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How To Go To The Spa Solo With Confidence

If you’re in serious need of some spa-based rest and relaxation right now, you don’t necessarily need to wait until your friends or partner are free. This is the CF guide to a solo spa day.

From the best treatments to choose, to the facilities that make individual visits a breeze, read on to discover how to go to the spa solo with confidence.

1. Book an indulgent experience


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With no one waiting around for you after your treatment, a solo spa day is the perfect opportunity to book in for that indulgent experience you’ve been eyeing up, which just so happens to last longer than an hour. That could mean simply upgrading from a 60-minute to a 90-minute treatment, or combining a massage with a reviving facial to maximise your relaxation. There’s a growing trend for treatment rituals (aka multi-step experiences) on luxury spa menus right now, so there’s plenty to choose from, including the exceptionally good Tailor-Made 120-minute treatments at the Guerlain Spa at Raffles London.

If you’re worried about trying a treatment that might leave you a little red afterwards, such as a chemical peel or microneedling, being by yourself can make you feel a little more self-assured. Try the new, 90-minute Time Travel Treatment with Dr. Kaywaan Khan at The Lanesborough Club and Spa for a full skin boost, including a chemical peel, skin boosters, microneedling and LED light therapy.

2. Go big on facilities


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If you’re worried about getting a little bit bored on your own, make sure you book your spa day at a location that has enough facilities to keep you suitably occupied. In particular, you might want to check that your chosen spa (especially if you want one in a city location) has a large enough pool, so you can treat yourself to some leisurely lengths. Saunas, steam rooms, jacuzzis, relaxation pods and even lots of outdoor space to stroll in are also features to look out for, allowing you to move around and try everything the spa has to offer, instead of feeling stuck in one place.

If you tend to get a little restless lying around on your own, there are now plenty of spas that are also home to other wellbeing-boosting activities. In London, two of the CF team’s favourite spas standout for their facilities: The Corinthia and Claridge’s. At both, you can expect hair salons, nail bars and exceptionally well-stocked gyms, so you can treat yourself to whatever will make you feel most relaxed, reenergised, or just totally pampered – all in one place.

3. Find cosy places to eat


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Eating on your own in public can feel a little awkward at the best of times, and that extends to the spa, but that doesn’t mean you have to shorten your experience or go home with your stomach growling. A book or podcast can be an easy way to ease yourself into solo dining (and the staff will be more than used to that), with many spa classics, including afternoon tea, increasingly available for one, so you don’t have to miss out.

If large, more formal dining areas make you feel a little uncomfortable, look for spaces where you can have a cosy coffee or a drink brought to your lounger instead. Equally, a growing number of establishments, including CF favourite Champneys Tring now offer co-dining options as well. These large open tables allow solo spa goers to socialise as they eat in an informal, conversation-inviting environment. That means, should you want to, you don’t have to tuck yourself away and your spa experience can feel a little less silent.

4. Put down your phone


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It can be tempting to have your phone surgically attached to your hand when by yourself in public, but a solo spa day can be the perfect opportunity to switch off (both your technology and your busy brain), as you don’t have to entertain anyone else. By leaving your phone in your locker – or switching it to airplane mode so you can still listen to music or a podcast – you can give yourself the chance to try a little digital detox, even for the half day you spend by the pool or jacuzzi. Taking some time away from technology has been proven to help reduce stress and tension, after all.


So, bring that magazine or book you’ve been meaning to read, complete your journalling, or just have a little snooze on a cosy lounger and you’ll emerge from your experience feeling truly well-rested. For anyone who feels particularly technology-reliant, even turning your phone to airplane mode so you can have it for music and podcasts without scrolling the internet, can help you disconnect that little bit more during your solo spa experience.

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