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Must-have travel items. The basics.

Travelling can really take it out of you when you’re on a long haul flight. But, take our recommended travel essentials for women with you and get to your final destination feeling fresh, and ready to take on your next adventure.

I worked as an air hostess for a while so flying was my day to day. So you can trust me when I say I tried every product and received every tip while I was up in the air. From face creams to masks to thermal sprays, these are my absolute go-to in-flight items for when I travel.


The air onboard an aircraft is so incredibly dry and I cannot stress enough the importance of staying hydrated while you travel. You can’t take a big bottle full of water through security, you can buy a bottle just before you board, or take an empty bottle and ask the stewards to fill it up for you. Keep it close by and sip on it all throughout the flight. Your skin will thank you for it.

Makeup wipes

You should never go to bed with makeup on – it clogs your pores and can cause breakouts. So be sure to pack makeup wipes in your carry on and take off your makeup while you’re flying. The best ones are those that are infused with moisturiser and and oils.

RMS wipes are individually wrapped (perfect for travel) and loaded with coconut oil which is great for your skin. Or Neal’s Yard Remedies wipes – they are organic and great for sensitive skin, packed with aloe vera and other essential oils.


While drinking water will help to hydrate your skin, you can never have enough moisturiser – lather yourself in it. Hand cream, face cream… everywhere, as much as you can, less is not more in this case. For face creams, the best for getting moisture back into dry skin would be Kiehl’s ultra facial cream – it works wonders on tired skin.

For a hand cream, get your hands on Medik8 Hydr8. It will leave your mitts feeling plump and smooth and is loaded with SPF so it’s kind to your skin in the sunshine too.

While sort of still in the moisturiser category, a good eye cream will work wonders on tired eyes, if you have trouble sleeping on flights this will be your saviour for helping to rejuvenate that excess baggage no-one asked for under your eyes. The NYGD eye contour gel is perfect for cooling and depuffing, and will make you feel fresher too!

Face mask

Go all out, I mean no-one is really looking at you are they! Put on a movie, put on a facemask, order a glass of wine and it’s just like being at home, try the Seoulista Beauty Brightening Instant Facial – I’d use this one either at the end of your flight or when you’ve checked into your hotel. It will revive and make you feel all glowy and fresh.

Or if you aren’t too sure about going all out with a face mask then the Glow Recipe watermelon mask is the one for you – pop it on while you sleep and wake up feeling like a million bucks. Or give yourself a facial with the Body Shop facial massager, maybe not as relaxing as having your beauty therapist do it for you, but close enough.

Sleeping aids

Now I’m not at all suggesting taking sleeping pills, you don’t want to feel groggy when you land – but there are some great herbal remedies that can help you get shuteye. Lavender is an obvious one, you can get travel sized ones and you just need to dab a little on your temples, breathe in and relax. Or if you really struggle head to the health store and pick up some herbal teas, chamomile will help relax you and hopefully help get you to sleep.

While you’re travelling you are probably going to be trying some different foods, so having good gut health is super important. If you’re not already taking a probiotic, I’d look into one – go speak to your closest health food shop and get them to recommend one for you. Start taking them before your trip and all throughout – your tummy will thank you. I’d recommend Bio-Kult, ideal to travel with and perfect for everyday use. It doesn’t contain unnecessary additives and it’s non-GMO, gluten free, vegetarian, and free of artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives.

Other things to have handy on a flight or during your vacation, a good pair of headphones to block out the hum of the airplane, a really good neck pillow it will help prevent any stiffness after the flight. An eye mask, pressure socks and most importantly comfortable clothes. Make yourself as comfortable as humanly possible while in up in the air and enjoy the flight.

See you in the skies!

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