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Jet Set Go

An Italian’s Summer Wardrobe: Curated By Marie-Louise Sciò

Who better to showcase enviable looks for a Roman holiday than the CEO and Creative Director of the Pellicano Hotels Group and ISSIMO, Marie-Louise Sciò?

MATCHESFASHION has joined forces with Marie-Louise Sciò to present Grand Tour Italy Part II.

The innately chic Marie-Louise Sciò presents her personal style – classic, with a touch of Italian flair ≠ an aesthetic her family’s hotel empire is imbued with. The hotel group boasts Il Pellicano, an enduring jewel on the Tuscan coasts immortalised in the photographs of Slim Aarons; La Posta Vecchia, a Renaissance masterpiece half an hour from Rome; and Mezzatorre on the hotspot island of Ischia.

There’s clear synergy between Sciò’s impressive interior design and personal fashion style. ‘It doesn’t have to scream and yell too much, it can be bold, but it has to be balanced,’ as she puts it. ‘Either big earrings or a big necklace.’ ‘I love to wear eveningwear in the day at the hotels [because] I might start at breakfast and end up going home at midnight. Changing shoes is the trick,’ she continues, ‘I love to wear dresses and pull out the big guns in summer.’

From an unprecedented collaboration with Birkenstock to a pop-up shop on a 1930s yacht, as well as the launch of irreverent and expertly curated lifestyle website ISSIMO, who else is more qualified to talk Italian style than Marie-Louise Sciò. Read the full interview with Marie-Louise here and scroll down for the style icon’s Roman holiday wardrobe.

In partnership with MATCHESFASHION.


Photographs by Dylan Don.


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