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Sushi in Madrid

Madrid is a city of history, world famous museums, luxury hotels, tapas, shopping and entertainment. Surprisingly enough, it’s also a place to find some of the tastiest Japanese/Sushi cuisine around! Get ready to taste a traditional Japanese meal intermixed with Spanish Fusion! Here are my recommendations of the best places to check out whilst in Madrid.

99 Sushi Bar Hermosilla

With numerous locations throughout the city, 99 Sushi is one of the best quality Japanese restaurants in Madrid. Their fish is so fresh, it melts in your mouth, and has incredibly bold flavours, like butterfish with truffle. The restaurant is located on the 2nd floor in a small, quaint space of the Salamanca neighbourhood. Go on their website to make online reservations or try your luck getting a spot at the bar. It is a place to either have a perfect meal after you’ve done all your high-end shopping around Salamanca or to have a productive power lunch if working in the surrounding business area.

Tip: Not a lot of English speakers or English menus here so bring your Spanish speaking skills with you!

Calle Hermosilla, 4, 28001 Madrid

P. +34 914 31 27 15

Kabuki Wellington 

A Michelin Star restaurant, Kabuki Wellington is located in the trendy Barrio de Salamanca neighborhood of Madrid. Known as the top Japanese hot-spot, reservations are to be made months in advance. Once inside, the space is divided between two floors for bar and table seating. Go for the prix fixe menu or choose freely a la carte along with a high-end imported sake to start your meal. The executive chef Ricardo Sanz is known for his Japanese-Spanish fusion cuisine and is leading the way to cooking specialized whole fish sashimi and nigiri with his excellent knife skills. Don’t leave without trying the mouthwatering toro!

Tip:  Grab a seat at the bar and catch the sushi master Ricardo Sanz himself at work right in front of you!

Calle de Velázquez, 6, 28001 Madrid

P. +34 915 77 78 77

Sushi Shop

Sushi Shop is another restaurant chain with different branches all over Madrid and Europe. They are mostly known for their fresh and quick takeout. The menu consists of spring rolls, lunch boxes, tartares, maki rolls, nigiri, and chirashi bowls. Some menu items are even pre-made at the counter located in the front of the restaurant. The prices are also significantly lower compared to some of its high-end Japanese cuisine neighbors. The best location is right across from the El Retiro Park on Calle Serrano. It’s spacious, modern, and good for a quick meal.

Tip: If you don’t feel like going out get the sushi delivered right to your door!

Calle de Serrano, 1, 28001 Madrid, Spain

P: +34 902 59 99 95

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