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Unwind At This Family-Friendly Hotel in Rural North Yorkshire

In the countryside of North East England, Middleton Lodge is an ideal escape for couples, with or without children.

When planning where to stay on a family holiday, there’s no better advice than from a parent who has been there. For a UK getaway we’re looking to Middleton Lodge in the North East of England. Catarina Mira-Rose, brand consultant and mum-of-one, tells us everything there is to know about a stay with children here.


Middleton Lodge is the perfect place to slow down; ideal for those who want to lose themselves in a book in front of the fireplace, take long walks through the surrounding woods, and dive into relaxing spa treatments. Located close to several charming villages and surrounded by flocks of sheep and wildflowers, here the pace of life decelerates. The hotel, managed by the family who owns it, focuses on providing a luxurious experience without losing sight of sustainability goals. As well as for families, this is a wonderful base for hikers: the perfect end to a day after long, zigzagging walks through the Yorkshire Dales. 


Cosy yet luxurious, but never ostentatious. Thanks to the size of the estate it sits within, the property provides plenty of privacy amongst a variety of accommodation types. Ideal for couples – solo or with children – it’s a place to disconnect from the world and to recharge batteries. Yes, even when travelling with children or babies. As a family, we spent rainy afternoons in the company of the twinkling fire and bathed in the magical, open-air baths, opening our mouths to drink rainwater. While there’s plenty to do nearby, there’s also no need to leave the property, instead spend time enjoying the beautiful hotel and grounds as you relax with your loved ones.


Middleton Lodge offers a range of accommodation options; 30 bedrooms, two self-catered cottages and a few huts. The rooms are spacious and cosy, and the beds are authentic clouds of comfort. Some rooms have log burners and heated wooden floors, some a stylish hot tub – each a detail that adds to the snugness. The self-catered cottages are ideal for friends, but also for families, as they have a kitchen lessening parents’ dependency on restaurant hours as well as separate bedrooms for children, meaning parents can enjoy their evening once the children are in bed.


Located in The Coach House – a building from 1780 that has been restored and transformed into an authentic oasis – the spa offers a varied menu of holistic treatments including facials, body wraps and brushes, and relaxing or detoxing massages using effective, organic products. For now, treatments take place inside dedicated rooms, but spring 2023 will see the opening of even more amenities including a heated pool, pool lounge and treatment huts as part of a Forest Spa expansion.


Middleton Lodge has two restaurants: a relaxed one, The Coach House, and a fine-dining alternative, Forge. In both, sustainability is a value they abide by, presenting a low-mile food menu that often includes ingredients from their garden or adjacent forest. In addition to delicious delicacies, the quality of service deserves special appreciation: even with a toddler, whose curious hands touched everything, the staff made us feel at ease. The children’s menu is just as delicious as the main one, with nutritious and varied options: the sautéed mushrooms and feta on toast was a major hit with my son.


Here, doing nothing is doing everything. However, for those who tire of life in dressing gowns, hot tubs, and indulging in lengthy meals, there’s always plenty of nearby countryside to explore. Take a trek along the Yorkshire Dales with your final destination a cosy pub. The White Swan and The Blue Lion are both excellent. For those who enjoy treasure hunts, there’s a varied offer of antique shops in surrounding villages, including in Leyburn and Wensleydale. Richmond is the closest city and it’s worth visiting for the castle alone, it’s one of the best-preserved Norman castles in the country.

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