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Kusmi's Blue Detox for your carry on, it's just our cup of tea

What’s your inflight tipple? I am all about the tea. Easy to pack in your bag and calms you on your journey.

I usually don’t take to the word ‘detox’ but I do love a flavoured tea. Kusmi Teas do blended teas so well. Set up in 1867, they are masters in the art of blending. From the son of a Russian peasant family, Pavel Michailovitch Kousmichoff left his hometown at the age of 14 to look for work in St. Petersburg. He found a delivery job for a small tea merchant, where the owner let the bright young boy in on the secrets of Russian tea blends.

He built up an impressive tea empire in Russia, epitomized in the tea blend he created, Bouquet de Fleurs, which soon became the tsar’s tea.

Following the death of his father in 1917, Pavel’s son opened the Kusmi Thé house in Paris, creating a hugely successul Parisian tea brand who mixes legacy and modernism with flavours, cultures and colours in a palette of 90 recipes. Now, this gourmet teamaker is the expert in refined Classic teas to the innovative Wellness Collection and BB Detox. It is a brand at the top of the list of the fashion world and if you are in London, you will find yourself in tea heaven at their flagship on Marylebone High Street.

We are talking about our new discovery and one of our favourites – Blue Detox combining pineapple with a base of green tea, maté and rooibos, in beautifully packed muslin teabags. This is an immediate companion and bestseller to Kusmi Tea Detox (in the green box). It has a texture that completely awakens your senses and throws you into pure wellbeing.

Tangy, sweet and refreshing, carry these teabags in your handbag when you travel, and take a sip with your eyes closed and escape to the golden sands and a warm breeze. Tea sipping will never be the same again.

Ingredients: green tea, cynorhodon seeds, maté, rooibos, mint, scent of pineapple, guarana seeds, nettle leaves, sunflower petals

£16.50 for 125g/ £14 for 10 muslin tea bags

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