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How To Recreate The Hotel Room At Home

“Situation Lockdown” has turned our bedrooms into so much more than just a room to sleep in.

For some, they’re a sanctuary; a place to switch off from the hubbub of the home, while for others they’ve become a place of productivity; a makeshift study to keep the world moving.

If you’re spending more time than usual in your bedroom, make it feel more like a hotel room. Hotels have that elusive formula down for a room that’s both restful and rejuvenating, all at the same time.

According to Firmdale’s Kit Kemp, “It is the finishing touches that make the difference. Lighting which is directional by the bed for reading, a stronger light by the wardrobes so you can tell navy blue from black when dressing and a working light to work at a desk. Colour makes you happy and we love colour if not on the walls then in a fun painting on the wall or beautiful bedspread to put at the foot of the bed.”

Whether it’s the ultimate bedding to dream in or chicest robe to lounge in, we’ve got every element covered to recreate the hotel vibe at home via the experts that know. Here’s how to bring the hotel to your home. No check-in required.


Whether it’s sunrise peeking through the blinds or that low-level glow that sets the mood at night, lighting can make or break the ambience of a room. Upgrade your bedside light/s so that they’re not only a thing of beauty, but the ultimate mood evoker too. Dimmer switch: essential.

PRO TIP: “You can never have too many lights on dimmers. All dimmers, all the time for extra glamour. People often make the mistake of buying a light that will just do, that’s ‘good enough’. Everything in your home should be great and something you hope you have forever.” – Jonathan Adler, designer and founder of Jonathan Adler (

I think the way to make a bedroom feel luxurious is to have a cushioned tailored feel when entering the room. We like to fabric line our walls. We also like to hide wardrobe doors by losing them in with the walling. Lining the inside of the wardrobes with a contrasting colour or fabric looks luxurious and putting a mirror at the back of the cupboard to reflect clothes. I also like to make a fitted valance around the base of the bed that matches the colour scheme of the room.

Kit Kemp, Founder and Creative Director of Firmdale Hotels


There’s something about walking into a hotel lobby and being enveloped by its signature scent at every turn in the hotel. Recreate the same inviting but distinctive scent in your home with a home fragrance that gives you that relaxed feeling every time you walk into the room.

PRO TIP: “A good hotel will consider their chosen scent carefully – make sure it’s in keeping with the architectural design of the room, colour theme and textures. You expect a soothing and calming fragrance in a bedroom, whereas there’s often something lighter and fresher in the lobby (aka your hallway).” – Nicola Elliott, founder of Neom Organics (

I keep some bits and bobs from our hotels at home, like the sheets and the hotel candle whose smell takes me straight back to Ischia or Tuscany. I think smell, and certain objects such as an ashtray and small touches have the power to take you straight back to those places, and make your own feel worthy of a luxury hotel.

Marie-Louise Scio, CEO and Creative Director of Pellicano Hotels


Nothing says ‘check-in complete’ like falling back onto a cloud-like, plush hotel bed. You might not have the room for a super king bed, but you can seriously upgrade your bedding game. Think freshly laundered, crisp cotton covers topped off with plumped-up Oxford pillows that have naptime written all over them. Don’t be afraid of colour, but keep it neutral for a clean hotel aesthetic.

PRO TIP: “Nothing compares to a restorative weekend getaway, but with the right bedding and atmosphere you can slip into the luxury of a five star hotel bed every night from the comfort of your own home. For the ultimate hotel-standard comfort, go for premium bedding in a 1200 thread count that’s superior long-staple cotton.” – Jo Ross, Sheridan head of design (



It’s the little things that transform an empty shell into a don’t-want-to-leave hotel room. Weaved together, decorative homeware like lamps, clocks, flower vases, candles or small works of art create the feel-good atmosphere that you get from a room. Pieces don’t have to be brand new either, try sourcing antiques if you want to recreate a more lived-in vibe.

PRO TIP: “We believe the small, personal touches make the soul of a place, whether it’s a special candle, framed photo, beautiful book or a memento from your travels. We recommend daring to opt for unusual colours, displaying unusual pieces in the centre of the room to draw the eye, and adding personal touches and authentic objects to convey your own story.” – Arnaud Zannier, founder of Zannier Hotels (



Leave the fluffy hotel gown for the spa (once it reopens). All the best contemporary hotels have a new take on the hotel robe hanging in your closet. With a minimal, Japanese-style aesthetic, go for a gown in a muted colour palette that coordinates with the décor of your room, whether it’s strict white or Mole’s Breath. The only detail should be the belt tie that you wrap around your waist.

PRO TIP: “The perfect hotel-style robe should make you feel incredibly comfortable, but also a little lavish. Skin does the perfect waffle knit robe that has that crisp, clean aesthetic but with an additional benefit of a cosy hood. Or for the perfect luxurious silk robe, you can’t go wrong with Olivia von Halle.” – Holly Tenser, Browns womenswear buying manager.

I believe that the most important elements in recreating the feeling of a luxury hotel room at home are a coherence of colours; lighting that can be dimmed; an area to do make-up; crisp white linens, and fluffy white towels; fresh flowers; a burning scented candle and the ability to connect your device to a speaker system.

Dina De Luca Chartouni, owner of New York’s Lowell Hotel


Size does matter. We're talking full bottle toiletries that are slowly replacing the miniatures in hotels. Forget running out of a bottle of shampoo half way through your morning shower. Taking the eco-route, hotels are filling up their toiletries to feel good, smell good and look good. This luxury set, designed exclusively for Edition Hotels, is just what you need to turn your bathroom into a five-star space. With the scent of black tea wafting from the shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, and body lotion in this set, total relaxation is only a shower or bath away.

PRO TIP: “Toiletries are one of the first things guests take a look at. It gives a sense of the whole hotel and its experience. It's also one of the first things that are added to a suitcase to take away! So we want to make sure when you go home and continue to use it, you remember your stay. The experience with bathroom amenities is key! ” – Chetan Bhanot, GM at The Mandeville Hotel.



Want the magic formula for recreating a hotel room in your own home? Arnaud Zannier, founder and CEO of Zannier Hotels ( has this insider advice.

Never copy or imitate – adapt your room to your own style and mix your inspirations. It will always look more genuine.

It’s better to start simple. Simplicity does not mean unsophisticated. A great stylistic concept, well executed, can be stronger than too much.

Search for timeless furniture – raw materials and earthy colours will always do the trick.

Let the light enter your room. Not only by favouring natural light, but also by the choice of colours and textures.

Use your own signature objects. They will convey your story and make your room a more beautiful space.

The scenography around the bed is what can really make the difference, like the unique headboard or soft rug below the bed. Think about all the little details that create a bed ritual.


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