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Jet Lag Tips From The Citizen Femme Team

Overcoming jet lag isn’t always easy, but the Citizen Femme team are well practiced. These are our tried-and-tested jet lag tips.

We’ve all been there – wide awake at 3AM or struggling to get out of bed the next day: for travellers, jet lag is inevitable. Thankfully, there are some tips and tricks to help. From hydration to sound healing, pillow sprays to apps – here’s how the Citizen Femme team settles into a new time zone after a flight.

Sheena Bhattessa, Founder


I generally slip straight into the new time zone by adapting my meals to the local destination: it seems obvious but it helps position my mind to the new time. I use the Calm app to help me sleep when I’m going east, and I keep the curtains open in my hotel so I wake up with the sunrise, which really helps me to adapt. Then, I’ll make my way out for a coffee and a walk or a run in the early morning. I love to have a glass of wine on the plane but avoid plane food which makes me feel very bloated, so I keep probiotics with me at all times. I also take a large bottle of water onboard and make sure I drink it throughout my journey. All of this is only if I’m travelling solo. When I am with my kids, then it’s more about going with the flow, and helping them to adjust.


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Gemma Louise Deeks, Contributing Fashion Editor


I recently travelled to Malaysia which has a whopping eight-hour time difference to the UK and found that a sound healing treatment on arrival aided my sleep that night. Sound healing is a holistic practice that allows you to sink into a deep state of meditation using therapeutic sounds, tones and vibrations made from specific instruments. Next time I’m in a state of jet lag, I am going to try downloading a sound healing app to help me relax and drift off, or book a session with The Self Love Lab, who offer sessions around London.

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KATIE SILCOX, Deputy Editor


I tend to follow the well-known jet lag tips because for me, they work. Firstly, I try to get a good night’s sleep the night before flying. On the flight I drink plenty of water – I’ll fill up my reusable bottle in the airport before boarding and, once finished, ask the flight attendants nicely for one of their two-litre bottles to guzzle, rather than relying on refills of the small cup they usually offer. Switching time zones can be tricky but I generally start to think in the new time zone partway through the flight – at this point I switch my watch and phone to the local time of my destination. Lastly, I always try to sleep at the right time for whichever destination I land in. This isn’t always easy (a good eye mask can help) but when it works, jet lag tends to disappear after the very first night.


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I use a tried-and-tested combination of tricks to beat jet lag, starting with changing my watch – and mindset – to the correct time zone as soon as I board the plane and acting accordingly, even if that means going to sleep straight away. I find it best not to drink alcohol during the flight or eat food at the ‘wrong’ times so I always make sure to pack some healthy snacks in my hand luggage. For the ultimate support, the Timeshifter app available on Apple Watch Series 8 is a game changer – trusted by athletes and astronauts, it’s also great for business travellers who want to be at their best during short trips.


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Becki Murray, Beauty Editor


Aside from probably complaining more than I should about it as a kind of catharsis, I always like to have a long shower as soon as I arrive in my hotel room; it’s my way of quite literally washing the flight out of my hair. Depending on whether the time difference is plus or minus hours, I’ll use an energy-boosting or sleep-inducing body wash (Aromatherapy Associates do great travel-friendly sizes) to encourage my brain to follow suit, while also easing any remaining tension from the plane. This ritual is my signal that my holiday has truly begun.

Alexandra Carello, PR Director


I try to get into the new time zone and the rhythm of things straight away. This means that no matter how tired I am I force myself to go to bed at a normal time for wherever I’ve landed so I can (hopefully!) sleep through the night. If I feel I’m succumbing to tiredness, I like to get active: whether going for a swim or doing some other form of exercise. On the plane, I always bring my own healthy snacks as plane food tends to leave me bloated and feeling sluggish. Lastly, I always say yes to the arrival cocktail and fresh face towel – it helps!


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Morag Turner, Citizen Enfants Editor


I tend to see jet lag as just a necessary evil in order to have a great family holiday, so I don’t really stress too much about it. I’d love to say I sleep well on the plane, but when travelling with three kids that’s not always possible. When we land I try to work to local time straight away, but I’ve had many a fun morning with my family ordering room service at 3AM and watching movies. I think it’s just easier to accept it as a part of the adventure rather than worry about it. As all parents know you can never rely on getting a good night’s sleep anyway. Sometimes it’s actually great to be up super early and hit the beach before the crowds or, depending which direction you’ve flown in, to stay up late and sightsee in the evening. Within a few days we all adjust, so my advice would be: don’t let jet lag get in the way of fun.


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Bibiana Obahor, Head of Graphic Design


To combat jet lag, I make sure to prioritise hydration. I drink plenty of water before, during, and after my flight. I also steer clear of excessive alcohol and caffeine as they have a dehydrating effect. Staying hydrated is crucial because dehydration can exacerbate the symptoms of jet lag. Heavy, greasy foods tend to make me feel sluggish and can disrupt my sleep patterns. Instead, I opt for light meals before and during my flight which helps me feel more refreshed and ready to tackle the new time zone.


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Shira Frankl, Editorial Assistant

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