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No Regrowth Balayage: The Hair Trend You Should Try If You Travel Often

Whether you are a long-term lover of highlights or tempted to try bleaching your hair for the first time, you’re in luck this spring/summer. No regrowth balayage is the new trend in hair colour that’s making it easier than ever to maintain blonde styles.

Called no regrowth balayage, this is a technique designed to give you an effortless ‘lived-in’ blonde colour – without the need for trips to the salon every three weeks. Ideal for those who want to spend their time seeing the world, rather than in the stylist’s chair, it’s a perfect solution for CF’s travel-hungry readers. We’re predicting it will be the biggest trend this summer, and beyond.

What is No Regrowth Balayage?


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How to maintain your No Regrowth Balayage?


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Of course, the whole point of no regrowth balayage is that maintaining it should be easy. What’s important post-dye – as with all other dye techniques – is keeping your tresses in good condition, so there is a little aftercare advice.

“My top tip for maintaining and prolonging the colour would be to use a purifying shampoo every other wash to keep the hair free from product build up as well as hard water minerals,” Taylor tells us. “This can really enhance the colour for months after the appointment. My favourite shampoo for this is Virtue’s Purifying Shampoo.”

A nourishing hair mask can also help you protect the glossy finish of your colour, and soft, silk hair bands will ensure you avoid any post-dye hair breakage too.

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