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Best Natural Wine Bars From Around The Globe

Off the back of launching a new print guide to the best natural wine bars in London, Jules Pearson tells us about her favourite wine bars from around the globe.

JP: I love natural wine and, when I’m travelling, I’ll actively seek out the best bars and shops in the city. Natural wines are made using no added sulphates, usually in small batches and can be quite temperamental in the bottle which means you can find wines in some cities, say Rio de Janeiro, that you won’t find outside of Brazil. So it’s a great opportunity to hunt down and try local wines when you’re travelling. Here are my favourite wine watering holes, located everywhere from Mexico City to Singapore.

1. La Comida Independente, Lisbon


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La Comida Independente in Lisbon is the perfect balance between a deli-shop and wine bar. You get to pick any wine you want off the shelves, including Portuguese Pet Nats and Palhetes (if there’s any left!) which are my favourite wines from Portugal. In the deli there’s incredible local cheeses – the Azeitao soft cheese which you can eat with a spoon is a must, alongside local meats, anchovies and bread. An essential stop every time I’m in Lisbon.

2. Corduroy Palace, Singapore


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When it comes to Singapore, there’s a big natural wine scene which exploded a couple of years ago, with wine bars so hip they give New York, Paris, and London a run for their money. Heavy import taxes mean wines cost a pretty penny, but it’s worth it. My favourite is Corduroy Palace, a sexy spot hidden down a back alley, through a pizza slice shop entrance. Grab a bottle from the fridge, a round of dumplings with caviar, and a hot date to pay.

3. La Buvette, Paris


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Paris is the city of wine, and boy is it hard to choose just one wine bar, so I’ll suggested a few in different locations. If you’re game, then get on your walking shoes for a little wine tour. My go to greats are: Billili, conveniently located near the Gare De Nord for a glass pre or post Eurostar; Cave Septime, the intimate and incredibly cool spot which belongs to the Septime family; La Buvette where I always stop for a plate of andouille and a cheeky glass; Folderol, because where else in the world can you get a homemade ice cream and sorbet shop and natural wine; and late-night Aux Deux Amis where the vibe is always on point.

4. Slow Bakery, Rio de Janeiro


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On a recent trip to Rio de Janeiro I was genuinely surprised by how many natural wines are made in Brazil and the amount of restaurants and bars that served it. My favourite spot was Slow Bakery which transitions from coffee and breakfast to wines and snacks in the evening. They recently installed natural wine on tap too so you can drink super sustainably.

5. Naranjo Bar, Argentina


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Argentina makes some killer wines, and the natural selection is no different. There’s a lot to choose from and some oranges that can stand shoulder to shoulder with the best on the shelf. Naranjo Bar is my favourite place to whet my palate in the natural wine selecction. It gets pretty hectic with people hanging by the window and spilling onto the street, but it’s no surprise, given both the wine selection and the dishes are brilliant.

6. Bar Augustin, Menorca


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Bar Augustin in Mahon on the island of Menorca feels like a wine bar straight out of France thanks to its chalkboard menu, chequered tablecloths and wooden bar. The small spot serves French food alongside a list of mostly European natural wines with an emphasis on wine from France. That said, if you get lucky you might find a wine either from Menorca or Mallorca on the list too – both offering some brilliant labels.

7. Margot, Miami


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Without doubt the coolest wine bar in Miami, Margot is located downtown in an area that’s fast becoming a food and drink hotspot and escape from the South Beach crowds. The bar serves up a long list of great American wines alongside hipster-as-hell wine bar snacks, a banging playlist, live DJs and regular wine events.

8. Rhodora Wine Bar, New York


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Wine bars in New York have exploded in recent years and tucked away in the trendy Brooklyn neighbourhood of Fort Green, you’ll find the gem that is Rhodora Wine Bar, one of my favourites thanks to its sustainable ethos. The super cute, stripped-back bar has a zero-waste policy, it sends nothing to landfill and, in fact, it has no bins. What it does have, however, are some of the best natural wines from the USA and great snacks to ensure you can keep going the whole night long, in true New York style.

9. Escorpio, Mexico City


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Escorpio Mexico City is a shop run by one of the main natural wine importers in MXC, Alonso Maldonado, alongside restaurateur Jake Lindeman, who opened the first place to serve natural wines in the city. It’s located in the trendy Juárez neighbourhood which is home to some brilliant independent fashion boutiques and ceramicists. But back to the wine – the shop has an incredible selection of Mexican labels, as well as a ton of bottles from around the world. It’s more of a shop than a bar but they do offer tastings and sometimes throw the odd event.


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