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The Best Sunscreens For Kids and Teenagers

Finding the best sunscreen for kids can feel like a minefield – from worrying about whether SPF formulas are suitable for your baby’s sensitive skin (because not all of them are) to the battle of convincing your children to apply (and reapply) regularly.

At Citizen Enfants, we’ve done the hard work for you. We’ve researched the best sunscreens for kids and teenagers to help get them sun-ready easily and quickly. From Spot and Stripes’ breakout-reducing formulas to Evy Technology’s smile-inducing textures, with our favourite sunscreen brands, you can feel much more confident that your kids are staying safe and happy in the sun.

Read on to discover our recommendations for the best sunscreens for kids and teenagers that will keep them protected without the fuss.


Offering very high SPF 50+ protection for extra peace of mind, this Childs Farm sunscreen is paediatrician-approved and is even suitable for babies who are under six months, which is not guaranteed for most sunscreens. As testament to its gentleness, it's also been declared safe for use by those prone to eczema, while still being water-resistant and fast-absorbing.


From the fun bottle design and 'smells like summer' fragrance to the micro-mist application that's all but invisible on the skin, Sun Bum's SPF takes the chore out of applying sun protection. That's why it's our recommendation for popping into your older children's bags to encourage them to easily top-up their SPF on-the-go.


La Roche Posay offers brilliant sunscreens for all ages, so it's one of the brands the Citizen Enfants team packs most when going on their family holidays. With formulas designed to be kind to sensitive skin, the brand also offers high protection without tell-tale white casts or thick formulas, so both you and your kids will be happier wearing it whatever your natural skin tone. 


Evy Technology is one of our beauty editor's favourite sunscreen brands and that's mainly because the company has nailed the formula's unique texture. Instead of a heavy, sticky cream, the Evy SPF is a foamy moisturising mousse that absorbs quickly into the skin, without leaving a greasy feel. Also, if you tend to worry you miss spots when using an invisible mist on your kids, the foam makes quick and confident application easy. 


If you have teenagers that hate sunscreens that clog their pores and exacerbate their breakouts, this is the formula to invest in. Designed specifically for children's sensitive skin, you can rest easy knowing this water-resistant cream contains a proven SPF filter (zinc oxide) that effectively blocks UV rays, plus skin-soothing aloe vera and green tea.



For active kids who love nothing more than darting in and out of the pool, you need a formula that can keep up with them, so they don't easily burn. Ultrasun is that sunscreen. Offering SPF 50+ protection that is water-resistant and non-sticky, this sunscreen is also suitable for young infants and you can use it during pregnancy too.


Heliocare's specially-formulated pediatrics range is our founder's tried and trusted recommendation for children aged six months and above (she uses the traditional SPF range to protect her own skin too). With kid-friendly options for face and body, it's both highly water and sand resistant so won't rub off quickly as they play, and can be used around their sensitive eyes too.


The scalp can be a tricky place to protect from the sun for all ages, but especially for children, who can easily burn their sensitive skin. Luckily, instead of rubbing lots of greasy cream into your kid's hair (which is likely to get a rather tantrum-enducing reaction), this lightweight scalp spray provides SPF 30 protection for kids six months and up, making it perfect for occasions where hats aren't really practical. 

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