & Durga's Grapefruit Generation on grey days for a hit of liquid serotonin. Thanks to the zestinesss of grapefruit and pomelo, as well as a bright burst of tuberose, if you close your eyes you can almost feel the sun on your skin.


I worship at the altar of Summer Fridays and so this new eye cream was top of my list to try. It truly is an all-rounder, ticking off all of our eye cream wishes. A potent hit of vitamin C brightens under eyes, whilst vitamin E soothes and hydrates crepey skin. A welcome dose of caffeine eradicates puffiness, and a blend of peptides encourages collagen production to iron out fine lines. You'll look bright and perky, even if you don't quite feel it.


Chanel has long harnessed the power of the camellia in its beauty products; now, the heritage beauty house has turned its attention to the red camellia as part of a new generation of conscious beauty products: No.1 de Chanel. This whipped moisturiser is powered by 95% of natural ingredients, including the skin-repairing red camellia to fight the earliest signs of ageing. On application, it sinks in like a dream, visibly smoothing the look of lines and adding radiance, whilst fighting against external aggressors like pollution. This is Chanel's first foray into refillable packaging too, so be sure to keep the glass vessel when you use the very last drop. 


Dreary January days are simply made for curling up with a good book, accompanied by the soft lighting of a comforting candle. The tangy, sweet, and floral Elderflower and Gooseberry by Jo Malone London is my soothing fragrance of choice. Plus, for each of these candles sold in the UK, the brand will donate 75% of proceeds to mental health charities it supports, including Black Minds Matter UK.


You've heard me wax lyrical about CeraVe and now the affordable US pharmacy brand has packaged their skin-loving magic into a new micellar water. Whilst most micellar waters stop short at removing make-up and impurities, this one actively hydrates skin too, with the addition of ceramides to protect the skin barrier and niacinamide to soothe. Love at first swipe.

Image credit: Chanel

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