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Working from Home? Best Noise Cancelling Headphones (For Your Travels Too)

The coffee grinder again? A door slam, constant social media, or someone else’s work calls – all can distract from your own day working from home.

This top travel essential, the hero noise cancelling headphone, became that bit more vital as an everyday staple. And they are magical indeed. Instead of dampening the noise outside, you are taken to a quiet oasis, in your own world you could say. Easily concentrate on zoom calls to meditation to podcasts to kicking back and listening to spotify with a glass if vino. Then easily switch to ‘Transparency mode’, so you can let the noise of the world in.

So whether you’re conferencing or having FaceTime dates, these are best noise-cancelling headphones to bag, and perfect for your carry-on.


Heads up, these are pretty smart headphones. Not only is the sound quality superb, they give you easy access to Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, activated with a button on the right earcup. And then there’s voice pick up, so you won’t have to worry about the noise around you when you receive a phone call, isolating your voice and cancelling the background noise around you



A step up from the regular AirPods, they have a silicone ear tip that fits the ear perfectly. From house to plane, they are the closet in-ear headphones to the over-ears for noise cancelling. Along with a transparency mode, you can easily resume the outside world without taking them out of your ears. 



In an elegant, soft champagne gold tone, these sit tall next to Apple’s AirPods Pro, comfortable and secure. The sound quality is exceptional even without the noise-cancelling turned on. It comes with Bluetooth pairing, Google Assistant, hands free calling, it’s got it all. While they’re not as great with inflight noise, based on design, they’d get our vote.


Bowers & Wilkins

Lose the distractions with these cool, British made earphones.  With an impact as good as their traditional loudspeakers. Made with lightweight aluminium but with comfortable ears, they’re solid but perfectly portable and oh-so-comfortable for long wearing, in a choice of demure space grey or black.Netflix binge without the bother? These will do the job.  




A great fit for trains, buses and planes, (and blocking out household noise!) It carries the iconic Marshall look,  and stand out as some of the most stylish out there for rock fans. The faux-leather panels sport the logo, with excellent circuitry to block out distractions when you're working.   Marshall’s headphones have a particular sound that people love, and even better, they deal well with all genres of music, from electronica or background lounge, while giving large orchestral scores a good go, for a good immersive listening experience. 


Beats by Dr. Dre

Two can play this song. These full-size headphones offer top notch active noise-cancelation technology and ‘Ask Siri’ with voice-activated assistance. The best part? Audio Sharing so you can wirelessly share audio with another Beats buddy – some things are better together (even from a distance).

Master & Dynamic

Dainty design with chic colour ways,  this is the one for those who wants one pair of earbuds to do everything without giving up style. From the stainless steel charging case to the handcrafted acetate finishes, Master & Dynamic has attention to detail down to a T. The D-shaped earbuds are available in four colorways: Steel blue, White marble, Tortoiseshell, and Black quartz. Top notch battery life with excellent sound quality, they are a worthy investment. 






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