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A slice of the good life at Good Life Eatery

Wholesome food. Wholesome nutrition. I am all in for healthy eating. I have been trying to go gluten free for quite some time now.

I like to grow my own vegetables, I avoid too much sugar and oil so when I decide to go out with my friends, they force me to have it all. Good Life Eatery has made eating out so easy for me. This is one place I can go and not worry about the ingredients in my food.

Founders Shirin Kouros and Yasmine Larizadeh have an eatery in the middle of Sloane Avenue and Marylebone Lane, and their newest locations are St John’s Wood and fashionable Motcomb Street in Belgravia. The locations are like one of their nutritious bowls of food – full of tasty, wholesome foods that are elegantly presented and certainly innovative.

It is run on a first come first served basis so expect the place to be full. The ambiance is very hip and the fact that there is no Wi-Fi makes people talk to each other rather than use their phones. We entered the eatery on a busy day and it was great to see this sort of diversity in one place- from millennials to older couples, and it was packed.

It was great to see that all menu items listed potential allergens. From superfood salads to paleo waffles, sandwiches to wraps, I wanted to try one of their superfood salads, so on a hunch, I went with the goodness bowl. My friend ordered the gangsta wrap. Healthy gangsta food? It was a no brainer. We placed our order and waited on one of the wooden tables.

My salad was perfection. The caramelised onion hummus added so much flavour that every bite was extremely satisfying. The avocados were fresh, the omega seeds were crunchy and the jalapeƱos were a great addition.

Onto the gangsta wrap, it was flavourful and filling. The tempting ‘almost’ guilt free desserts got me excited. I had to try the banana muffin as its my go to dessert everywhere. And this was one of the best I have ever tried. Soft, moist and rich. The banana flavour was neither overwhelming nor under. I even took one to eat later at home.

The menu is really intelligently designed and as it turns out, their drinks menu is spectacular with their superfood smoothies – fresh, nutritious and can work as a complete meal. I also love the fact that they have high quality local ingredients that are grown without pesticides.

After eating here multiple times, I can easily say that you will pleasantly surprised how fun and tasty healthy eating can be. You leave the eatery feeling satisfied. You can either eat vegan, vegetarian or carnivore-the menu has something for everyone.

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