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The Beauty Edit

'Til The Last Drop #5

Welcome to ‘Til The Last Drop: a new column in which I, CF Beauty Editor, Olivia Bennett, share my bi-monthly review of a favourite cult product that I (truly) use to the last drop. This week’s featured product is Løre Originals Legend Dry Hair Masks.

I’m messaged by friends and family, at all hours of the day, with recommendation requests for everything from “the budget gel moisturiser that works with combination skin” to “the hard-hitting eye cream that will make Botox a last resort”, and queries on “whether X, Y, and Z from the current trending brand is REALLY worth the hype”.

Such incessant inquiries sparked this column, where I’ll cover best-selling names alongside under-the-radar brands to note. You’ll hear about blow-the-budget products that live up to their hefty price tag and the purse-friendly steals which I unashamedly turn to time and again.

No need to text me, I’ll be sharing all my intel with you right here every other week. Tune in.


As a Beauty Editor, I am ashamed to say, I have been rather lax when it comes to haircare. Whilst I dutifully layer a series of skincare products on my face daily, my hair does often get a little neglected. That was until I discovered the Løre Originals Legends Dry Hair Masks from the team behind the stellar Taylor Taylor London hair salons. The beautiful sea salt minerally scent had me hooked – and the mask is oh-so easy to use. Presented in individual sachets – great for stowing in your luggage for travel, may I add – I know exactly how much to apply. I let it get to work for 15 minutes or so (the longer the better), before hopping into the shower for a quick rinse pre-shampoo. Laced with a cocktail of essential acids, rich plant oils, and volcanic marine bio cultures, hair is left silky soft, strengthened, and my colour is protected. It's a no brainer.




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