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These Are The CF Team's Favourite Destinations For Solo Travel

If you’re planning a solo trip, there are a few things you might want to think about – and where to go is high on the list. These are the Citizen Femme team’s favourite destinations for solo travel.

A perfect destination for solo travel will differ from person to person. Some may look for a city or country where their first language is widely spoken, others might prioritise easy-to-navigate public transport, or a place that has plenty of guided tours to join.

Here, the Citizen Femme team reveal their top spots for solo travel and the reasons why.

Sheena Bhattessa, Founder


Italy shouldn’t just be reserved for romance; it’s filled with treats for foodies, art lovers and history buffs from the moment you step foot in the country. Getting around by train is very manageable – whether it’s the ancient ruins of Rome, the peaks of the Italian Alps or the medieval seaside towns in Apulia, you can quickly and easily purchase an Italy Pass to explore the various regions. Solo travellers can take a trip from Cinque Terre to Pisa, or Naples followed by the rest of the Amalfi Coast, or even a couple of nights in Rome followed by a 90-minute train to Tuscany’s Florence to steep yourself in countless artworks and architecture. You can indulge in great food as well as some spectacular hotels along the way, from J.K. Place Roma to Florence’s Grand Hotel Minerva.


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Katie Silcox, Managing Editor: Goa, India


India is often overlooked by solo travellers, many fearing it might be intimidating or even dangerous. If this resonates, ease yourself in with a solo trip to Goa. One of the more relaxed Indian states, you’ll find plenty of other travellers to chat to if that’s what you’re looking for. Otherwise, it’s easy to spend some time alone on a beachside lounger with a kokum juice in hand. The St. Regis Resort and Taj Exotica are great places to stay, or for something with more low-key, beach-hut vibes, opt for Casa Jaali.


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Gemma Louise Deeks, Contributing Fashion Editor: Dubai, UAE


I used to live in Dubai, and I recently went back on a work trip, staying at Bulgari Resort Dubai for a few days. Not only is the city one of the safest in the world, but the hotel really looked after me on every level, making sure I was comfortable and giving me a wonderful luxury experience. Dubai is such an easy city to get around and, more generally, anything you want to do is a seamless experience. I’d recommend a few days here to anyone who wants some solo R&R.


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Becki Murray, Beauty Editor: Australia


There’s a reason Australia is seen as a gap year traveller’s paradise – from the friendly locals, reliable public transport and vast choices for accommodation, but it’s not just for 18-to-25 year olds looking for boozy nights out, I promise. For active types, there’s diving at the Great Barrier Reef or plenty of waves to ride; for cultural aficionados there’s iconic sites such as the Opera House and the Botanical Gardens of Sydney, and the opportunity to learn more about aboriginal history. The food and art scenes across the vast country are also exceptional, as is the ability to get up close and personal with some of the country’s cuddly – and not so cuddly – creatures. Ultimately, it’s a country whose tourism structure is set up to help solo travellers move around with confidence, and the Aussie adage ‘a solo traveller is never solo for long’ certainly holds up – whatever your age. It’s all but guaranteed that you can walk into a venue and make immediate friends, such is the culture ‘down under’.


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Morag Turner, Citizen Enfants Editor: New York, USA


It’s been quite a while since I’ve travelled completely alone. As a mum of three I generally have at least one little companion (or sometimes the dog!) at my side. But without a doubt my favourite spot to visit sans enfants would be New York, which was actually one of my last solo stays – for a New York Fashion Week trip. The city is geared up for individual experiences, from the museums and art galleries to the shopping and sight-seeing. If I had a day to myself there, I’d walk The High Line down to Chelsea Market and nip into Posman Books. Afterwards, I’d visit the Whitney Museum of American Art and then I’d pop into Lingua Franca which is right next door, before wandering back over to Bleeker Street to do some more shopping. I’d stay at the iconic Hotel Chelsea which reopened last year, and head to Jack’s Wife Freda in the West Village for supper with a side of people watching.


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Paris is one of my top picks for solo travel. Its convenience from London (just a short flight or train ride away) positions it perfectly for last-minute, solo trips. Navigating the city is pretty straightforward too, courtesy of its efficient public transport system. Paris truly comes to life when taken in at a leisurely pace, as there is so much to immerse yourself in. If you love shopping, this is the perfect city to do so and the abundance of chic cafés means there’s always a new spot to discover. Though spring stands out as the best time to visit (avoiding the summer heat), Paris in winter, especially during the festive season, has its own charm.


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I’ve been to Barcelona a few times and it’s a great city for a solo trip. It’s one of those places that has it all – the beach, the parks, the shopping, the food and the culture. You could spend the morning strolling through Park Güell, either on your own or on a guided, group tour if you want to meet some fellow travellers. Then, in the afternoon head to the beach for some people watching and a dip in the sea. I always think tapas lends itself perfectly to solo travel; the small plates enable you to try a little bit of everything without having to order too much. And of course, the tapas in Barcelona is excellent. Make an evening of it by hopping from bar to bar, trying different dishes along the way – washed down with a glass of sangria.


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I travelled through Japan a few years ago with a close friend and loved the whole experience, from late-night sushi dates in Tokyo to udon noodle-making classes in Osaka. It’s somewhere I’d love to visit solo too. Although Tokyo is an incredible city, there is so much to see and do throughout the entire country. I’d visit the different galleries and exhibitions many of Japan’s other cities have to offer. A stop at Kyoto’s Costume Museum is a must, followed by the Kobe Fashion Museum, the Contemporary Art Museum in Kanazawa (with beautiful gardens), and the stunning Hakone Open-Air Museum near Mount Fuji – the options are endless. Make sure to spend time in local food halls and markets in each place you visit too. Trains are so fantastic in Japan; you can buy a seven, 14, or 21 day rail pass with unlimited access to JR trains, making it super easy and quick to travel anywhere you like – and to plan your trip as you travel, which is one of the joys of going solo, after all.


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