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Our Favourite Apps For Solo Female Travellers

There’s an app for everything now, meaning whichever corner of the world you find yourself in next, there’ll be a digital community of restaurant critics, vegan café connoisseurs, and local artisan makers at your fingertips.

From digital wardrobes to help you pack and plan your vacation outfits to finding the best wine in a new region, here are our favourite apps for solo female travellers to download before setting off on the next adventure.


What is it?

To purchase eSIMs. 

Why do we love it?

Panic scrolling through your phone contract's long list of T&Cs trying to work out what travel costs you may – or may not – incur on your next trip (or frantically googling what data roaming actually is) the night before you leave, can be left in the past thanks to Airalo. The app provides eSIMs for travellers spanning over 200 countries and regions, meaning wherever you're planning to venture to, whether a safari in Zambia or a yoga retreat in Sri Lanka, your phone is covered. All you need to do is download the app, select the region or country you are travelling through, install and activate your eSIM using their step-by-step instructions, and you'll have instant connection to chat to friends, post Instagram stories, share your location, and check directions. 

Instagram: @airalocom

Save Your Wardrobe

What is it?

Your digital (travel) wardrobe. 

Why do we love it? 

Travelling solo has it’s many perks, however one thing we miss is being able to share travel wardrobes with your friends on a girls’ trip or take over the entire suitcase of your partner, so packing needs to be considered. Founded by Hasna Kourda, who growing up in Tunisia learnt the principles of circular living from childhood, Save Your Wardrobe applies this circularity to the fashion industry after learning that 80% of us only wear 20% of what’s in our wardrobe. Lots of us are guilty of the same thing when we travel. If overpacking and then returning with a suitcase of clean clothes is your thing then digitalising your wardrobe in order to plan your outfits is set to be a game changer. Mix and match items to coordinate looks from day to night, gain access to local dry cleaning services, alterations, and much more, all via the app.

Instagram: @saveyourwardrobe


What is it?

For sharing wine recommendations.

Why do we love it?

Ever ordered an incredible bottle of house wine at a restaurant, forgotten the name, and then returned to find it had changed? Or in the search for a similar bottle to enjoy when you return home? Or not sure what to order when dining alone? Vivino shares over three million bottles of wine that users have scanned in and reviewed, discussing flavour profiles, average prices, vintage blends, and similar alternatives. It's the easiest way to share the best grapes, blends, and brands of wine you've discovered across the globe with friends. It's also the best way to discover new, popular wines from new regions as you travel. For the sommeliers to the wine lovers and everyone in between, home or abroad, Vivino will bring you something to cheers over.

Instagram: @vivino


What is it? 

Mindfullness, meditation, and sleep music.

Why do we love it? 

While travelling helps to reset the mind in many ways, providing inspiration, distractions, and often clarity, new places often make for busy minds. With new stimuli from new enviornments plus itineraries to think about, it can still be hard to unwind. Headspace ensures you don't leave your mental wellbeing behind when you go abroad, as with short meditation sessions ranging from five minutes upwards. So, if jet lag is hitting hard, flight anxiety is creeping in or you're feeling unsettled in your new destination, switch on this science-backed app and follow one of the calming mindfulness programmes for a calming reset.

Instagram: @headspace

Word of Mouth

What is it? 

Insider guide to local restaurants around the world. 

Why do we love it? 

Word of Mouth is an independent restaurant guide with over 16,000 recommendations in 2,500 destinations. If you're looking for a local eatery that's also shared and reviewed by the world's food experts, then this is the app to download. Over 700 culinary experts including chefs and restaurant critics have shared their favourite places to eat from dollar slices in New York City to where the locals dine in Kyoto. The app also offers a user page for saving restaurants, making collections (based on city or occassion for example) and tracking dates to visit each restaurant in the diary. 

Instagram: @wordofmouthapp

Happy Cow

What is it? 

Vegan and vegetarian restaurants nearby. 

Why do we love it? 

Happy Cow is the world's leading vegan community, with four million users in over 195 countries. Understanding that veganism is a newer concept in a lot of diets and cuisines across the globe, each restaurant is tried and reviewed by members of the platform. Including the top vegan-friendly bakeries in Brookyln, the best vegan Middle Eastern spots in London, and local spots in Krakow, Poland, with Happy Cow, whatever your requirements and wherever you find yourself in the world, you won't go hungry. 

Instagram: @happycow

Airbnb Experiences

What is it? 

Bookable classes, tours, and workshops near you.

Why do we love it?

We all know and love Airbnb for their exapnsive array of rental properties around the world, and their experiences tab is just as worthwhile scrolling through. Just like Airbnb has built up a portfolio of villas, houses, and apartments to let globally, Airbnb Experiences covers the same ground. Spotlighting local artisan makers hosting intimate ceramics workshops in their studios to chefs teaching local recipes, guided history tours of cities to camel rides through the dessert and even astrology readings – you'll find it all! Most of the workshops are run in groups, making them a great way to meet new people – locals or visitors – too. 

Instagram: @airbnb


What is it?

A digital community of solo travellers.

Why do we love it?

Who better to recieve advice from than female solo travellers themselves? Travelling solo never has to be a lonely affair thanks to apps like NomadHer. Founded by a woman, Hyo Jeong Kim, who wanted to encourage and empower women to start travelling solo, the app tackles all of the often daunting subjects and questions that spring to mind when planning a trip on your own, including honest reviews of safety in cities, the best places to stay, what to do and where to eat with the app's 'Travel Camps', organsied by destination. This applies to first time solo travellers as well as frequent flyers journeying to new destinations across the world. The app is a digital community of women who share their city guide recommendations, tips, does and don'ts, all first hand. There's also a live chat where you can speak with other women for specific advice or to make friends on the go. Each user on the platform has been verified by the app's staff to prevent fake and fraudulent users. 

Instagram: @nomad_her


What is it? 

Language classes. 

Why do we love it? 

We are probably all familiar with Duolingo’s green bird mascot, whether you’re a budding linguist or reminiscing on your ambitious lockdown hobbies. Knowing a little bit of the local language goes a long way when travelling. While it might not be possible to cram learning an entire new language onto your five-hour flight agenda (though Duolingo does offer an offline flightmode), learning to order in the local language is bound to put you in the good books of the waiters, and being able to ask for help in an emergency is essential.

Instagram: @duolingo


Lead image credit: Rixos The Palm Hotel Dubai & Suites

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