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Curated By... Paloma Faith

British singer and songwriter Paloma Faith makes her debut in the world of interiors with her eponymous homeware range, Paloma Home.

Known for her flamboyant and theatrical MO and retro-soul sound, Faith’s signature sense of style is distilled into her debut home collection – ranging in scope from chintzy cushions to some v. dramatic drapes.

Fascinated with design, and passionate about all things vintage and thrift, Faith’s kaleidoscopic collection embraces retro maximalism and faded grandeur. We caught up with the performer to get the scoop on her latest launch and become fully immersed in her eclectic and opulent world…

What first sparked your interest in interior design?

I’ve always been obsessed with design. The 50s, 60s, and 70s have forever fascinated me and the influences of these decades definitely echo throughout the collection. This passion, coupled with the fact I’m a true Cancerian (a self-confessed nester!), means it made sense to me to pursue something interior-design orientated. Home is everything to me.

How would you describe the Paloma Home aesthetic?

Glamorous, maximalist, bohemian, and full of life.

Photography by Michael Sinclair, Styling by Olivia Gregory

Photography by Michael Sinclair, Styling by Olivia Gregory

Do you consider yourself a maximalist?

In every sense of the word!

Where did you get your inspiration for the collection?

The collection is really a coming together of many years spent dreaming, scrapbooking, and thrifting whilst renovating my own house – and everything that inspired that process along the way. I’m very drawn to Wong Kar-Wai’s iconic sultry aesthetic and a kind of ‘louche’ backstage world – but I wanted to give this a feminine, accessible spin. As I say, my fascination and ever-growing nostalgia for the 50s, 60s, and 70s definitely played a big part too.

How important was it to you to create a collection at an accessible price point?

Hugely important, I really did find the premium price tags of many designer brands quite staggering whilst renovating my own home – which is why I relied heavily on antique sourcing via eBay, and thrifting on my travels!

What are some of your home comforts?

Pyjamas and avocado toast.

What is your favourite room in your house and why?

My wardrobe room – it’s where I go for peace and serenity. If I were to describe my house as a body, the wardrobes would be the heart.

How can interiors help add more joy to our homes?

Oh endlessly! What’s become particularly apparent over the last year is that our homes aren’t just places we move through, they’re places that comfort us – keep us safe, places we make memories we’ll keep forever – home for me is a place that feels truly ‘lived’ in and interiors are fundamental to that. Growing up, we didn’t always have a lot of money, but my mum did always prioritise investing in new cushion covers – and things felt brand new. I really do believe in the power of small changes to make you smile.

Photography by Michael Sinclair, Styling by Olivia Gregory

Photography by Michael Sinclair, Styling by Olivia Gregory

Your collection features some brilliant prints; any advice on pattern mixing?

I dress a room much like I dress myself! I quite often start with one thing: with any outfit you might start with a pair of shoes, with a room you could use a chair or cushion. A fearlessness of colour is important, whilst also acknowledging the bricks and mortar of the space too. What I love so much about Paloma Home is that you can have one piece and it changes a room – or you can embrace the whole collection, and somehow it still works!

Where do you look for interiors inspiration?

An endless list…. I love discovering new sources of interior inspiration, my Instagram feed is brimming with it! The décor at Annabels (in Mayfair) is delicious, I also spend far too much time browsing Les Couilles du Chien.

What is your greatest learning/takeaway from renovating your London townhouse?

Never compromise on your vision – where there’s a will there’s a way.

Do you buy vintage furniture? If so, from where?

It’s no secret – eBay!

Photography by Michael Sinclair, Styling by Olivia Gregory

Photography by Michael Sinclair, Styling by Olivia Gregory

Some of the best places in the world to shop for interiors include…

Camden Lock, there’s an antiques stall there I love to visit. I also love LA for browsing weird and wonderful things.

What are some tips you have on how our readers can bring a touch of the Paloma Faith magic into their homes?

More is more! Be bold, so much beauty emerges from chaos. Have a browse of Paloma Home I recommend starting with cushions and adding from there!

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