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Tried And Tested: The Best Body Creams, Lotions and Serums

If you want smoother, healthier-looking skin, we’ve got you covered from neck-to-toe, with the best body creams, lotions, and oils to nourish and soothe all year round.

Experience textures that deeply hydrate without leaving your skin feeling sticky, scents that add a self-care element to your routine, and formulations designed for fast-acting results, from our favourite bodycare brands including Charlotte Tilbury and Byredo.


Aesop hand and bodycare products do more than just look chic in your bathroom – although there's a reason you'll find them in the homes of your most style-discerning friends. This balm is our partnership director's favourite way to soothe and hydrate chapped, dry skin, and its zesty citrus aroma is just as delightful. 


If you want your body cream to work as hard as you do, look no further than Ameliorate. Its specifically designed to tackle bumpy, uneven skin on your arms and legs (affectionately known as 'chicken skin'). The result is smoother, more radiant skin in a flash. Our recommendation: start using it a week before your next holiday. 



For long-lasting hydration after just one application, you can't get much better than Charlotte Tilbury's magic-by-name, magic-by-nature cream. Not only can you feel its moisture-boosting benefits immediately – the result of an ingredients list that includes hyaluronic acid and caffeine – but apply it before bed and your limbs will still feel soft and smooth in the morning.


It's not often that a body cream (that's not even a new launch) takes the internet by storm, but that is definitely the case with Bum Bum Cream – our beauty editor's favourite summertime product. Packed with a blend of deeply hydrating butters and oils, including coconut and cupuaçu, this creamy award-winning formula also helps firm and smooth bums, tums and limbs. It contains circulation-boosting guaraná extract, which is five times as rich in caffeine as coffee.


There's no better way to explain it, but this body cream smells expensive, with a light, lingering aroma that maximises the coccooning elements of your favourite fragrances when layered underneath. You also don't have to worry about it causing your favourite silks and lighter fabrics to stick to your body, as it drapes your skin in hydration, rather than sitting heavily on it.


As a team, CF editors are united in their love for the scent of the Moroccan Rose range from Ren Clean Skincare – it's immediately uplifting and long-lasting when you apply it on your skin too. So, if you find applying body creams a bit of a chore, this lightweight but super hydrating formula (in a completely recyclable bottle) is a brilliant one to try. 


Considering Elemis' London-based spa is home to one of our beauty editor's favourite relaxing massages, it's no surprise that the brand's body cream earned its place on this list. Try applying on freshly towel-dried skin after the shower to lock-in moisture and soothe tired, heavy limbs after a long day.


The latest bodycare find from our fashion editor, Herlum's nourishing oil delivers exactly what anyone with particularly dry skin needs. That's because the main ingredient, copaiba oil, is not only moisture-boosting, but incredibly rich in antioxidants and vitamins that helps soothe the irritation that can worsen flakiness. It does wonders for the ends of dry hair too.



The perfect gift for yourself or a loved one, there's always something that little bit more indulgent about applying a Jo Malone London body cream from the iconic glass jar. With all your favourite aromas to choose from, our pick for the transition from summer to autumn is the effortlessly cossetting Myrrh and Tonka. 


If your skin has a habit of becoming a bit dry and dull after the summer sunshine, keep this fast absorbing cream close to hand. Nourishing like a cream, but with a texture closer to a lotion, you are left with silky smooth limbs and a glossy, but not sticky finish that allows you to fake a sun-kissed glow for a little while longer.

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