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20 Accessories Every Solo Traveller Needs

Whether you’re travelling solo for business, or planning a holiday for one this year, these are the travel accessories to invest in for fail-safe travels.

From must-have tech and safety devices to stylish luggage and packing essentials, shop our edit below.


There's nothing more stressful than lost luggage, and an Apple Airtag allows you to check where your bags are and locate any missing belongings by using Apple's Find My network.


Getting good holiday snaps when travelling solo can be tricky, especially if you don't want to ask strangers to take the photos for you. That's where a compact tripod can come in handy, making sure you don't miss out on those epic travel shots.


If you're a frequent business traveller looking for the perfect work travel bag, Métier's sophisticated selection of leather and suede weekend bags offer elegant solutions to modern problems.


Keeping our phone close to us when travelling is often a priority in touristy destinations that are renowned for pick-pockets. Smython's leather crossbody phone case means you can wear it close to your body at all times, and avoid having it swiped from your pockets.


The CF team never travel without their packing cubes, a great invention for organising your belongings and saving space in your luggage. Pack by day or by occasion to avoid a messy suitcase.


There's nothing worse than your phone losing battery, especially when you're flying on a plane without USB charging points, or are out and about sightseeing. A good-quality, compact power bank will ensure you're never out of battery when you need your tech the most.


Whether you're listening to music, watching a series or engrossed in a podcast, good quality headphones are the companion you need to ensure your entertainment isn't disrupted when travelling long haul. Bang & Olufsen's Beoplay are super comfortable and you can listen for up to 35 hours before having to charge.


Feel more confident as a female solo traveller with this hand-held gadget. This small device is like having an alarm in your pocket. If you feel in danger, simply pull the pin and the device flashes and beeps loudly so you can get the attention of everyone around you.



A small cosmetics case is a great accessory to have in your hand luggage, as it allows you to keep your essentials at hand and the clear plastic of this one allows you to see exactly what's inside. Use to pack your medication or overnight beauty products when flying long haul.


This revolutionary water bottle system allows you to have filtered water wherever you go, thanks to its high-performance Nano Zero filter technology which removes harmful pollutants like chlorine and pesticides. There's a reason it won TIME's best invention of 2022.


An anti-theft bag for travellers is essential when going on an adventure, and a crossbody bag that can be worn infront of you rather than behind, will make it hard for anyone to access your belongings unknowingly. This suede style from Arket is stylish yet practical.


Whether you want to get some shut eye on your flight or you're a fussy sleeper who gets disturbed by even the smallest of sounds, LOOP's Quiet noise reduction ear plugs are comfortable, easy to clean and most importantly reduce noise of up to 26dB.


A comfortable travel outfit will make a long journey all the more bearable, and a matching cashmere set will make you look stylish with minimal effort.


Keep track of your holiday memories, whether that's a restaurant you ate at or a travel tip you want to pass on to friends. Smythson's stylish notebooks are a portable travel companion you can carry with you wherever you go.


Frequent flyers rejoice, this cabin suitcase will revolutionise your travel game. The innovative design has multiple zipped compartments for all your essentials, from tech to liquids, and will keep your belongings organised and safe for the duration of your trip.


If you're travelling for work, or a stickler for well-ironed clothes, a compact, hand-held steamer is a great addition to your travel essentials. Never wrestle with the hotel ironing board again and enjoy crease-free clothes on your trip.


This genius idea is great if you want to bring minimal belongings with you when going for a run whilst on your travels. Simply keep your keys and money in the concealed zip pocket.


A neccessity most of us forget and end up having to buy at the other end, a world plug travel adapter that works for any location – worldwide – will mean you never have to buy another adapter again, and that all your devices will remain fully-charged. 


Most frequent flyers use a sleeping mask, and SLIP's silk style will ensure you get the ultimate beauty sleep thanks to its highest-grade mulberry silk that not only blocks out light but protects the skin and hair too.


We have all been there, the airport toilets have run out of soap, or you want to clean your hands after a journey on public transport. AESOP's Rinse-Free Hand Mist will refresh the hands in the absence of water.


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