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I Miss You Gifts For The Travel Lover

Although it might not feel like it at the moment, we will all once again be back in the air travelling to all our favourite places.

In anticipation of that moment, why not treat yourself or a fellow travel lover to a gift (or two) designed to make travelling more relaxing, luxurious, or organised (sometimes all three!) For those that aren’t fans of the journey but suffer through it for the destination, you will be surprised by how adding a few touches might make the journey something you look forward to as much as the destination itself.

Here are some our top picks for those travel lovers longing to get away.


If you’re a person that can sit through long haul flights in jeans then that’s great and we’re happy for you (but are you human?). If you’re like the rest of us however, then you want to feel as comfortable as possible but still not want to look like you’ve been in a zombie apocalypse when you get off the plane. Let us recommend Khaite and its cashmere. Their Scarlet cardigan is a favourite – it comes a range of rich hues flattering for all skin types. Pair it with the matching cashmere Eda bralette for maximum comfort!


If you’re a stationery nerd and don’t feel like the Notes section of your phone gives you the same satisfaction as seeing your penmanship organised on a page just so, why not treat yourself to one of Smythson’s soft calf leather notebooks. Perfectly sized for your tote bag!


Chipping a nail and not having a nail file is pretty annoying. Keep your fingers looking great at all times with Margaret Dabbs’ elegant travel-sized nail grooming kit. 


The board game has had its revival, thanks to Covid-19. But Alexandra Llewellyn has been leading the fine board game for a while. And they are not just any old board games, these are the most stylish ones around. Her luxe crafted travel-sized games sets make a change from the usual in flight entertainment, and are a perfect way to pass the time on long haul flights in style. 


Being in a public place often means having to surrender your olfactory experience. Enjoy your own personal cocoon of fragrance wherever you are. Create your own personal fragrance zone with ThisWorks’ portable diffuser, and take the time wherever you may be to rest and re-charge. Perfect for the bedside table, office, plane – or wherever you wish. 


We all know it’s important to keep moving on a plane but how many of us move an inch outside of going to the bathroom? Activbody’s Activ5 fitness system is a portable workout device and training app which lets you workout sitting or standing through low intensity isometric movements all calibrated to your fitness level. Now there’s no excuse.

ACTIV5£129.95 Shop Now

If you love tech but are worried about all the wires getting tangled and having to faff around in your bag to find anything, we’ve got you covered. Stow’s tech cases allow you to organise your tech in a compact and easily accessible manner. 



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